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Paco JÉMEZ "Method"


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Rayo Vallecano 2013

Published in: Sports
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Paco JÉMEZ "Method"

  1. 1. “JÉMEZ” METHODRayo Vallecano 2013
  2. 2.  Optimism. Commitment and Dedication (every elements of the team). Principles: 1. Bravery (team who take risks and “give the face”; 2. The ball it’s the most important (players must play football, the best possible); 3. Ability to recovery the ball quickly (characteristics of the great teams).
  3. 3.  Team with an offensive character and a good ball touch. “It’s curious, when we play bad, we lose always. If we play normal, we lose a lot of times and if we play very well, not always we win.” I don’t understand a football game without risks and the experience teach me that when we are in a modest team, the only chance to achieve something is taking risks. “My team is funny, and the people like to see us playing.”