Peak Performance - Food Fitness Feelings


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Peak Performance - Food Fitness Feelings

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Peak Performance - Food Fitness Feelings

  1. 1. Would you say that you are you happy with your body andwouldn’t change a thing about it?
  2. 2. Do you have long-lasting energy and can tackle anything thatcomes your way with enthusiasm and vigor?
  3. 3. Have you embraced themany signs of aging with joy?
  4. 4. Unfortunately, our guess is that 100%of women are unsatisfied with theirbody, energy levels, health, and just want more out of life.
  5. 5. Have you tried and failed at so manydifferent fad diets,Dr. Oz remedies, or boot camps thatyou have come to accept the factthat you will neverget control of your health and weight?
  6. 6. Our nations health is decreasing and our weight is increasing. Did you know….#1 killer of both men andwomen in the U.S. is heart disease
  7. 7. More deaths due to heart disease for women thenALL cancer deaths added together
  8. 8. 2 out of every 3 Americans are overweight or obese
  9. 9. Due to obesity, there is aconcern that our children’sgeneration will NOT outlive their parent’s generation
  10. 10. The average American iscarrying around an extra 5-25 pounds of waste in their colon
  11. 11. The average Americanconsumes an astounding2-3 pounds of sugar each week
  12. 12. 80% of health is what YOU put in your mouth! This is both the bad and the good!
  13. 13. Additionally,Heart disease, high bloodpressure, stroke, and some cancers are related to what we eat.
  14. 14. Sadly, many Americans also suffer from a variety ofsymptoms that make daily life difficult
  15. 15. Think about all the TV commercials you see about prescription drugsrelated to a lot of these symptoms.Are we really cured by taking these drugs?
  16. 16. Did you know that in 2010, the United States spent $2.6 trillion on healthcare? That’s over $8,000 per American! Yet, despite all this spending, we are still tired, fat, sick, and dying. The money we are spending on “magic” weight loss pills and prescription drugs is merely masking the symptoms of illness instead of actually curing us. Our environment and the food we eat have changed dramatically over time. Everything is much more toxic now. The world we live in is full of toxins including pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals in food, antibiotics and hormones in meat, chemicals and pollution in the air, chloride in drinking water…
  17. 17. Our Toxic WorldThe changes in our environment have occurred so recently that ourbodies have yet been able to adapt. Our bodies cannot process allthese toxins and it is seen through a variety of health complications.
  18. 18. Heart CancerDisease Chronic Digestive Fatigue Problems Premature Diabetes AgingWeight-loss CandidaResistance Overgrowth Hormonal Obesity Imbalances
  19. 19. As a natural defense mechanism, toxins are pulled away from the vital organs and are stored in body fat. This is why so many people carry unwanted body fat even if they are reducing caloric intake and increasing exercise. Toxic buildup = Stored body fat in stomach, hips, and thighs
  20. 20. It might be helpful to consider the analogy of a bathtub. Just like water fills up a tub through the faucet, toxins fill up our bodies by the air we breathe, the things we touch, and the foods we eat. In a bathtub, if the watercomes in at a faster rate than the water goes out throughthe drain, the water level risesand might even spill over the top. Full tub = Toxic overload Toxins are also stored in the thyroid, brain, central nervous system, and liver. Your liver is your key detoxifier and fat burning organ. If your body is over- burdened with toxins, then your liver’s ability to cleanse slows down. When your liver slows down, so does your metabolism. Every system in your body is compromised if your liver is not functioning properly.
  21. 21. Additionally, your body is basically like a little chemistry lab. The food that you eat either produces an acid ash or an alkaline ash in your body. Take a look at the chart, if your diet consists of mostly acidic foods, then the environment in your stomach will be acidic. Processed foods, sugars, and animal products create acidity.Fat and diseases live in an overly Vegetables, plant based foods, and green acidic environment tea creates alkalinity.
