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HuMINE Brownfield Solution


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Introducing HuMINE Solution for Brownfield Mining Projects.
Mining production and HSE predictable and measurable improvements.

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HuMINE Brownfield Solution

  1. 1. HuMINE Resources™ supports the mining industry with the tools, ! processes and people that safely deliver quantifiable reductions in ! the “cost of mining-per-tonne”, by measurably improving the production ! competence of the Mining industries greatest un-exploited asset! ……..its human resources.! Presentation May 2010 U-Assess™, U-Analyse™, U-Maintenance, Virtual Contract Mining™ and accompanied logos are trademarks of HuMine Resources. All rights reserved 1992-2010 The HuMINE Brownfield solution!
  2. 2. Australian technology! HuMINE Resources Offers:! The… •  People •  Tools •  Methodologies That.. •  Measure •  Create •  Implements Actions which.. • Increases competence • Improves HSE • Optimises productivity • Decreases cost/ton All results are fully measurable and predictable.!
  3. 3. Australian technology! People, Tools and Processes! Matching production metrics (including maintenance variables) with captured information concerning each employees competence, Psychomotor conditions, Social science, Mental attitudes, Attention and Stress impacts as well as Environmental impact on work performance.
  4. 4. Australian technology! The HuMINE Global Index of Competence:! •  Applicable benchmarks : – Through out all phases of open pit operation – Select phases of underground mining and ore processing – Procedural data, resources (ore), cultural-, environment-, equipment aspects and models •  Data of individuals, crews, shifts as well as entire workforce point of view. •  Accumulated data collected from: – +25 years operational experience, – +100 mines , quarries, construction & civil projects around the world. The HuMINE global index of competence shows a global average of only 40%. This means by focusing on the HUMAN side of mining, gains can be achieved quickly through an improved way of working with people, managing production processes and maintaining the integrity of competence created, rather than purchasing large quantities of equipment and “blindly” hiring more people.
  5. 5. Australian technology! The HuMINE Brownfield Solution! Current Production processes Analasys! Production Improvement Opportunities Identification! Production Improvements Objectives & Definition! continuous Competence Assessments! Work Force Competence Assessments! Individual Competence improvement requriements! Deployment Plan creation! HuMINE Coaching Program! continuous Producton Assessments! U-ANALYSE! PRODUCTION! MANAGEMENT! U-ASSESS! COMPETENCE! MANAGEMENT! LIVE SYNCRONIZATION! PSYCHOMOTOR! MAPPING! 1. COMPETENCE ! IMPROVEMENTS! 2. HSE ! IMPROVEMENTS! 3. PRODUCTIVITY ! IMPROVEMENTs! 4. OPTIMISED ! COST/TONNE! HuMINE Coaching Program!
  6. 6. Australian technology! HuMINE Psychomotor Analysis :! •  Scientific, effective and fool-proof tool to identify and measure the individual innate abilities. •  Allows for a good understanding of each individuals handling of specific tasks related to stress, risk taking, decisions making, safety behaviour, task consistency as well as other issues. •  HuMINE is able to accurately profile each individual, so that they can be quickly qualified for further assessment and/or placed in the best-suited role based on their innate abilities & behaviour trends especially geared towards the mining and civil construction industry.
  7. 7. Australian technology! HuMINE Psychomotor mapping! •  Fast production cycles •  Decision making •  Multiple focus points •  Consistency •  Production stress •  Speed •  Concentration and consistency" for routine tasks •  Unexpected situations •  Production stress •  No production stress •  Low speed •  No alt. basic and reoccurring decision making •  Low level of unexpected situations Innate Abilities Mapping! Task & Equipment Requirements!
  8. 8. Australian technology! U-Analyse™! •  Production evaluation tool – Accurate “time-in motion/real-time” production process analyses. – Precise understand of the existing production capabilities – Production improvements opportunities identification – Accurate prediction of production gains – U-Analyse is structured to sync with the individual employee data, gathered through U-Assess.
  9. 9. Australian technology! U-MAINTENANCE™! Production fleet maintenance evaluation, analysis & solution design. Based on HuMINE´s standard competence and processes methodologies, this tool ensures that action items to optimize production and mining costs are supported by an adequate organization, processes, equipment, facilities and tools to meet the production goals of the mine." U-Maintenance identifies opportunities for improvements in production fleet maintenance and subsequently structure development plans and correlating resource needs, in order to optimize the performance of the fleet and a minimal cost. NOTE: U-Analyse & U-Maintenance are structured to sync with the individual employee data, gathered through U-Assess OR each tool can be used as a standalone.
  10. 10. Australian technology! U-Assess™! •  Competence management tool – Measurement of competence level for each employee. – Individuals detailed – Identification and measurement of skill-sets combined with psycho- motor tolerations are gathered and processed. – Monitor competence improvement and, – Production efficiency improvements .
  11. 11. Australian technology! U-Assess™, continued! •  Identifying the “weakest link in the chain”. •  Identifying “who” and in “what order” individuals are in need of competence improving measures. Rear Dump Truck 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Operator Rating Individual Skill Rating Mean Competence
  12. 12. Australian technology! U-Assess™, continued!
  13. 13. Australian technology! SELECTION = SAFETY, PRODUCTIVITY & SAVINGS !
  14. 14. Australian technology! The HuMINE Coaching Programs! •  Focused on optimizing production (processes, people and misc resources). •  All functions related open pit mine production. •  On the job (merger of apprenticeship/in-door & out-door) live coaching and outcome-accountable utilization of Simulators (if available). •  Designed understand and subsequently fill the individuals competence gaps. •  Coaching & training results are continuously monitored through U-Assess & U- Analyse. •  Encourages the employee to take ownership of their own development, performance as well as the over all performance of their teams
  15. 15. Australian technology! Contact information! HuMINE Resources™ Perth, London, Madrid, Belo Horizonte. +44 207 193 6695 Main BRASIL AUSTRALIA +44 207 117 4460 Global Fax +55 31 3231-8787 +61 8 9467 6095