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Activia Branded Experiential Platform "Become Popular with Ease!"


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Branded Experiential Platform done by New Strategies Group ( for Activia Ukraine in autumn 2012

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Activia Branded Experiential Platform "Become Popular with Ease!"

  1. 1. GOALS1. Using digital, communicate to young women emotional benefits of Activia brand on territory of "Looking your best"2. Increase existing consumers database for 5 000 new entries3. Increase “population” of Activia’s Facebook and Vkontakte groups for 5 000 each
  2. 2. CHALLENGE1. Activia marketing team was skeptical towards digital as effective tool for reaching brand’s objectives. We had to show the power of digital2. Before Activia was talking mostly about the functional benefits of the product: "helps against heavy, bloated belly“ We had to find insights and add emotional benefits to Activia brand
  3. 3. APPROACH1. Failure was not an option, so we used 80% of proven tools and instruments: viral foto contest mechanics with maximum simplicity for users in combination with context and media advertising2. Experimental 20% were: - gamification of user experience that turned ordinary photo contest into something like TV show "Become a Superstar“ - win-win partnership with fashion shop and Elephant photo studio
  4. 4. IDEA Create branded experiential platform«Become popular with ease!» by Activia and launch co-created promotion
  5. 5. MECHANICSWe asked girls to upload picture where they were lookingtheir best to site and make this photo popular insocial networks gathering votes
  6. 6. MECHANICSFor those who gathered 12 points we gave a guaranteed 100 UAHcertificate from our partner - online shopping club
  7. 7. MECHANICSTOP 10 participants of the week, according to number of pointsreceived LeBoutique certificates of higher value and became achance to be selected by the jury for the studio photo shoot byour second partner – Elephant Photo Studio with subsequentplacement of photos and an exclusive interview on the main pageof Cosmopolitan web site.
  8. 8. watch YouTube video
  9. 9. MECHANICSFive winners of the week and five participants, who received thebiggest number of "stars" reached the final, where they passeda professional casting for the shoot in Activia TV commercial.The winner of the project was announced in the presence of all10 finalists at the ceremony in a 5-star hotel, and got theopportunity to become countrywide famous, appearing on allUkrainian television screens together with celebrity OlgaFreimuth - Activia’s testimonial.
  10. 10. RESULTSThe fact that the Activia brandis related to looking ones 786 525 visitsbest, beauty, fashion andpopularity was communicated 475 327 uniqueto a huge amount of people inUAnet. 5 weeks of the 5 pages viewedcampaign on activia.uagenerated: 5 minutes spent
  11. 11. RESULTSDue to the viral mechanicsand bulls-eye hit of TA insight- 83% of the traffic was viral.According to market experts, 83% Viral Visitsthis is one of the highestrates observed in theUkrainian digital lately.
  12. 12. RESULTSThe project is completed KPI of5 000 participants within 2 days!The total number of participantsexceeded 21 000. Customer data 21 596 participantsbase of Activia increased to thesame figure.
  13. 13. Spring activation: “Light breakfast with Activia”Quality of gathered users databasewas confirmed during execution ofpromo and CRM activities for thebrand that followed later on.Incredible conversion rates. Brand ambassadors club
  14. 14. RESULTSWe earned owned media onsocial networks. The numberof fans on Facebook 22 000 new fans inincreased from 5 000 to social networks13 500, and Vkontakte from 0to 12 500.
  15. 15. RESULTSThanks to a win-winpartnerships we managed toaccumulate a prize fund of 1.2million UAH in the form of 12 Prize fund000 certificates (UAH 100)for, and 1 215 000 UAH15 000 UAH in form of 5 from partnersprofessional photo shootingsin Elephant Photo Studio.
  16. 16. MOST IMPORTANT OUTCOME Activia marketing team realized the power of digital and gave it the highest priority in 2013 marketing plan