  22. 22. In addition, all foods that you eat either gives your body vitamins andminerals as it’s digested or strips your body of vitamins and minerals as it is digested. When you shift your eating to a more plant based diet (alkaline), your body produces less acid ash and it is able to retain essential minerals. Your body can then flush fat FAST when it is more alkaline.
  23. 23. Once toxins are removed, the drain still needs to be cleaned and the tub scrubbed!Eating whole foods gives your body a rest from digesting the processed foods commonly found in typical Western diets. Our bodies were not designed to consume these highly processed and addictive foods. By not eating allergenic foods such as dairy, wheat and soy, you keep your body from producing its own toxic response to those foods, and your overall toxic load will fall.Just like a tub, the water level will fall because it can go down the drain. Just as important as turning down your toxic load, you should also “scrub thetub” of all the residue left behind so toxins can be eliminated more efficiently.A gentle and internal body cleanse is needed for optimal health and wellness
  24. 24. What do you think? How do you feel?Do you need to cleanse?! !
  25. 25. Are you exposed to any of the following:•  Second-hand smoke •  Dry cleaned clothing•  Vehicle fumes •  Photocopier smoke•  Mildew •  Garden pesticides•  Household cleaners •  Mold•  Smog •  Electrical devices•  Paint fumes •  Pollution•  Fertilizers •  Heavy metals•  Dust •  Animal dander
  26. 26. Do you experience any of the following symptoms? •  Fatigue •  Weight gain •  Low energy levels •  Difficulty losing weight •  Lack of concentration •  Indigestion •  Poor memory •  Acid reflux •  Food/sugar cravings •  Frequent headaches •  Food allergies •  Recurring yeast infections •  Bloating •  Jock itch •  Gas •  Foot fungus •  Arthritic aches and pains •  Bad breath •  Depression •  Excessive body odor •  Mood swings •  Skin problemsIf you experience three or more of these symptoms then it may be time for a much needed cleanse
  27. 27. Are you ready to look and feel your best? We want to help you!!
  28. 28. Our unique F3 program will help you master your food, fitness and feelings. You will learn how to position yourself for peak performance when addressing these 3 critical elements.Food: 30-day program of clean eatingFitness: Tips and advice on what exerciseor physical activity is best for youFeelings: Transform bad habits to goodhabits that stick!
  29. 29. Master your Food 6 “Keys”1. Avoid processed, harmful and addictivefoods and beverages2. Eat whole foods, especially vegetables3. Build meals that balance hormones andcontrols cravings Healthy4. Eat every 4-6 hours Fat Portion Plate 7%5. Drink lots of water Starchy Carbs 11%6. No eating after 7 pm Protein Low- Carb 21% Veggies 61%
  30. 30. Master your Fitness Movement is Key!  You do not have to exercise to get good results on this program, but it helps you stay focused and reclaim your vitality! It will help oxygenate you blood and boost your energy!!  Start with what you like. You should enjoy exercise, not dread it.!  Movement, in any form, should be your goal.!  Please contact us if you would like a body assessment and additional exercise recommendations from a Certified Personal Trainer.
  31. 31. Master your Feelings!  Find your motivation and set goals!  Overcome self-limiting beliefs!  Break old habits and develop new habits!  Get self-control and power over your body and actions!  Develop a healthy relationship with food
  32. 32. How we can support you 30 day Cleanse Program:!  Complete “How to Start” program guide!  30 day Cleanse Cookbook!  6 weekly conference calls to help you stay on track!  Optional one-on-one coaching to hold you accountable and help you stay focused!  Corporate/business training program to take to employees
  33. 33. Contact us if you would like to sign up for the F3: 30 Day Cleanse program or would like more information Annette White-Klososky Rachel Seat**Medical Disclaimer: The information contained in this presentation is solely forthe informational purposes so that you may learn more about the subject.!Nothing contained in this presentation is intended to constitute, nor should it beconsidered, medical advice or to serve as a substitute for the advice of aphysician or other qualified health care provider. Always consult your doctor orphysician before you begin any diet or weight loss program.