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Esm e bulletin

  1. 1. VOLUME: I Pearson ESM e-bulletin Monday, 14th June, 2010 Volume: I (ESM-Engineering, Science & Mathematics) About Pearson Education India Educating 100 m illion people worldwide, Pe arson Ed ucation is the leader in Inside This Issue integrated education publishing. Spread across a wide spectrum of subjects, 1 About Pearson Education India including business, technology, sciences, law a nd the humanities, our books and resources help students learn, teachers teach, and professionals evolve 2 Publisher’s Note throughout t heir c areers. Our books a nd learning t ools help peo ple around 3 New Indian Releases the worl d t o expand t heir knowledge, dev elop t heir s kills and realize t heir potential. Pearson Education provides quality content, assessment tools, and 4 Subject Expert Meeting educational s ervices in al l available me dia, spanning t he learning curve 5 Meet our Authors from birth, through university, and beyond. 6 Workshops We spe cialize in t he publication of acad emic and reference b ooks in t he fields of computer sci ence, eng ineering, bu siness and ma nagement, 7 Technology Products: My Labs and professional and t rade, hi gher educat ion and compet itive exam ination Mastering preparation books. We are a lso India’s fo remost pu blisher in s chool 8 mQuest publishing (K-12), wit h boo k lists i n E nglish language teaching ( ELT), the humanities, the sciences and mathematics, from primary to senior secondary 9 Custom Publishing and Learning classes. Solutions With elaborate editorial facilities in Delhi, Chennai and Chandigarh, Pearson 10 Media Reviews Education India co vers t he ent ire su bcontinent. We have specif ic di visions catering to al l levels an d f ields o f e ducation. We create i ndigenous publishing prog rammes t o meet l ocal market nee ds, and undert ake customized publishing for schools, universities and ot her institutions. We work Do You Know Pearson closely with our authors and customers through strong editorial development Education India has the processes and innovations in sales and marketing. Largest Editorial Board in India and we ensure to maintain the highest Publisher’s Note quality standards Creating a b ook from co nception t o pu blication is a craft t hat invo lves many hands and requ ires great skil l and a st ructured process. During t his Pearson Exclusive News process, an o riginal manuscript is t aken through various stages and different Meet our authors at departments before a final book gets published. We hav e de veloped a variety of Indian original b ooks i n al most all the key engineering c ourses. Our Indian o riginals a re n ow als o p romoted a nd accepted by t he int ernational faculties at U S, U K, Canada, Asia an d Australia. Almost all our titles are accompanied with variety of instructors and students supplements like solutions manual, power point slides and mQuest
  2. 2. PAGE 2 PEARSON EDUCATION E-BULLETIN New Indian Releases COMPUTER SCIENCE Computer Introduction to Operating Systems Programming in C : C Programming : Network Fundamentals by Formal Languages, by Haldar & A Practical Test Your Skills by Management : Anita Goel, ILLL, Automata Theory Aravind, Approach by Dey, Kamthane, SGGS Principles and University of Delhi and Computation Motorola, Inc., University of College of Practice, 2/e by by Kamala Sunnyvale, Calcutta Engineering and Subramanian, Krithivasan & California / Technology, Indian Institute of Rama R, University of Nanded , Technology, Indian Institute of Northern British Maharashtra Chennai Technology, Columbia / Georgia Institute of Chennai Technology ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING Mobile Computing by 8051 Microcontroller : Analog and Digital The X86 Electric Circuits & Kumkum Garg, Indian Internals, Instructions, Communications by Microprocessors : Networks by Suresh, Institute of Technology, Programming & Sudakshina Kundu, Architecture and National Institute of Roorkee Interfacing by Subrata West Bengal University Programming (8086 Technology, Calicut Ghoshal, IIIT Pune of Technology, Kolkata to Pentium) by Lyla B Das, National Institute of Technology, Calicut
  3. 3. PEARSON EDUCATION E-BULLETIN PAGE 3 New Indian Releases CORE / MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Engineering Design of Steel Engineering Drawing 2/e Engineering Machine Design by Mechanics by Structures by Sai Ram, with LIVEDRAW CD by Mathematics by Jindal, Retired Professor Sharma, Rajasthan RVR & JC College of Shah, Babu Ram, Manav Delhi College of Technical University Engineering, Guntur Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Rachna International Engineering Kota Engineering College, University, Faridabad Mumbai SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS, PHARMACY AND NURSING The Elements of Medicinal Chemistry Linear Algebra by Numerical Methods by Psychology for Nurses Immunology by 2/e by Sriram and Saikia, North Eastern Hill Ram Babu, Manav by Morris, Maisto, Khan, Aligarh Muslim Yogeeswari, Birla University, Shillong Rachna International Girishwar Misra, University Instiute of Technology University, Faridabad. University of Illinois, and Science-Pilani University of Alabama, University of Delhi
