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English presentation assignment.

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JHS magz - Presentation

  1. 1. JHSmagzMagazine.....Pebrianto-Thariq-Sean-Rasheed (8B)
  2. 2. What is student magz?JHSmagz is a magazine product specialized for students. The articles arepicked selectively so it’s compatible for Junior High School students and funto read.
  3. 3. What will be posted in recent edition??1. Profile: contains biography of another student with great achievement. Weprovide you with Angela’s profile this time. A clever scholars with high ambitionto be the best.• Subject: Profile – “It’s Angela!”• Why we choose profile?: With reading someone else’s achievements, we hope that studentwill have the spirit to also achieve what they want.• Source:Pembangunan Jaya JHS website (http://www.smppjbintaro.sch.id)• ReWrited by: M. Thariq Z. L.
  4. 4. What will be posted in recent edition??2. Activity: a fun interactive game for the reader. This edition, we will present awordsearch about colour.• Subject: Activity- “Can you solve it all??-wordsearch-”• Why we choose activity?: We are here adore puzzle, it’s challenging, good exercisefor you brain. When you solved it, the adrenalin and dopamine will pumped uptrough your brain, it makes you happy and satisfied.• Source: M. Thariq Z. L. With example from the web.
  5. 5. What will be posted in recent edition??3. Education: it contains articles or news about our education system in or outsideIndonesia. This time, we will provide you with national exam issues which recentlydiscussed a lot.• Subject: Education- “What’s wrong with National Exam?”• Why we choose education?: Student also need to know what really happened in theireducation system. Updating themself about the world they’re living.• Source: The Jakarta Post• ReWrited by: Pebrianto
  6. 6. What will be posted in recent edition??4. Did you know: Did you know is an easy-to-read article to know how things aroundyou work. We will provide you with the way how hologram works, the best 3D visual.• Subject: Did you know?- “Hologram around you”• Why we choose this topic?: Sometimes people have something in their mindquestioning how something works but don’t know who to ask. We are here to givethem some information about it.• Source: http://www.holographer.com• ReWrited by: Pebrianto
  7. 7. What will be posted in recent edition??5. Movie review: It’s a review of a movie project made by student. Tells you thecast, director, the summary, awards, and other. This time, is Asmaus KronistusNularus, the comedy-based movie made by Pembangunan Jaya JHS students.• Subject: Movie Review- “Asmaus Kronistus Nularus”• Why we choose this topic: we want to encourage students to watch their ownfriends movie project and get entertained. We also hope that they will be interestedin movie making.• Source: Arrasheed Edwin Hasjim
  8. 8. What will be posted in recent edition??6. True story: This section grabs another student’s funny, embarassing, or annoyingexperience. They will be open for all of us! This time, the stories come fromRasheed, Nadira, and their friends.• Subject: True story, “Have you experienced?”• Why we choose true story?: We love to entertain students and give a place to sharetheir thoughts.• Source: student• Rewrited by: Arrasheed Edwin Hasjim
  9. 9. What will be posted in recent edition??7. Travel: giving students the info about travelling destination to spend their holiday with theirown budget. This time, we provide you with the top 10 places to go with cheap rates butmemorable.• Subject: Travel- “You’re ready to go, top 10 destination”• Why we choose travel?: Students need to refresh themself from exam and studying hard. Welike to inform them that there are a lot of destination that they could afford.• Source: Askmen.com• Rewrited by: Sean Charly P.
  10. 10. What will be posted in recent edition??8. Info: Gives you info about high school. We provide you with information of theschool that student looking for. This time, we give you the info about how to getSingapore’s ASEAN scholarship.• Subject: Info- “ASEAN scholarship, Apply now!”• Why we choose this subject?: We want to provide students with the latest news forthe right decision choosing high school• Source: http://www.moe.gov.sg• Rewrited by: Sean Charly P.