Examining Printed Wedding Materials: Save The Date Cards, Wedding Invitations And More


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Examining Printed Wedding Materials: Save The Date Cards, Wedding Invitations And More

  1. 1. Examining Printed Wedding Materials: Save The Date Cards, Wedding Invitations And More Presented by: Pear Tree Greetings www.peartreegreetings.com/
  2. 2. • For most couples, planning a wedding begins as soon as they decide to get married. • However, many brides have been dreaming about their big days since they were little girls. • Combining these early dreams with tradition, modern day options and financial feasibility can make the planning process a bit complicated. • Organizing all the necessary printed material such as the wedding invitations, save the date cards, response cards, etc. into a single package can help simplify the planning process. Let The Planning Begin
  3. 3. Begin The Process • The planning process must begin with the guest list. • While the happy couple is always the center of attention during a wedding, guests must also be considered when planning the big event. • Considering the total attendees, needs, cultures, traditions, etc. will ensure a memorable and enjoyable wedding for all. • Working with an experienced online printing resource to create save the date cards, address labels, response cards and more will help keep the planning organized and make the big day perfect. • Utilizing one vendor for all these supplies will ensure consistency in theme and some personal touches that guests will enjoy and appreciate.
  4. 4. What Printed Materials Are Needed • The type of wedding celebration planned will indicate the other necessary printed materials. • Determining the required printed materials will add an extra layer of convenience and organization for the bride and groom. • The first item to determine what printed materials are required for the wedding. • Obviously, wedding invitations top this list.
  5. 5. Save The Date Cards • Save the date cards are an ideal way to give guests advance notice on the details of the big event. • The advance notice allows attendees time to get off from work, make travel plans, hotel reservations or any other arrangements needed. • Save the date cards list the date and place of the wedding and does not need a response card or gift registry information. • Save the date cards can be printed as cards or even refrigerator magnets and should be mailed six to twelve months before the wedding day.
  6. 6. Wedding Invitations • Wedding invitations, with their many rules of etiquette and endless options, can easily overwhelm the happy couple. • Fortunately, informational websites and online tutorials, as well as wedding publications, can answer questions on wedding invitations. • Rigid formalities and traditions no longer restrict couples during the selection process. • Brides and grooms can choose any color, style, lay out and any personal touches that they’d like to create a unique and special invitation for their big day.
  7. 7. Response Cards • Leaving room for guest comments on the response cards allows attendees to share heartfelt sentiment. • Matching response cards add to the coordinated look of the printed wedding materials. • Response cards were not traditionally mailed with wedding invitations. • However, gauging an accurate headcount makes them a critical tool in successfully managing the elements in the big day. • Discreetly number the guest list on the back of each response card to keep an accurate tally of guests even when they do not write their name on the RSVP.
  8. 8. Reception Cards • Due to the exorbitant expense of wedding receptions, it is becoming more acceptable invite certain guests to the ceremony only. • Formal, sit down dinner receptions including everyone at the ceremony can prove cost prohibitive for young couples. • Reception cards should be added in front of the ceremony invitation for guests invited to both aspects of the wedding. • Reception cards can also provide details and directions of venue for guests unacquainted with the destination.
  9. 9. Bridal Shower And Bachelorette Invites • Bridal shower invitations can reflect the same motif and color scheme as the wedding itself. • Bachelorette parties offer a different take on today’s bridal showers and can range from classy to sassy. • The bachelorette party invitation lists all the details of the event and sets the tone for a girls night out. • Today’s bridal showers can include both male and female guests and the invitations should reflect that.
  10. 10. ThankYou Cards • Thank you cards are a social formality required to show gratitude for everyone who participated in the big day. • Thank you cards should be sent to everyone who gave a gift or anyone who helped make the day a success, including vendors, friends, loved ones and parents. • All thank you cards should include a personal note of appreciation.
  11. 11. The Special Day • A wedding day offers a bride and groom the opportunity to create a one of a kind event. • Customizing wedding invitations, save the date cards and thank you notes help reflect the personality of the happy couple. • Working with a reputable online printing resource for all printed materials can save a significant amount of time, ensure consistency of design and theme and help make the big day a huge success.
  12. 12. Presented By: Pear Tree Greetings provides easy to use and affordable online services for creating unique photo birth announcements, custom made baby shower invitations, holiday cards, and other photo greeting cards.