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Live to Win - Pedro Trindade


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Live to Win by Pedro Trindade

Published in: Career
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Live to Win - Pedro Trindade

  1. 1. MicrosoftLogo here LIVE TO WIN PEDRO TRINDADE
  2. 2. do you remember when you were a kid? and you thought you could do anything?
  3. 3. you still can
  4. 4. start your day without caffeinefinish it without sedatives to sleep be in good spirits ignoring your pain
  5. 5. look at the bad temper of people and never correct them face life without ever lying relax without drinking alcohol
  6. 6. eat the same every day and still happy give everything without expecting something in return and never lose hope!
  7. 7. you still can
  8. 8. because a lot of what weconsider is impossible but not
  9. 9. is easily overcome with education,confidence and determination one individual can make a difference want a proof?
  10. 10. just look at people who built ourcountry parents grandparents uncles
  11. 11. they changed the way we think about what is possible had a clear vision of how we can improvewe must believe and fight with conviction to achieve goals
  12. 12. we should innovate tocreate opportunities discover different styles of life
  13. 13. and then?
  14. 14. head up giving their all learning with dedication, commitment and strength is the objective
  15. 15. if possible with the bestthe risk is great but the personal reward is even greater
  16. 16. making the difference, but the most importantly remember when you where a kid
  17. 17. when everything was in your powersay to yourself quietly, but with determination
  18. 18. for me there are no obstacles,there are challenges
  19. 19. thank you