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European company founded in 1999, QuesCom designs enhanced telephony solutions focusing on the fixed mobile convergence for enterprises and service providers. Natively ready for Voice over IP, QuesCom solutions leverage the current telecommunication system. www.quescom.com

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Ques Com Corporate Presentation En0112

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation
  2. 2. Mission statement!   QuesCom is a leading technology vendor of innovative FMC VoIP telecom appliances providing: !   Seamless convergence for enterprise networks !   Unique mobility experience !   Fast ROI Through Least-Cost call termination
  3. 3. QuesCom organisation!   Created in 1999!   Head Quarter in “French Silicon Valley” – Sophia Antipolis!   Offices in Paris, Belgrade, Johannesburg, Dublin!   35 people
  4. 4. Marketing Message
  5. 5. One Number for Voice and Fax!   Expected benefits !   Use same phone number to receive calls and fax !   Save on DDIs subscriptions !   Save on hardware (fax, paper, ink, maintenance) !   Independent from PBX and email server !   Personal fax inbox accessible by email
  6. 6. One Number for Voice and Fax!   Nouvelles Frontières Travel agency!   Application Receives order confirmation from travellers!   Goal Reduce paper, ink costs Reduce ecological impact!   Benefits Eliminate cost of fax machines and maintenance 3 000 fax per week 30 kg of paper saved per day ROI estimated 90 days
  7. 7. One Number for Voice and Fax!   ORALIA Real estate agency (100 locations)!   Application Fax and VoIP inter-sites Fixed to mobile cost savings!   Goal Savings!   Benefits 20 QuesCom equipments estimated ROI 2 month
  8. 8. One Number for Mobility and Convergence!   Expected benefits !   Answer calls from any device (fixed, mobile) Seamless mobility for the user !   Use a Mobile phone as a DECT phone Avoid costly DECT deployment. Use mobile phone !   Dual Mode Telephony To reduce costs call costs VCC from GSM to WiFi & vice versa !   Save on call costs (roaming killer) Reduce roaming costs by 50 to 90 % !   Activate corporate features on a mobile phone Use your mobile phone like a corporate phone anywhere in the world
  9. 9. One Number for Mobility and Convergence!   Condat Coated paper manufacture with large warehouse!   Application Use mobile phone as DECT phone!   Goal Reduce production downtime through reachability!   Benefits 1 hour downtime = 6 000 € loss Capex and Opex 1/10th of equivalent DECT
  10. 10. One Number for Mobility and Convergence!   City of Billund (DK)!   Application Mobility for all city hall civil servants!   Goal More than DECT replacement Fixed to mobile convergence!   Benefits 300 deployed of planned 1400 mobile users free calls from mobile to mobile incl. a fixed one number
  11. 11. One Number for Mobility and ConvergenceIntegration of Mobile Gateway features GSMwith Asterisk IP PBX VoIP Targeted to: GATEWAY + IP PBX•  Temporarylocations•  Places with low SIPquality fixed lines•  Backup system IP Phones
  12. 12. One Number for Savings and Control!   Expected benefits !   Save on fixed to mobile calls !   Benefit from the best price FOR each call !   Get rid of roaming costs !   Analyse your telecom flow for better control
  13. 13. One Number for Savings and Control!   Caisse d’Epargne Luxembourg!   Application Fixed to mobile savings: 80 sites with QuesCom gateways!   Benefits ROI 3 months!   Itaù, second largest Bank in Brazil!   Application Fixed to mobile savings: 120 QuesCom gateways!   Benefits ROI 6 months
  14. 14. Installed base (Call Centers)
  15. 15. Flexible, Scalable and Secure 3. SIM4. Local Gateway GSM Repository PSTNRemote Site 1 iPBX CLOUD 2. SIM Server WAN Central site4. Local Gateway UMTS 1. Qasaar Remote Site 2 Over the Cloud Application Server Remote Management
  16. 16. Channel strategy Targeting enterprises via 2 channels SERVICE PROVIDERS 2 TIER DISTRIBUTION & OPERATORS ENTERPRISESSell a product Sell a service
  17. 17. QuesCom Certified by main vendors
  18. 18. 2 tier distribution - Distributors!   EMEA distributor!   Dedicated partners
  19. 19. Integrators
  20. 20. Service Providers and operators