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Places in town


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Places in town

  1. 1. Places in town
  2. 2. Post office A post office is an institution that provides the service of delivery.
  3. 3. Kindergarden  A kindergarden is an institution where children play and learn.
  4. 4. Playground A playground is a place for fun and games.
  5. 5. School A school is an institution where children learn.
  6. 6. Police station The police is an institution whose duty is to safeguard public order.
  7. 7. Hospital A hospital is an institution where people are treated.
  8. 8. Shop  A shop is a place where we buy things we need for life.
  9. 9. Library  A library is an institution where we read and borrow books
  10. 10. Church The church is a community of believers.
  11. 11. Skyscraper  A skyscraper is a building with many floors.
  12. 12. Block of flats A block of flats is a large building where people live.
  13. 13. Family house A family house is a building where a family lives.
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