  4. 4. PAGE 4 PEARSON EDUCATION E-BULLETIN Subject Expert Meeting On J anuary 3 1, 201 0 Pe arson Edu cation had co nducted a “C omputer Science Subject Expert Meeting” held at Noida office. Wherein 21 professors from different parts of t he count ry at tended this meeting and discussed with our edi torial and business d evelopment team on the following agenda. Challenges in current teaching scenario. How to c over th e g ap b etween “ What i s a ctually p ublished a nd what should be published”. Group of professors taking part in New courses to publish books. Computer Science Subject Expert Meeting Supplements and Instructors resources required for a book. Custom Publishing Demonstration of Pearson new t echnology produ cts like M yLabs and E-Books All the eminent professors took an active participation in the discussion and came up with brilliant ideas for the welfare of the students in general. They highly appreciated the initiative being taken by Pearson Education to fathom the needs of t he lecturers as well as the students and materializing the same to develop the titles. Meet our authors (at YouTube) .Interviews of our esteemed professors have been upl oaded on t he sites like You Tube to acknowledge their efforts being put in to develop our titles. 1. Dr. Anita Goel (Associate Professor at ILLL, University of Delhi) Who has written a marvelous book on “Computer Fundamentals” you can watch her complete Interview at 2. Dr U. C Ji ndal wh o is a retired pr ofessor fr om Delhi Col lege Engineering h as writ ten a very fa ntastic book fo r u s o n “ Machine Dr. Anita Goel Launched her Design” you can also wat ch his int erview on y ou t ube at t he book “Com puter Fundamentals” following link at the workshop at Ajay Kumar Garg institute, Ghaziabad
  5. 5. PEARSON EDUCATION E-BULLETIN PAGE 5 Workshops Workshops in collaboration with Pearson Education, has proven to be an effective tool to enhance the knowledge bank of the lecturers by the experiences shared by our authors about the concerned subject as well as their methodology of teaching .  On Janua ry, 2010, Pearson ESM Started the New Year wit h a bang by co nducting a worksh op at LPU J alandhar o n Engineering Mathematics by our author Babu Ram. Professor Babu ram clarifying the doubts of faculties in the workshop at Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar.  On 22nd January, 2010, workshop was conducted on Engineering Mathematics by our aut hor Babu Ram a t Lingay as U niversity, Faridabad. Group of teachers among with Pearson employees after the workshop by Professor Baburam at Lingayas University, Faridabad  On 18 th Febru ary 20 10, workshop was c onducted on Automata theory by our authors Professor Kamala Krithivasan and professor Rama R (Both From IIT Madras) at JSS Noida Faculties from JSS and from other institutes like Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad etc took part in the workshop.  On 05 th March 2 010, worksho p was conducted on “T he Fascinating World of e-Resources for Teaching Biology t o Undergraduate St udents” a t Daul at Ram Col lege, Uni versity of Delhi, Professor Bakshi was invited as Guest of Honor. Professor Bakshi distributing the Certificates to the faculties from various Colleges from University of Delhi.
  6. 6. PAGE 6 PEARSON EDUCATION E-BULLETIN Workshops Cont...  On 09 th Mar ch 2010, wor kshop w as c onducted at A ndhra University on Dist ributed Database Systems at Visakhapatnam by our author Chhanda Ray where mo re than 50 Faculties took part and made this event a successful one. Ms. Chhanda Ray building the concepts among the faculties from Andhra University and from various colleges  On 17 th March, 201 0, workshop held at BPU T ( Bhubaneswar) There we re so me im portant d ignitaries, (Prof. J. K Sat pathy, Vice Chancellor, B PUT), (Dr P. K Mohanty, Dire ctor C urriculum, BPU T), (Prof. K.C Biswal, Principal, College of Engineering, BPUT), (Dr. P.K Patra, HOD Comput er Sc ience,CET, BPU T) and more t han 55 Faculties who attended this event. Professor Krithivasan and Rama R Providing the Personal Signed copies to the faculties who attended the event.  On F riday, 26t h March “ Pre-launch a nd w orkshop of ou r forthcoming ti tle o n Com puter F undamentals b y Dr. Anita G oel” at Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. This e vent was in augurated by Vi ce-Chancellor Pro fessor Be ela Satyanarayana and ot her dignit aries like Mr. Satish Pin isetty from Infosys Technologies U K a nd Pro f Vijaya Saradhi from IIT Guwahati and P rof Shashi (Head-CS) Andhra Univ ersity, Prof Ram Mohan Rao, Principal: En gineering C ollege Andhra Univ ersity and 110 associate/assistant professors attended this workshop. Dr. Anita Goel Inaugurating the function along with Vice chancellor and other dignitaries.
