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Social Media Habari Symposium Za


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Social Media Habari Symposium Za

  1. 1. Social media has changed consumer relationships -how can you take part?
  2. 2. Brands that live on or through the internet achieve a hands-on, eyes- on, brain-engaged level of intimacy with consumers that is unparalleled in most of the offline world Next Now: Trends for the Future, Marian Salzman & Ira Matathia
  3. 3. Social media: What ‘s the big fuss? It’s enormous Broadening Demographic Everyday routine
  4. 4. INFORMATION ENTERTAINMENT Bringing External World in My World Facing Out CONNECTION/ SELF-EXPRESSION COMMUNITY Source: Context Matters, Microsoft Advertising, UK, FR, DE, NO, CA, BR Sample = 600 16-54 year olds per country. Total global sample = 3,600 respondents
  5. 5. Sharing and Interaction 1. Content 2. Opinions What is Social Media ? 3. Insights 4. Photos
  6. 6. Is this a new phenomenon? If I think about it I have a standard routine. I always start with reading my mail; then it’s Built around communities time for Facebook; I catch up with the news for the day; read funny stories; It’s an individual’s online neighbourhood and on my way throughfor Personalisation every point I get Offers the opportunity distracted by new pages, advertising and pages that I get recommended. Female, Norway
  7. 7. So many sites – too little time Where is your audience?
  8. 8. My social media life
  9. 9. My social media life
  10. 10. Focus Groups Focus Groups Customer Research Beta Testing Diary Studies Secondary Research Competitive Research Competitive Research Talking to Partners Talking to Partners Discussing with Influencers Discussing with Influencers Positioning & Messaging research Positioning & Messaging research Everything starts with the Campaign Testing Campaign Testing consumer And much more.....
  11. 11. A single destination for all 1 digital communication, sharing and storage needs across devices Extends beyond social 2 sharing and social media because digital activity can be centred into one place Windows Live enables 3 advertisers to have an impact on their key audience at the point of influence
  12. 12. Does the personal nature of online restrict traditional, display advertising?
  13. 13. Brands can have a presence at the point of influence Half of 18-24’s have reviewed/offered opinions about products or services online One in three 18-24’s discuss things they are thinking of buying via IM and mobile Online is the point of influence, not just point of purchase 20% of 18-24’s share/send links on products in their social network Media opportunity, but wider marketing implications of listening to discussion Source: Young Adults Revealed, Synovate and Microsoft Advertising, 2008.
  14. 14. Brands can extend sel expression Youths in particular use personal brand associations to reinforce online persona Extend branded messages into entertaining content e.g. games/avatars Can you allow for personalisation? 23% have added branded content to their personal profile, blog or homepage in the last month Source: Young Adults Revealed, Synovate and Microsoft Advertising, 2008.
  15. 15. 10 tips for a successful relationship in this intimate online environment! 1. Show love 2. Don’t nag 3. Respect your partner 4. Resolve fights 5. Communicate 6. Be faithful 7. Compromise 8. Take a break 9. Treat & surprise 10. Do not underestimate Source:
  16. 16. The intimacy of online Social Media is a personal and • connected experience for consumers Opportunity for brands to • become inter-twined into the fabric of people’s everyday online lives is immense Aligning to interests/ • communities and facilitating discoverability Extending into branded content • to encourage content as comms Being present at the points of • influence
  17. 17. PLAY DEMO Windows Live designed to simplify life for the social web user…