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Marketing plan for mobile app


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A presentation on the marketing plan of a new mobile application - At Your Service.
This was created by Pearl Gupta, PEC University of Technology during the course of a marketing internship under Prof. Sameer Mathur

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Marketing plan for mobile app

  1. 1. Marketing Plan for Mobile App
  2. 2. Executive Summary Committed to providing quick and reliable service at your doorstep, ‘At Your Service’ app aims at bridging the gap between the users and businesses by helping users find relevant providers of products and services quickly, while helping businesses listed in ‘At Your Service’ database to market their offerings. The app lets users especially home makers avail real time booking and tracking of required servicemen. A detailed analysis has been done and the marketing plan covers all important aspects in a lucid manner.
  3. 3. Situation Analysis  Managing daily household has become a cumbersome job for someone who is doing all the work single-handedly. Running for the electrician, calling plumber numerous times, looking for a gardener, scrap collector, masseuse and others takes a lot of time and becomes very inconvenient.  The At Your Service app is the solution to all related problems and is a boon for all ladies in particular.  Order a service, schedule it according to your availability at home, fix periodic visits (weekly or monthly according to requirement), track the serviceman and leave feedbacks and reviews.
  4. 4. Goal  To help users avail services within minutes and conveniently  Hassle-free bookings without the need to call repeatedly  Enhance user experience  Multiple platform service on a large scale  Help listed businesses market their offerings effectively and the right customer on time.  Maximizing visibility of service providers
  5. 5. Strategy TARGET MARKET Customers It is a highly useful app in today’s era where many of us do not have time to visit the household service providers at the time of need. It acquires both cost and time. It shall help the home makers to get the required services within minutes of ordering. So this app can be used by almost everyone.  Any house maker can use it. No age constraint as it is easy to use and does not require any special knowledge to operate.  It can be used by both working and non-working women.  It shall be useful mainly for the people living in urban areas as the rural areas do not have specific service providers, access to mobile internet and they lack the knowledge to use technology.  The service providers can use this app for better customer engagement with a pragmatic approach. It shall be highly useful for the local service providers since they shall be assigned with work more often and hence get a chance to earn money by rendering their services.
  6. 6. Collaborations For every successful application there has to be many collaborations to lay it’s firm foundation. For the same, I’ve planned the following:  Service providers: There are many such services which are needed by almost every house maker such as ─ Electrician ─ Gardener ─ Carpenter ─ Chemist ─ Driver ─ Vehicle Repair ─ Baby sitters ─ Masseuse ─ Plumber ─ Caterers ─ Car wash ─ Newspaper Vendor ─ Scrap Collector (Raddiwala)
  7. 7. – TV cable providers ─ Maids etc.  Apart from the workers many shops shall be collaborated with like the grocery shop, medicine shop, cable house, hotels (caterers), nursery etc. They all shall be of a great help at the time of promotions too.  These services are not all time present in the locality one resides in. So for the same many such providers shall be collaborated with. Their profiles shall be maintained on the app according to their services and areas. Under it almost all the workers shall be covered proving an efficient working to the system. Company Because the app is more of an aggregator, there is as such no specified company that shall be responsible for the efficient rendering of goods and services. Instead there shall be many workers and shops that shall be responsible for it.
  8. 8. Competitors  There are apps addressing similar customer needs. Some of the major ones are mentioned below:  Just dial is the top competitor of the app. But the difference lies in its working where on one hand Just dial only provides us with the contact details of the service providers. At times the contact details are invalid. But on the other hand our app shall work just as any other aggregator, example - Uber, Ola cabs etc. with that we assure mobility and efficiency to the working which is somewhere missing in case of Just dial. It shall solely work online where the nearest service provider shall be sent a message and your name, requirement, current location etc. via our app by the customer at the time of need.
  9. 9. Just Dial STRENGTHS • Business owners can list their businesses on the database for free. • Possesses a well-built network of businesses and provides fast and reliable response and details • Just Dial has location based service for mobile internet users. WEAKNESSES • Only listings are available. There is no facility of quick bookings. • Lower penetration in rural areas with same efficiency. OPPORTUNITIES • To collaborate with more companies or service providers • To provide more precise information by filtering requirements • Increase presence in more cities THREATS • Some businesses can provide false identity by disguising • Improved network by the competitors • Newly emerging competitive local search machines
