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Media q4

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Media q4

  1. 1. What have you learnt from audience feedback?
  2. 2. When we all started this project and started the planning,we all had come up with several different ideas. Howeverwe soon realised that the final products look would dependa lot on what was realistic and capable of us to be able toachieve.A lot of it also came down to what our target audiencewanted from it, as it was their needs and gratifications wewere catering for. We were lucky to enough to be givenseveral opportunities to connect with who we’d imagined asour target audience for feedback and research into how wecould improve our final product.
  3. 3. Through talking to our peers in class and through audience research with surveys and social networking sites we were able to create a product that we, as a group were happy with as well as our audience.We wanted to create an abstract video which created a mysterious atmosphere and which left our audiences thinking and interpreting it in their own ways. I think we were successful with that as when listening to our peers interpretation of the video we got a wide variety of different ideas. A lot of things they picked up on we weren’t even conscious of doing for example, how in the 1st half of the video our actress never makes eye contact with the audience (looks into the lens) until after the chorus when it looks like she’s even watching you watch her as she stares right into the camera’s lens. This, though unintentional added an essence of ethereal and an extra layer of depth to the story line we wouldn’t have picked up on if not for the audiences feedback.
  4. 4. To make it as effective as possible we agreed on keeping It as minimalistic as possible relying purely on the beauty of the shots being captured and the themes that went along with it. This was also to stick to the main conventions of an alternative music video, meaning we didn’t include lip syncing, the artist, any text or over the top effects. Although despite the minimal and subtle use of effects it still seems surreal and dreamlike. Our audience were quick to notice the binary opposition between the two locations and mise en scene the bathroom (representing reality) and the forest (representing the dreamlike state. This then led them onto thinking as to why she was dreaming this? what she was trying to do? if she was looking for something, what was she looking for? And led them with lots of questions which when asking us they found answering themselves with individual interpretations.
  5. 5. Listening to all of their interpretations was very interesting and a lot of them came up with ideas we hadn’t initially thought of but then when going back to edit the final touches took into account. One of the main themes that came up in our audiences interpretations was the idea of death and rebirth connoted from the shots of the candles alight, being blown out and a shot where it almost looks like she could be drowning herself in the bath, as well as the shot with red ink being dripped into the bath and the final shot where she is standing in a white dress completely wet (white- purity, innocence and the wetness being from cleansing herself of her sins). We really liked these ideas and adopted them as our own when finishing off our project.
  6. 6. One of the constructive criticisms we got was that our landscape shots stuck out a bit too much. However when trying to replace them we realised that these were exactly the type of shots we needed in order to add a bit more variety to our footage and break away for a bit from the shots of our actress.
  7. 7. We played a lot with colours on our videos and what they are supposed to represent and noticed that our audience picked up really nicely on that. The white dress representing innocence and purity, contrasting to her green flowery dress which blended really nicely with the scenery suggesting that is where she feels most comfortable at one with nature and her surroundings. The red ink representing either blood or passion depending on how you interpret the video. The black ink representing death and the overall blue tint to our video adding a layer of ambiance and eeriness to the atmosphere.
  8. 8. What was really nice about our feedback was that no one had the same thing to say, it was all left up to the individuals interpretation which worked really well with the music as well as the lyrics are also quite abstract. Overall I’d say that our feedback was very positive and we successfully targeted the audience we had hoped here are some of the comments we got from feedback on youtube and facebook.• Ronnie Zubic-Nahvi rah this is wikid• Cheree Houston This is reallyyyyy good and the song is beautiful xx• Angelina Jesson siiickk!! Looks really cool and the song is beautiful xxx• Olivia Ruth Spencer this is seriously really good well doneeee guys• Billie Wackrill its done so well! love it xx• María Samuel that was amazing well done xx• Serena Paget ahh excitingg