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Pedicabs during 2009 SAPPHIRE / ASUG Annual Conference


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Pedicabs were used during the 2009 SAPPhire / ASUG Annual Conference held at the Orange County Convention Center. Attendees used our pedicabs for green short-haul rides and exhibitors used our outdoor, mobile ad space for their marketing needs.

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Pedicabs during 2009 SAPPHIRE / ASUG Annual Conference

  1. 1. Redi Pedi – During 2009 SAPPHIRE / ASUG Conference Business Phone: 321.251.4608 [email_address] Twitter: Pedicab
  2. 21. About Redi Pedi Orlando pedicab company, Redi Pedi, offers outdoor mobile marketing services and short-haul rides at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. We are the only pedicab company permitted to operate on the property of the convention center. If you like to utilize our services, please contact us for a customized service package. Official Website: Twitter: Pedicab Facebook: Redi Pedi Cab Company Youtube: RediPediCab Business Phone: 321.251.4608 Email: [email_address]