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Webinar in English for the Token Bridge between RSK and Ethereum

The Token Bridge allows to cross ERC20 tokens between RSK and Ethereum. Learn how it works and how to use it

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Webinar in English for the Token Bridge between RSK and Ethereum

  1. 1. Token Bridge RSK - ETH
  2. 2. Pedro Prete Interoperability PO @ IOVlabs About me • What’s the Token Bridge • How to use it • How it works inside Content
  3. 3. What’s the token Bridge
  4. 4. What’s the Token Bridge The token bridge is a protocol that allows to move ERC20 tokens between RSK and Ethereum. You can send a Token to the bridge and receive it on the other chain in the same address. It uses smart contracts and oracles to connect both blockchains and has a Dapp for end user.
  5. 5. What’s an ERC20 ERC20 are smart contracts that follows a standard that defines certain rules for issuing tokens. The tokens are crypto assets that can be traded but, unlike cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc), they don’t have a dedicated blockchain. The ERC20 tokens are the main asset offer in an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). You can find other tokens at
  6. 6. How to use it
  7. 7. Prerequisite To use the token bridge we first need to have a wallet, enough balance to pay for the transactions and tokens to transfer. We can obtain it from: • Wallet: Nifty Wallet set as custom node • RSK: • RIF Token: • RBTC Balance: • Ethereum • TUSD: • ETH Balance: or
  8. 8. Use the Dapp to cross the tokens Use the Dapp: • Mainnet: • Testnet: Follow the instructions at Keep in mind that crossing the tokens takes about 5 minutes in testnet and 1 hour in mainnet, these numbers are just estimations, since the actual time it takes fluctuates.
  9. 9. Limitations For security reasons there are limits to the tokens you can cross: • Max tokens to cross 10.000 • Min tokens to cross 1 • Max daily limit of tokens to cross 100.000 You can see this limits in the Dapp on the Info tab.
  10. 10. Which tokens can i cross? You can’t cross any Token, there is a white list of tokens that can cross. You can see it in the Token List tab in the Dapp web page: • Mainnet: • Testnet: Please note that Mainnet and Testnet Token List may differ.
  11. 11. How it works
  12. 12. Architecture
  13. 13. Federator Oracle The federation oracle listens to both chains (RSK and Ethereum) for the events emitted by the bridge contracts. Once it has enough confirmations (blocks after the block of the event) it calls the Federation contract on the other chain and votes for that event.
  14. 14. Token Bridge Smart Contracts • AllowTokens: Keeps the whitelisted tokens and the max min and daily limits of tokens to cross. • Federation: Keeps track of the events crossed by the federators (oracles) and once an event has been voted by the majority of the federators it calls the bridge. • Bridge: The bridge is and upgreadable smart contract in charge of locking the tokens, emit cross events, receive cross events and mint or burn side tokens. Side Token contracts are created on the fly if it’s the first time this kind of token appears. • SideTokenFactory: Factory that creates Side Tokens • SideToken: ERC777 (ERC20 compatible) that represents the token on the other chain • MultiSigWallet: Owner of the contracts, it needs a majority of signatures to do any transaction
  15. 15. Open Source Code The code is in a public repository on github • ABIs to interact with the contracts: • Smart Contracts: • Federator: • Dapp: