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Persona global newsletter issue iv


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Queremos compartir con todos nuestros clientes, colaboradores y amigos las actividades que durante el año 2012, espero que disfruteis con su lectura.

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Persona global newsletter issue iv

  1. 1. Persona GLOBAL® Newsletter issue IV Click Here to PrintFeatures4ASTD Announcement & Invitation 14A Memo from Jon Gornstein 242012: A Year in Review 3-6Content Editor: Leah RosenthalLayout & Design: May Leong Copyright © 2013. Persona GLOBAL®, Inc. All Rights Reserved. March 12, 2013
  2. 2. Persona GLOBAL® ®Newsletter Persona GLOBAL newsletter 2013 ASSESSMENT CENTER UPDATES Persona GLOBAL is an International Partner • PASport Hiring (Top 5 best candidates & Co-Sponsor of the International Global matches for job profile) is available in the Assessment Center. Village at the ASTD 2013 International Conference & Exposition • The report text and user interface for Cracking the Sales Management This is the first time in 15 years that we have had the opportunity to Code (CSMC) have been updated. be a sponsor of the International Global Village. The ASTD Global Village provides the largest consistent marketing imprint with ASTD’s 1. Users can print the Cracking the international attendees. Over 2,100 delegates from 80 countries Sales Management Code (CSMC) will view Persona GLOBAL’s logo and receive information about our report with manager and sale reps. services and our partners’ services! or, they can print the report with the manager only. EVENT DETAILS 2. Cracking the Sales Management Code (CSMC) user interface does Held each spring, the ASTD Exposition is the premier event for workplace learning and not require a sales rep. to distrib- development professionals. 9,000 attendees from more than 80 countries will attend. These ute the CSMC manager survey. The professionals manage all aspects of learning in their organizations. user interface permits the manager Persona GLOBAL Booth: #1117 to add sales rep. by him/herself if the admin. hasn’t already done so. Exposition Only: Dallas, Texas, USA, May 20-22, 2013 • New Emotional Capability Profile For questions regarding the ASTD Exposition, please email Summary Report enables users to generate reports based on the work- 7 11 shop or company summaries. #1 You are welcome to display your promotional materials with ours, if you plan to H OT visit ASTD this year. All that we ask is that the Persona GLOBAL logo is displayed • New PASport Sales user interfaceBO prominently on the front cover along with your logo. Additionally, you are invited and report are available in Assess- to join us in our Persona GLOBAL booth #1117 to meet with delegates from your ment Center. country and market that visit by the booth. • Gameplan Android phone Application As an International Partner and Co-Sponsor of the International Global Village, Persona is now available in Serbian. GLOBAL will participate in these special events: INTERNATIONAL RECEPTION The largest opportunity for attendees from foreign countries to network with their peers. ASTD provides light food and a cash bar. Over 700 international delegates attended the reception in 2012. INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION CEREMONY & RECEPTION In this event, ASTD will recognize internal VIPs during a special 90 minute reception. This private room is available to only the sponsors and delegates. ASTD will provide light food and an open bar in the exclusive reception room. We’re always working to improve the ser- vices we offer our Partners & Clients. We INTERNATIONAL COFFEE BREAK encourage your comments, suggestions and questions. Please email them to: Coffee will be served each day in the Global Village for attendees to enjoy while they network with colleagues from around the world. Persona GLOBAL® l ISSUE IV l l 1
  3. 3. Persona GLOBAL® Newsletter th 34 Annual Conference Review February 1st-6th, 2013, Sausalito, California What I learned at the Persona GLOBAL International  NEWLY CERTIFIED TRAINERS Conference in Sausalito Trainers Programs Memo from Jon Gornstein Our International Conferences are many things. They are training events and business Andrea Arriola CSMC opportunities: you can become certified in different workshops, experience some of the Atul Bapat BAA most leading edge, high tech. performance development tools, and network with differ- ent Persona GLOBAL partners from countries around the world. Many of the performance Cheryl Wright BAA, Chronos development tools are brought to us by our Partners. Persona GLOBAL Conferences receive high marks for value from delegates, especially those that attend other confer- Flavio Capasso CSMC ences from well known branded training companies. Guorong Zhu BAA, Carriers Conferences are also “awareness” events. What did I become aware of at this recent Hisham El Bakry BAA, Carriers, conference in Sausalito? Two things especially. ECP 1. The traditional approach to solution selling based on relationship building and questioning for buyers needs doesn’t work anymore. This has been the focus of Jeremy Zhu Li CSMC, Chronos sales training for the last 15 to 20 years. Recent research with 6,000 sales reps. has José Luis Cascallar BAA, Carriers shown that there has been a dramatic shift in client expectations… and that the traditional role of marketing department needs to be focused on providing “insight” Lucia Keilhauer CSMC to sales people on their clients’ businesses. Thilo Eckardt BAA, Carriers 2. Traditional project management is not always suited for today’s world of rapid change. Something new is on the horizon called Agile Project Management! It is a disruptive challenge to traditional project management and I became aware of it at the conference. Conferences are educational, business opportunities, networking opportunities, and personal awareness and growth opportunities for each of us. After all, we all want to be thought leaders in our individual markets. Those are my personal awareness “take aways” from the Sausalito Conference. What will yours be at our next conference? We are in the process of planning our 35th Conference. Stay tuned for details! Congratulations to All! Persona GLOBAL® l ISSUE IV l l 2
  4. 4. 2012 in Review 2012 was aRussia and Saudi Arabia. We held workshops across theour 32 and atinour headquarters in Sausalito partners from Switzerland, outstanding year for Persona . We celebrated GLOBAL globe year business and signed on with nd worked daily to improve and enhance the experience of the Persona Assessment Center. Follows is a recap of Persona GLOBAL’s most noteworthy achievements and events in 2012. JANUARY Persona GLOBAL releases the leading edge PC Gameplan profiling application for the iPad. The application is available for download from Apple’s Store. The PC Gameplan application is an interpersonal communications expert profiling system that enables the user to be more effective in achieving their goals with the person being profiled. The client-facing Performance Leadership Profile report receives a face lift. The layout, graphics and font are upgraded, making it even easier for clients to understand the information. Cooperation and Beyond, Advice Feedback updates: • The number of Advice questions was reduced from 80 to 24. • The number of respondents that completed the questionnaire is shown on a newly added introduction page. • The report lists up to 8 questions.FEBRUARYJon Gornstein leads the Professional Manager, Leadership and The Persuasive CommunicatorTM workshops forSGS in China – 11 straight days of certifications! Headquartered in Geneva, SGS-CSTC is the global leader andinnovator in inspection, verification, testing and certification services. Founded in 1878, SGS is recognized as theglobal benchmark for the highest standards of expertise, quality and integrity.The following upgrades for The Persuasive CommunicatorTM (PC) feedback report were posted:• Empathy and Flexibility feedbacks now have separate covers.• Pages related to styles have been combined together.• There is a new page at the end of the report showing the names of the respondents who completed the survey.PC Gameplan: the overall matrix for each workshop is available for download.MARCHWladimir Palermo, the Managing Director and Trainer of Persona GLOBAL Brazil, secured a regional contract with Ericsson. Thecontract covers the Latin American region and is expected to deliver The Persuasive CommunicatorTM one day workshop to up to 300participants in 15 countries including Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Chile.Susan Gao of Top Gains Management completes the first training phase of The Persuasive CommunicatorTM delivered ORACLE in China.The Persuasive CommunicatorTM (PC) Series enhancements:• Users can now print a Gameplan Role Play. It is a printout matching the participant with the closest person to their Mr. X, in the workshop. The Persuasive CommunicatorTM facilitators will now have a printout with the best match to play the Mr. X. Jon Gorn- stein sees this as a significant enhancement – it is easier for the trainer and encourages role play with the best possible person to play the Mr. X. Furthermore, the trainer does not have to spend a lot of energy determining who to match with whom for the role plays in day two.• PC Gameplan Role Play for each workshop is available for downloadThe client-facing Innovative Decision Making report has a new look with updated layout, graphics and font, making it even easier forclients to understand the information. Persona GLOBAL® l ISSUE IV l l 3
