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The Impact of Brexit on British Farming


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Like most business sectors in the UK, the farming community was divided in opinion over Brexit. Read our document for the pros and cons for British farming on Brexit.
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The Impact of Brexit on British Farming

  1. 1. The Impact of Brexit on British Farming Just like many other industries British Farming is split over the result of Brexit. Was it a good result for our farming industries that we are leaving the European Union? There were many people campaigning for Britain to both remain and leave the EU, but was it the right decision? It is seen that leaving the EU will have a big impact on the agricultural workers in Britain. Approximately 20% of workers in Herefordshire are migrant workers and could impact local businesses in the future. The single market is also seen to be an area of concern as farmers will be penalised by tariffs when exporting goods to Europe. Leaving the EU will also seize subsidiaries that they provide which means less money going into British farming. However, their are many EU regulations that suffer British farmers from maximising there profit and efficiency. In the next two years a better idea of British farming will unfold whether this decision will ultimately be a good one.