HuMINE Greenfield Solution


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Introducing HuMINE Solution for Greenfield Mining Projects.
Local labour recruitment, assessment and selection plans, mining production compentence creation.

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HuMINE Greenfield Solution

  1. 1. HuMINE Resources™ supports the mining industry with the tools, ! processes and people that safely deliver quantifiable reductions in ! the “cost of mining-per-tonne”, by measurably improving the production ! competence of the Mining industries greatest un-exploited asset! ……..its human resources.! U-Assess™, U-Analyse™, U-Maintenance, Virtual Contract Mining™ and accompanied logos are trademarks of HuMine Resources. All rights reserved 1992-2010 The HuMINE Greenfield solution! SEPT 2010
  2. 2. Australian technology! HuMINE Resources Offers:! The… •  People •  Tools •  Methodologies That.. •  Measure •  Create •  Implements Actions which.. • Increases competence • Improves HSE • Optimises productivity • Decreases cost/ton All results are fully measurable and predictable.!
  3. 3. Australian technology! People, Tools and Processes! Matching production metrics (including maintenance variables) with captured information concerning each employees competence, Psychomotor conditions, Social science, Mental attitudes, Attention and Stress impacts as well as Environmental impact on work performance.
  4. 4. Australian technology! The HuMINE Global Index of Competence:! •  Applicable benchmarks : – Through out all phases of open pit operation – Select phases of underground mining and ore processing – Procedural data, resources (ore), cultural-, environment-, equipment aspects and models •  Data of individuals, crews, shifts as well as entire workforce point of view. •  Accumulated data collected from: – +25 years operational experience, – +100 mines , quarries, construction & civil projects around the world. The HuMINE global index of competence shows a global average of only 40%. This means by focusing on the HUMAN side of mining, gains can be achieved quickly through an improved way of working with people, managing production processes and maintaining the integrity of competence created, rather than purchasing large quantities of equipment and “blindly” hiring more people.
  5. 5. Australian technology! HuMINE Greenfield Solution! People! Recruitment! And Selection! HuMINE! Psychomotor! Analysis! Basic! Pre-operation! Training, simulator! if possible! HuMINE! In Door! Training! Mine Site! Pre-Strip! •  HuMINE Virtual! Mining Contract! •  HuMINE U-Assess! Pre-operation! Field Training! •  HuMINE Live! Equipment Training! •  HuMINE U-Assess! •  HuMINE Virtual! Mining Contract! •  HuMINE U-Assess! •  HuMINE U-Analyse! •  HuMINE Coaching! •  HuMINE Continuous Improvement! •  HuMINE U-Assess! •  HuMINE U-Analyse! •  HuMINE Coaching! Mine! Ramp-up! Communities! commitments! Safety! requirements! Production! requirements! Limited! Time & Budget! Local labor! Lack of Mining! History! Mine! Start-up! HuMINE! Institute!
  6. 6. Australian technology! Live Synchronization! •  Individual Specific Coaching, Continuous & real-time Mining processes & Competence assessments are merged into a positive cycle of improvements, accountability, transparency and the flexibility for change. continuous Competence Assessments! HuMINE Coaching Program! continuous Producton Assessments! HuMINE Coaching Program! 1. COMPETENCE ! IMPROVEMENTS! 2. HSE ! IMPROVEMENTS! 3. PRODUCTIVITY ! IMPROVEMENTs! 4. OPTIMISED ! COST/TONNE!
  7. 7. Australian technology! HuMINE Psychomotor Analysis :! •  Scientific, effective and fool-proof tool to identify and measure the individual innate abilities. •  Allows for a good understanding of each individuals handling of specific tasks related to stress, risk taking, decisions making, safety behaviour, task consistency as well as other issues. •  HuMINE is able to accurately profile each individual, so that they can be quickly qualified for further assessment and/or placed in the best-suited role based on their innate abilities & behaviour trends especially geared towards the mining and civil construction industry.
  8. 8. Australian technology! HuMINE Psychomotor mapping! •  Fast production cycles •  Decision making •  Multiple focus points •  Consistency •  Production stress •  Speed •  Concentration and consistency" for routine tasks •  Unexpected situations •  Production stress •  No production stress •  Low speed •  No alt. basic and reoccurring decision making •  Low level of unexpected situations Innate Abilities Mapping! Task & Equipment Requirements!
  9. 9. Australian technology! U-Assess™! •  Competence management tool – Measurement of competence level for each employee. – Individuals detailed – Identification and measurement of skill-sets combined with psycho- motor tolerations are gathered and processed. – Monitor competence improvement and, – Production efficiency improvements .
  10. 10. Australian technology! U-Assess™, continued! •  Identifying the “weakest link in the chain”. •  Identifying “who” and in “what order” individuals are in need of competence improving measures. Rear Dump Truck 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Operator Rating Individual Skill Rating Mean Competence
  11. 11. Australian technology! U-Assess™, continued!
  12. 12. Australian technology! The HuMINE Solution, Greenfield Projects:! HuMINE´s holistic approach to greenfield mining projects allows for competence creation & process development to be managed on time & on budget: • Mining project implementation in regions with no or minimal mining history. • Community commitments – requirement to hire large amount of local people. • Limited time and budget to create a critical mass of startup/pre-revenue competence. • How to address a high competition for experienced labor within in a limited region. • Project implementation timeframe and start-up management. • Mine start-up/ramp-up HR/equipment and process requirements. • Achieving all defined targets safely.