  5. 5. 2012 in Review APRIL José Luis Cascallar conducts the Successful Negotiator certification workshop for Leadership Training and Consultancy, Inc. (LTC) in Cairo, Egypt. Innovative Decision Making can now be scored automatically by the Assessment Center or by the user. MAY Persona GLOBAL’s IT department automates various features of the BINGO game for The Persuasive Communica- torTM and Successful Negotiator workshops for the users’ convenience. Persona GLOBAL attends & exhibits at the ASTD International Conference in Denver, Colorado. Administrators now have the ability to update The Persuasive Communicator™ (PC), Cooperation and Beyond (CB) and Emotional Capability Profile (ECP) email messages in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. French, German and Greek languages are added to the Apple Store for Gameplan iPad Application.JUNECDL & Associates conducted The Persuasive CommunicatorTM workshop for BP and Partnering workshop forOGE Energy Corp.Japanese, Spanish, Chinese Simplified and Portuguese languages are added to the Apple Store for Game-plan iPad Application.Persona GLOBAL conducts the first of many Successful Negotiator workshops for Abbott, Laboratories. Laterin the year, workshops were held in China, Taiwan & Singapore. Abbott, Laboratories and the new AbbVieare continuing to offer the Successful Negotiator in 2013 in the US and Asia.JULYPersona GLOBAL’s Headquarters moved to a new office!Dr. Marty Wikoff facilitates Breakthrough Account Analysis™ certification workshop for Zimmer, Inc. Sales Managers.Jon Gornstein’s article Sales Competency to Sales Fluency is published on the Sales & Marketing Manager website.Innovative Decision Making, Leadership Equity Assessment™ and Leadership surveys are now available in Japanese.Chronos program is available in the Persona Assessment Center.AUGUSTMadi Radulescu of MMM Consulting INT’L visits Persona GLOBAL Headquarters with her family.The User interface and report text for Performance Leadership are now available in Dutch.Project Management 360° is available in German-Swiss.Cooperation & Beyond Risk/Trust and Needs Awareness: the overall matrix for each workshop is now available for download. Persona GLOBAL® l ISSUE IV l l 4
  6. 6. 2012 in Review SEPTEMBER Delegates from over twenty countries attend Persona GLOBAL’s 33rd Annual International Conference in Athens, Greece. Cracking the Sales Management Code, Building a High Performance Team and Chronos are released at the conference. Zimmer, Inc. conducts Breakthrough Account Analysis™ Program. Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish are added to the Google Play Store for Gameplan iPad Application. José Luis Cascallar conducts The Persuasive CommunicatorTM workshop for Inter-American Development Bank in Washington D.C. OCTOBER Persona GLOBAL celebrates its 32nd Birthday! Persona GLOBAL announces they will host their 34th Annual Conference in Sausalito, California. José Luis Cascallar conducts The Persuasive CommunicatorTM workshop for Inter-American Development Bank in Costa Rica. Casey Collins of Scrimmage visits Persona GLOBAL Headquarters in Sausalito, California.NOVEMBERPersona GLOBAL España celebrates its 3rd birthday!Gameplan Application for the Android phone and iPad is now available in Serbian and Romanian.Management Action Profile and Emotional Capability Profile: administrators and participants can now print questionnaires in PDFformat to use offline.Management Action Profile, Sales Competency Assessment and Customer Experience ManagementTM: administrators can nowcustomize email messages.Organizational Agility Survey, Organizational Alignment Survey and Customer Experience ManagementTM: administrators can nowupload data from excel file.Customer Experience Management+™: administrators can now modify the Summary Questions on ‘Modify Survey Group’ screen.DECEMBERJon Gornstein lead The Persuasive CommunicatorTM certification workshop for Persona GLOBAL’s new Partner BIRC in Moscow.Jon Gornstein’s article Competency Is Not Enough. Go Beyond. is published on Chief Learning Officer’s website.New PASport Sales user interface and report are available in Persona Assessment Center.Persona GLOBAL’s consultant, Susan Gao, received honorary mention for Building a High Performance Team and InnovativeDecision Making. These two training programs were recognized as “The Best Quality Training Program for Enterprises inChina, 2012.” Persona GLOBAL® l ISSUE IV l l 5
  7. 7. Persona GLOBAL® Newsletter JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE 2012 Briefings on the Successful Negotiator in Mexico, January 4-6, 2012. Leadership workshop, Shenzhen, China, February 11-14, 2012. Susan Gao at Top Gains Management Consulting delivers The Persuasive Communication™ Workshop to ORACLE, March, 2012. Successful Negotiator certification, Cairo, Egypt, April 8-12, 2012. 2012 ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) International Conference & Exposition, May, 2012.Japanese, Spanish, Chinese Simplified and Portuguese are added to the Apple Store for Gameplan iPad Application, June, 2012. 2012 IN PICTURES Dr. Marty Wikoff facilitating Breakthrough Account Analysis™ certification workshop for Zimmer, Inc. Sales Managers, July 11, 2012. 33rd Persona GLOBAL International Conference, Athens, Greece, August 31-September 2, 2012. Cracking the Sales Management Code Certification at Persona GLOBAL’s 33rd Annual International Conference, September 3, 2012. José Luis Cascallar conducts The Persuasive CommunicatorTM workshop for Inter-American Development Bank in Washington D.C.,October 18-19, 2012. Persona GLOBAL España 3 Year Birthday Celebration at Pilar’s home in Tres Cantos, outside Madrid, November 21, 2012. The Persuasive CommunicatorTM in Moscow, December 17-21, 2012.JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER Persona GLOBAL® l ISSUE IV l l 6