Pedicab For Weddings


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Orlando pedicab company, Redi Pedi, offers transportation services via pedicab, a.k.a. rickshaw, bike taxis, and bicycle carriages. We offer customized wedding packages specifically for only the bride and groom or the whole wedding party. Redi Pedi can assist with moving everyone between the wedding ceremony and the recepction. Plus we can be used for a grand exit by the newly weds. 407.403.5511

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Pedicab For Weddings

  1. 1. Wedding Services – Transportation, Pedicabs, Bicycle Carriages, Rickshaws. Business Phone: 407.403.5511 Twitter: Pedicab
  2. 2. Redi Pedi driver takes a test drive before escorting the bride and groom to their next location.
  3. 3. A groom helps his bride into the bicycle carriage on their way out from the wedding reception.
  4. 4. The newly weds take a pedicab ride to go from the wedding ceremony location to the reception.
  5. 5. Wedding guest use pedicabs for transportation to get from the wedding ceremony to the reception.
  6. 6. Bride and groom pose for more wedding pictures before leaving the ceremony in a pedicab.
  7. 7. Rickshaws wait for the end of the wedding ceremony to assist guest with getting to the reception.
  8. 8. Wedding guest park at the location of the reception and take a pedicab to the ceremony.
  9. 9. The whole bridal party is taken via rickshaw to the reception from the location of the ceremony.
  10. 10. A pedicab for the bride and groom with a “Just Married” sign, cans, and flowers.
  11. 11. Wedding guest head to the wedding reception via rickshaw in Orlando, Florida.
  12. 12. A bicycle carriage waits to escort the bride and groom to the wedding reception,
  13. 13. Just Married! The bride and groom make their exit from the wedding reception via pedicab.
  14. 14. Our wedding services include packages with “Just Married” signs, cans, and flowers.
  15. 15. About Redi Pedi Orlando pedicab company, Redi Pedi, offers rides via pedicabs, a.k.a. rickshaw, bike taxis, and bicycle carriages, for weddings. We offer customized packages with “Just Married” signs, cans, and flowers. Our pedicabs have been used to transport the wedding guest between the reception and ceremony. In addition, these bicycle carriages have been used exclusively for the bride and groom. If you would like to utilize our services, please contact us for a customized transportation service package. Official Website: Twitter: Pedicab Facebook: Redi Pedi Cab Company Youtube: RediPediCab Business Phone: 407.403.5511