  13. 13. Australian technology! The RIGHT competence creation, at the right time is a critical success factor!! •  There are many resources/tools/approaches available for a mining company, coordinating all the different options, with a focus on the same production and safety targets, will ensure a successful startup & subsequent ramp-up of the mine. Optimizing the use and synchronization of resources such as: »  Government, unions and industry educational agencies. »  Local educational centers. »  Equipment suppliers training packages. »  Simulators. »  Internal training resources.
  14. 14. Australian technology! SELECTING the RIGHT PEOPLE; ! the beginning and end of the ! Competence Creation Process! Selecting the right person to be trained for a long-term mining project can become an expensive cost OR a cheap investment/insurance policy. •  How do you select the right individuals with no previous experience in mining or any other industrial activity? •  How do you select the right individuals to perform the many varying functions required in a mining, safely and in sync with the overall mines goals? •  How do you reduce the risk of dropouts during the training phase? •  How do you ensure having selected the right people that will not quit pre- startup or shortly after startup (turnover)?
  15. 15. Australian technology! HuMINE Training Programs – In Door! •  Complements the available training packages provided by educational agencies and equipment suppliers, with the required knowledge ensuring a production and safety focused mine site: – Mining operation understanding – Mining equipment general knowledge – Mining equipment productive application – Non-abusive operational practices – Safety practices in all facets of open pit mining – Environment friendly practices
  16. 16. Australian technology! HuMINE Training Programs - Simulators! •  HuMINE Simulator Training Program provides the capability to use a simulator as a continuous and economically viable tool to improve production, safety and reduce downtime! •  HuMINE´s approach ensures that the simulators will be incorporated not just at the start-up and ramp-up phases, but throughout the subsequent operational years. – Pre-employment baseline assessment for new operator selection. – “First Contact Experience” to operator trainees. – Experience ramp-up. – Mine site specific operational inductions. – Emergency situations procedures, techniques and response. – Best practices techniques.
  17. 17. Australian technology! HuMINE Coaching Programs – Live Equipment! •  HuMINE Coaching ensure that the production team will be able to meet the mine production goal and safety requirements from the first day of operation. – Individual Coaching program and training sessions (fill in each individuals gaps) – U-Assess continuously measures the individual VS group acquired competence. – U-Analyse continuous measure the individual VS group production performance metrics, striving for a positive spiral upwards (excellence evolution). – Individual Coaching programs are continuously updated using U-Assess and U-Analyse. – The best production and safety practices are introduced from the first day the operator engages the equipment.
  18. 18. Australian technology! HuMINE Virtual Contract Mining ServicesTM; ! enabling mine owners expedited start-up with competence transition planning from day one.! •  A select group of HuMINE instructors takes on the production responsibilities combine with in-house crew competency creation (apprentice program) and production transition plan. •  Provide a rapid, safe and productive start-up, while developing the mining production team competencies. •  Allow the use of HVCMS as early as the pre-strip works as a competence creation opportunity, preparing a key group of selected operators trainees to support the mine operation at the start-up. •  Decreases the path to revenue and expedites the creation of a local mass of competence in open pit mining.
  19. 19. Australian technology! HuMINE Continuous Improvement; ! ensuring that production targets are met by managing competence! •  Continuous and intensive production measurement through U-Analyse. •  Continuous individual competence level measurement through U-Assess. •  Customized individual training sessions to correct wrong practices and improve productivity and safety – combined live equipment and simulator. •  Promote team ownership of their own development and targets •  The individuals & mine crews are vested on their own continued improvement. •  Creates a full understanding of the individuals importance in their respective production team as well as the importance of the teams importance to the over all mining company
  20. 20. Australian technology! HuMINE Institute TM: Expedited start-up & ! Long Term Competence development Strategy! •  Operating Learning Centre focusing on the skills required to support the mining and civil industries, established in developing countries or regions where mining skills are not traditionally a part of society. •  Low cost mining resources educational facility. •  Mining operations managed or supported by HuMINE are focused towards the education of the regional/national workforce. •  Manages the regional/national workforce development, providing continued career monitoring, mentoring and training of each employee utilising the U-Assess™ and U- Analyse™ tools in balance with the mining client production requirements.
  21. 21. Australian technology! Contact information! HuMINE Resources™ Perth, London, Madrid, Belo Horizonte. +44 207 193 6695 Main BRASIL AUSTRALIA +44 207 117 4460 Global Fax +55 31 3231-8787 +61 8 9467 6095