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  • Source: Searchengineland.com 11, 2011
  • Easy and powerful customizable reports. Create your own reports with drag and drop metrics like Visit and Bounce rate, dimensions such as City, and sub-dimensions like Source, Ad group or Keyword. Reports are tailored to your specifications; the tool is intuitive, so the learning curve is mild. Privileges such as deny, read-only, and Administrator, can be configured for all users.The Navigation Summary, located in the Content section, covers a lot of information. It yields details of page views such as how the user got there, where they went, and all the details of browsing behaviors in between.Emailed reports. Analytics can send activity reports, in one of five formats, to your inbox on a regular basis.Goals and Funnels are arguably difficult to set up, but keeping acute track of goals like newsletter subscriptions and sales allows you to see the big picture more clearly. A small army of data points make up the big picture, so you can see all the details at will. The first link in the reference section of this article leads to the Google Analytics support page for Goals and Funnels.Track downloaded documents and links. A tiny bit of JavaScript code added to a certain link can tell Google to track when someone clicks on it. This works no matter if the link is to an Excel document, external link or email address.Domain filtering is a guardian that should not be neglected. Pretend your Analytics code is also on a different site, mingling with irrelevant data. That specific domain can be filtered to no longer count the questionable site.Exporting to Excel is a nice time saver. There is no need to copy and paste data from Analytics to Excel files. Excel can open CSV files, a format that reports can export to.Filter out your static IP so Google does not include outbound employee traffic. Filtering out others who frequent your site, like an SEO company, is also good practice.In-house search statistics. This feature tells you what page users are on when they use your search box, and which page they selected from the results listing. Passing a search variable through the URL achieves this.The eCommerce feature can contribute significantly to site monitoring efforts. It tracks a swarm of changing metrics over time, allowing you to see which kind of post generates the most revenue per view, and the average income per page (or page group) visit.Geographical data. You can see how visitor count increases and decreases over time based on visitor geography. This can be helpful for narrowing how to remedy dwindling numbers in a certain demographic.A relatively new, and handy, feature of Google Analytics is the ability to not just view data within a specific date range, but to compare any date ranges.Absolute integration with AdWords. Google Analytics yields data on campaigns, groups and keywords. Each area shows costs, conversions, number of displays, clicks, and the result. It recalculates profit margin with each sale.What keywords were used to find me? Google Analytics answers this important question so you can tailor keywords and content to your audience more effectively.Viewing deeper into site referrals. The number of links is nice to know, but Analytics also tells you the quality of the traffic, which is at least as important as count.Being able to cater to browsers based on their capabilities. With the Goals and Funnels feature, Analytics matches page elements that visitors experience against your goal of how well different browsers should be able to experience your site. It also helps to know the speed of the connections that customers use; this allows you to fine tune your website even more.How many visitors become customers? The Visitor Loyalty feature separates unique visitors from those who return, and tells you when and how often returning customers visit.How do different kinds of visitors use your site? The Visitor Type Contribution tells you how many page views visitors initiate, how long they have been on your site, and how often they bounce, among other measurements.Look at traffic from other search engines with a search engine traffic report. Click Traffic Sources, then Search Engines. If you get significantly more hits from Yahoo or another search engine, focus your content and other SEO efforts on obtaining even more traffic from them.You can view exit pages as a function of time, noting any changes. This is another consideration with regards to SEO; altering or adding to the content with material that draws attention is a top priority.In the event the day comes when you have to pay ISPs a fee for the privilege of delivering content to the masses, Google Analytics keeps you up to date with a list of providers just in case.
  • Sources:Amazing Local Search Statistics, Are You Getting Your Fair Share? – July 2010Further 52% report that they have regularly substituted the yellow pages with search engines
  • Time: 3:45 (video length is 3:15, 20 seconds of explanation)Video explanation: This video was created by Google explaining how “search” on Google works. It really lays some of the groundwork for what we’ll be talking about moving forwardSource:
  • Time: 1:00Key Points: Explain that SEO is essentially building and designing websites in a way that gets them recognized by the main search engines as the best, most relevant information for the keywords typed into the search. It is competitive and takes some work, but coming up high on the results page is not a result of paying Google, it comes from building the best site.Links to articles/studies
  • Time: 1:00Key Points: Traditional SEO is expensive. Businesses will pay top dollar to SEO firms because they know by obtaining a top spot in search engines will result in new customers and new business. In fact it is considered the Online Marketing tactic with the highest return on investmentQuickly mention that we’ll let them in on a way to get SEO at a fraction of this price point later in the presentation.(I don’t want to get tripped up here at all, just convey that SEO isn’t cheap thus establishing a high price anchor in the mind of the advertiser when we talk about our pricing.)
  • Time: 0:45Content must reflect the keywords. If we are going to use a keyword, it must be found in the site. The more info we can include the better, Pictures and Videos help engage the customer and are thus seen by the search engines as viable means of communicating information. Fresh and consistent content. I can’t tell you how many times I see businesses that build their website and think they are done. Sadly that isn’t the case. Search engines like it when you update this information regularly. It is signal that your site is better because you are providing current and relevant information to users.
