Krista Jackman: Twitter and Tweeting; Community and Composition


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This presentation, part of the Social Media for Teaching and Learning, focuses on the anecdotal experience of Krista Jackman's use of Twitter in Freshman Composition at the University of New Hampshire, English 401. Krista developed pedagogy that used Twitter for a dual purpose: as an experiment designed to facilitate a feeling of community, prior to the start of a Residential Learning Community, and to introduce the the function of critical analysis.

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Krista Jackman: Twitter and Tweeting; Community and Composition

  1. 1. Social Media for Teaching and Learning Sheraton Hotel, Boston October 19, 2012
  2. 2. Social Media in the classroom?  Why? Why not?
  3. 3. My Objectives • Use Social Media• Build a sense of Community in the classroom• Raise awareness of University Dialog topic• Introduce the idea of critical analysis• Launch the semester’s writing
  4. 4. Twitter • Social Media that allows posts of 140 characters or less. (writing component)• Build community by allowing users to “stay connected” to each other in a digital environment (builds community)• Can “follow” = subscribe to their Twitter updates (University Dialog Topic)• Student seem to LOVE or HATE Twitter… (critical analysis)
  5. 5. + MyObjectives =
  6. 6. One Week Before Class Started… Twitter is a microblog that allows you to express your thoughts, to share thehappenings of your life… in 140 characters or less, per post. Your task in thisassignment is to follow the musings (“tweets”) of your chosen classmates for thenext week, and to post your own... At the very least, please “tweet” and read “tweets” at least twice a day, so to insert yourself into this online classroom community. If you can tweet and follow more often, please do.Your specific task in the coming week is to use Twitter to get-to-know and be-known… to the extent that this technology will allow. What do you want yourclassmates to know about you? Next, choose a handful of to “follow”. Read theirtweets. “Listen” to what they’re doing, where they’re going… What is happening asthey prepare for university life? Is it similar to your experience? Different? Whatreactions and responses have they shared? Obviously the character limitationimpacts the type of material that is shared. Do you think that you are getting to“know” this person?
  7. 7. During the First Week of Class… “… when my four closest friends and worldmates send me dozens of updates aweek for five months, I begin to develop an almost telepathic awareness of thepeople most important to me.Its like proprioception, your bodys ability to know where your limbs are. Thatsubliminal sense of orientation is crucial for coordination: It keeps you fromaccidentally bumping into objects, and it makes possible amazing feats of balanceand dexterity.Twitter and other constant-contact media create social proprioception. They give agroup of people a sense of itself, making possible weird, fascinating feats ofcoordination…. “How Twitter Creates a Sixth SenseClive Thompson
  8. 8. Let’s Talk…  ~ Comments ~ ~ Questions ~ ~ Conclusions ~