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The Pediatric AIDS Coalition's Cause Education Committee – Stigma

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Stigma
  2. 2. What is Stigma? Stigma surrounding HIV: the negative beliefs, feelings, and attitudes towards people living with HIV, groups associated with people living with HIV, and other key populations at higher risk of HIV infection Discrimination surrounding HIV: the unfair and unjust treatment of an individual based on his or her real or perceived HIV status
  3. 3. History ● Governments, world leaders, and activists are the influencers of creating or ending stigma
  4. 4. THERE ARE FIVE TYPES OF STIGMA: 1. Enacted Stigma 2. Internalized Stigma 3. Anticipated Stigma 4. Concealable Stigma 5. Associative Stigma
  5. 5. Enacted stigma Negative reactions to stigma especially in a social setting
  6. 6. Internalized stigma Self Directed Stigma that comes from society’s prejudices on an individual
  7. 7. Anticipated stigma The degree to which people expect others to stigmatize them
  8. 8. Concealable stigma A stigma that can be kept hidden from others but that carries an internal weight
  9. 9. Associative stigma Stigma that comes from being associated with someone who carries an undetectable stigmatized identity
  10. 10. VIdeo
  11. 11. WHAT CAN WE DO? ● The Individual! ● Spreading positive stories ○ ● Be an UpStander and Educate
  12. 12. Interesting VIDEOS AND ARTICLES TO CHECK OUT! ● Enacted Stigma ○ ● Internalized Stigma ○ ● Anticipated Stigma ○ ● Associative Stigma ○ with-hiv-a-mothers-story/ ● More on Reagan administration and HIV: ○ ● HIV Timeline: ○