  7. 7. PEARSON EDUCATION E-BULLETIN PAGE 7 Workshops Cont...  On 17 th April, Workshop by our aut hor Dr. Sub rata G hoshal o n t he topic “8051 Microcontroller” at JNTU Hyderabad campus. There were a bout 120 part icipants (90 l ecturers and 3 0 st udents) from engineering institutes affiliated to JNTU in Hyderabad region. The Chi ef Gu est: Dr. G . T ulasi Ram Das ( Registrar: JNT U Hyderabad) has gone t hrough t he book and was i mpressed t o see the di fferentiation provided in t he book bet ween “ Microprocessors and Microcontrollers” which is not a vailable i n any of t he bo oks pu blished on t his cou rse. He Teachers listening to Mr. Ghoshal at revealed the fact that recently JNTU has interviewed some candidates for JNTU Hyderabad the l ecturer’s position a nd most o f th e y oung faculties w ere n ot a ble to differentiate b etween mi croprocessors a nd micro controllers. He has a lso appreciated the various supplements for bot h inst ructors and st udents provided with the book.  On Wednesday 28t h April, t he seco nd pr e launch and worksh op o f our forthcoming title on Computer Fundamentals by Dr. Anita Goel at Ajay Kumar Engineering College, Ghaziabad. There were about 75 part icipants att ended t his ev ent from diffe rent institutes across Ghaz iabad, Faridabad, Noida, Gre ater Noida and Aligarh. Faculties from NCR Region took part in the event.
  8. 8. PAGE 8 PEARSON EDUCATION E-BULLETIN Technology Products: My Labs and Mastering My Labs and Mastering series are i nnovative i nteractive on line learning tools that can be customized to the needs of lecturers and students. A full range of assessment, homework and sophisticated g rade b ook f unctions are built into this technology. With t heir abu ndant coll ection of resources, M y Labs offer st udents many ways t o st udy, and inst ructors many w ays t o sa ve t ime – a ll in one convenient place. List of My Labs for Engineering, Science and Mathematics 1. MyMathLab 2. MyStatLab 3. MyBiologyLab 4. MyCodeMate 5. MyNursingLab 6. Mastering Physics 7. Mastering Chemistry 8. GOAL GOAL is Pearson's premier online homework and assessment system for Computer Science Java Programming, Operating Systems, and Database Systems courses. In 2010, al l our n ew Indian Or iginal tex tbooks a re a ccompanied w ith mQuest. You can get mo re out of y our textbook and your ce ll phone. Use Pearson’s m Quest to revise concepts and definit ions, searc h fo r formulae and take quizzes on your phone.  It’s an easy to use application that you just need to download once via Bluetooth, GPRS or data cable.  Is compatible with most phones and d oes not int erfere with ot her features on your phone.  Occupies very little memory of your phone.
  9. 9. PEARSON EDUCATION E-BULLETIN PAGE 9 Custom Publishing and Learning Solutions We hav e a d edicated pract ice within t he company t o del iver cont ent on demand as per t he need of t he cust omer. Cus tom Pu blishing is a u nit of Business De velopment wit hin Pearso n Ed ucation India t hat pub lishes books developed and mapped to the specific requirements of a syllabus, institute, university or corporation. In a span of nine months, we have published seven books, with several more in the works. Pearson Lea rning Solutions customizes educat ional t ools and resources t o create learning program mes t hat me et the specifi c requirements of companies a nd a cademic inst itutions. We part ner w ith ou r cust omers t o develop and customize pl ans wi th a fu ll range of supp ort, from ad vanced learning tools to complete curriculum and faculty development. We combi ne content breadt h and ext ensive capabil ities w ith our best -of- breed instructional design and a prov en track record. Our coordination with our partners all ows us to perfectly understand the commitments to s tudents as well as recognize the demands that companies face. It’s the reason why so m any h igher e ducational institutions a nd co mpanies cho ose t o p artner with Pearson Learning Solutions. More details are available at alliance with Pearson Edu cation and Sa nguine Tec hnical Publishers ( A Karnataka base d publishing company) ha ve joined ha nds t ogether t o co-bra nd, excl usively publish and distribute Sanguine’s PAN India potential titles. This alliance that comes in force with effect from January 2010, brings some prestigious and well established author’s like Ganesh Rao, Sudhakar Samue l and Hari Bhatt to Pearson who are well respected in their respective fields.