Chevy Equinox Central MO


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When it comes to a crossover that fits your family's lifestyle, Chevy Equinox is the way to go for Central Missouri families.

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Chevy Equinox Central MO

  1. 1. The Chevrolet EquinoxWhen it comes to a crossover that fits your familyslifestyle, Chevy Equinox is the way to go. Meticulouscraftsmanship and upscale appointments will appealto your stylish side. With an EPA–estimated 32 MPGhighway, Equinox offers highway fuel economy thatHonda CR-V and Toyota RAV-4 cant beat3.Equinox has been named a Consumers Digest “Best Buy” for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 model years.Ideal for families and friends on the go, Equinox seats five comfortably and offers the most rear–seatleg room in its class.Designed with active lifestyles in mind, Equinox with available AWD is a great traveling companionfor a camping trip, a weekend of skiing or boating.[BOX] Equinox gives you the flexibility and functionality you need. [/BOX]One touch and the powertrain reconfigures to maximize efficiency. The transmission’s shift pointschange and idle speeds lower so power is used more efficiently, optimizing fuel economy.Other technologies also help create an great experience. Direct fuel injection uses fuel moreefficiently. A 6-speed automatic transmission allows lower shift speed, saving fuel and propellingyour trips further. An aerodynamic design slices through the air, reducing drag and boostingefficiency. The sophisticated engineering and well designed options allow the Chevy Equinox to get32 MPG on the highway.Interior
  2. 2. The nice flow from the instrument panel through thedual cockpit into the center stack. The wonderfulaccents in the center stack where the controls for theradio are clearly outlined so as to be distinct from thetemperature controls. For the customer, it’s very easyto use.Steering wheel-mounted audio controls give you command over phone calls made with Bluetoothwireless for select phones, as well as radio functions like volumeand favorite station selection. So many advancements within reach.The Equinox provides comfort for five passengers with reclining 60/40 split-folding rear seat, tilt andtelescopic steering wheel, and the most rear leg room in its class, Acoustic laminated glass and andtriple door seals help keep the ride quiet as you head to your destination.Equinox presents Chevrolet MyLink, a newtechnology that will be optional on select upleveltrims and is planned for Spring 2012.3 It aggregatescontent from acompatible smartphone onto an available seven-inchdiagonal color touch-screen. On Equinox, throughvoice commands or touch controls, you can instantlyaccess music and content from online sources.Listen to self-created radio stations and playlists orhear personalized news and talk programs.With a total of 18 storage areas, you may wonder why they call Equinox “compact” at all. Largerpacking jobs benefit from the ingenious Multiflex® Sliding rear seat, which is also a60/40 split-folding seat, that adds greater flexibility. The Equinox also offers segment-exclusiveprogramable powered liftgate. This lets you decide how far to open the liftgate.PerformanceThe Ecotec 2.4L Dohc engine in Equinox uses directfuel injection to increase fuel economy. It allows thecompression ratio to be raised, which improvesefficiency, but also helps get more engineperformance. When the air inside the cylinder iscooled down by evaporating fuel, the engine producesmore torque, especially at low speeds. This can allowthe engine to be downsized a bit. The ratios in thetransmission can then be selected to help keepengine speed down, raising MPG.Pushing the innovative ECO button can further optimize engine operation by adjusting transmissionshift patterns, which maximizes fuel efficiency. Onboard computers in Equinox are constantlyselecting the transmission gears based on various driver inputs. When the driver selects Eco mode,the computer tries to get you to higher gears sooner, which helps fuel economy.
  3. 3. Equinox also has Trailer Sway Control (TSC), thats part of the standard StabiliTrak® system. IfTSC detects the trailer is swaying, the vehicles brakes are automatically applied. When TSC isapplying the brakes, an indicator light flashes to notify the driver to reduce speed. If the trailercontinues to sway, StabiliTrak will reduce engine torque to help slow the vehicle.SafetyThe Chevy Equinox has received a coveted 2012 Top Safety Pick rating from the InsuranceInstitute for Highway Safety. Advanced Forward Collision Alert and Lane Depature Warning arenew this year and are available on LTZmodels. This technology is part of a newactive safety package that combines ahigh-resolution digital camera with advancedimage processing. The camera is mounted onthe windshield ahead of the rearview mirrorand, it continually monitors the proximity tovehicles in front of it. If the system detects apotential collision based on closing speeds, itwill visually and audibly alert the driver. Thesystem will read the lines in the road and willvisually and audibly alert drivers if they have strayed into another lane without signaling. These arejust two of the forward-thinking ways we help you avoid trouble on the road.Sensors determine which of the six standard airbags, including head-curtain and side-impact airbags, deploy. And for kids, Latch (Lower Anchors and Top tethers for Children) helps you properlysecure their car seats in the vehicle.Should a collision occur, crucial information can be instantly relayed to the OnStar commandcenter. There, trained OnStar Advisors utilize GPS technology to pinpoint your exact location andcan request that assistance be sent right away—even if you’re unable to respond. It’s part of ONstarDirections & Connections which is standard for six months, because nothing is more important thanyour safety. See our available line of Chevrolet Equinox cars in stock.If you’re looking for quality new and pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs in the Central Missouri area,Pearl Motors is an automotive dealership located in Mexico, MO on Interstate 54 near Columbia,Missouri. For over 95 years, we’ve been providing quality sales and service in the Mexico, Columbia,and Central Missouri area. Pearl Motor Company continues to be a faimly owned & operatedbusiness since 1916, when H.E. Pearl opened a Dodge-Whippet dealership in Mexico. Fourgenerations later, George Huffman is Dealer Principle. At, you can shop 24/7 andhave up to date information at your fingertips.Please dont hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about Chevy Trucks or cars.
  4. 4. 220 N Jefferson StreetMexico, MO 65265(866) 876-6938 Map and Hours to visit us.