  10. 10. CONTEXT  Political Environment: There are Government guidelines to which services are considered legal, and as such At Your Service must evaluate each clients request to ensure that the service being offered must fall within the legal purview and only then can they put it up. Besides this, there is very little interference or regulation on a call and assist type of service in India.  Social Environment: India is a fast growing market, and growing disposable incomes mean more and more people entering the target group for the services market. Also the advent of newer enablers like mobile phones has made life much easier for the customer, and as such there is tremendous scope for an aggregator like At Your Service.  Economic Environment: The overall market for location specific search is increasing rapidly with more and more people moving to in the urban cities and distances increasing to local amenities and services. Also, economic development has fueled the pockets of the Indian middle class as well as brought the world to their door. The promise held in this huge market is immense.  Technological Environment: Technology has been a great enabler for most businesses, and At your Service is no exception. The web has taken these services to new heights. Telephone, Web based Service, SMS and now Mobile Web access give users a multitude of ways to access information, and it has benefited At Your Service and the search industry greatly. Growth in users of this service sees a linear growth with technology penetration, and every new technology gives it a shot in the arm. GPS services in mobiles and 3G services promise a seamless and integrated localized experience, which can be leveraged by At Your Service to provide results based on nearness to customers immediate location.
  11. 11. VALUE PROPOSITION Customer values Anyone would like speedy services without wasting time and cost. Most of the women today are working who just cannot afford the time to sit at home and wait for the repairs and other chores to be done and requirements to fulfilled therefore with this app it becomes easy to get it done as per ones convenience and suitability of time. The app shall change the hectic process of engaging these people to easy and efficient connectivity and working. The app fulfills the need for relevant information. Customers save time, and find a multitude of options with ease, enabling them to get the best prices and ease of access to services and goods / customers.
  12. 12. Collaborator value Most of the clients that will be served have the one basic need, of maximizing their visibility. They will be sectioned and categorized according to the services that they provide, and the segment that they wish to target and provide a priority listing based on their criteria among our query results to our customers. This provides them with visibility where they need it, thus fulfilling their need. Other than our clients, there is little to no influence on our business by any other forces, besides the obvious dependence on the telecom service providers. We will depend entirely on telecom providers for getting our service to the end customer and any changes in the way they function will have direct impact on the delivery of services. There are many who do not get a chance to work just because of non-availability of a proper work place. But with this app everyone would get a chance to work and render services. Their work shall be rated and reviewed by people that shall help them do even better.
  13. 13. TACTICS Service  Better visibility  Convenience  Hassle-free delivery of services Brand  Name: At Your Service Price  Basic features: free  Premium offering at $3.75 per month with advanced features of scheduling regular visits, preference given to a premium user over a basic one. Incentives  First service free  Discounts based on referral codes  Cashback Distribution  Available on Google Play for download by Android users
  14. 14. IMPLEMENTATION Small/medium enterprise register with At our Service At Your Service verifies the information provided & puts it up SMEs are offered prime services, sponsored results for added fee Customers ask for information and suggestions using app Customers receive results in close proximity by auto detection of their location by GPS (with sponsored results getting priority) Both the user and the provider are notified based on their availability & their contact details are shared. User can also track the vendor.
  15. 15. Control Performance Evaluation  The performance of the app can be evaluated by: ─ Number of downloads from Google Play ─ Number of listings by SMEs ─ Feedbacks given by users  The conversion rate of users from free to premium offering lets us determine whether the features provided are adding enough value or not. ─ In case of a greater rate (50%), the free version lacks enough features and the conversion rate would later slack. Also the customer acquisition rate would decrease. ─ In case of an extremely low rate (1%), the free version might be giving lots of benefits to users that they don’t require the need for premium version. Therefore, required adjustments can be made to control the output.