  • Time: 1:00Does that make sense? Take the paper for example. If had a link from their site to (Local, do you think search engines would think (Local had great information worth considering? Of course. Same thing with your websites. If you had a link to your website from the voice of the community, it will make your website look better in the eyes of the search engines.
  • Time: 1:00Inbound links are also known as backlinks, but that term is a bit more confusing so we’ll stick with inbound links. A critical factor of making your website look good In the eyes of the search engines is to get other websites to provide a link to your page. It looks even better when this link is coming from a prominent website that gets a lot of traffic and is seen as great source of information on the Web. The easiest way to understand what an inbound link can do for you is to think of it as a testimonial
  • Time: 0:45Key Points – How many of you have a Facebook page set up for your business?Facebook is the king of social media. If it were a country it would be the 3rd largest country in the world. Here are a couple statistics about how many users there are and what they do.More than 30 billion web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc. are shared each month
  • Time: 0:45Key Points – I think these demographics are actually quite interesting. Facebook isn’t just for high school and college kids. Animation click – 61% of users are age 26-65. I’m guessing that is also the demographic of your buyers. The point is your business needs to be on Facebook
  • Time: 0:30Key Points – Briefly cover how many users and key in on the # of business recommendations per month and how many people follow a business to find out about the company’s news
  • Time: 0:45Key Points – people absolutely love to consume video. I would recommend setting up a YouTube account for your business where you can post all your videos. It is also of great import to include video on your website. Not a lot of people will seek you out on YouTube unless you create an incredible creative video that goes viral, but you want people to be able to watch videos about your business when they find your site. It helps with conversion and credibility
  • Time: 0:20Key Point – People are pulling out their smartphones and looking for solutions to their needs because they can
  • Time: 0:45Key Points – The majority of websites do not have a mobile version for people to use when accessing the site from a mobile device. This can be annoying for users. By having a mobile optimized version of you information, you’ll be able to give people what they are looking for in a much more user-friendly way
  • Time: 2:00Key Points – Must get found – in really is important that you establish a web presence in a way that allows you to be easily found when someone is searching for your keywords. We’ve talked about several ways to do this tonight. I just want to stress people are looking for youStreamline Social Media – It isn’t going away so you’ve got to participate, but you can’t let it run your life. You need tools to streamline that approach. To save time you need to be able to manage your reputation across multiple sites in one place and also be able to post your content to several social media sites simultaneouslyBuying Content – What I mean by that it to put the information on your site that buyers want and need to make that purchase. Use content that converts such as Testimonials, coupons, videos, and picturesThink Long Term – This is a marathon not a sprint. The Internet isn’t going anywhere and you never know when someone will search you out. But if you try it for a week and don’t get a ton of leads, it isn’t indicative of what will likely occur over the long haulStay Involved – At a bare minimum you should stay on top of what your saying online. Business and markets evolve over time so you need to adapt. It isn’t something you can foget about. Granted it should take less time once you are established, but you should review what is on your website at least quarterly, preferably monthly.
  • Time 1:00Key Points – As we’ve mentioned, the Paper can’t be successful unless the businesses in this market are successful. We really have a vested interest in this economy. Because of that we want to provide the best tools we can to local advertisers so we have developed our website to do just that.Talk a little bit about the traffic to the site and any site highlights, and as you wrap things up, introduce Matchbin by going to the next slide
  • Time 1:45Key Points - The paper has partnered with Matchbin because it really is an industry leader in providing technologies to help media companies go online and provide digital solutions to advertisers in their market.Go over some of the stats about how many partners there areThe reason this is important is because Matchbin develops the technology for 100’s of papers throughout the country. You really are getting a lot of support. We are going to talk about one of those technologies briefly here in just a second, but it is important to you because you get local support here from the paper, but you are back with a national firm committed to staying on top of all the technological innovations in the marketplace
  • Time 3:00Key Points – One thing the paper offers on a local level to help businesses become more visible online is what is called a Platinum Plus micro-site. This is a website designed with search engine optimization in mind. The information and the coding is put in the right place so search engines can easily index these sites. They include a functional domain name, and other features such as Unlimited pictures and video, testimonials, digital coupons, and blogging.
  • Time: 2:00Key Points – Explain how the Fan Builder works, You can see how many followers you have on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn. It allows you to monitor your reputation on all of those sites, and it also allows you to post new information to all those sites right from your Platinum Micro-siteIn addition, the Platinum Plus is a mobile optimized site so when somebody pulls it up on their phone, they will be able to view the info properly.
  • Time: 0:45This really is about helping lots of people find your business by whichever way they prefer to seek you out.At this point we’ll go back to the Ad Director or the rep to wrap things up and set up appointments. After that occurs we’ll advance the slide and take some Q&A for those that want to stay.
  • Matchbin Group Presentation 05.20.2011

    1. 1. Online Marketing“Come on, everyone is doing it…”<br />Presented by Jason Smith<br />
    2. 2. Today…<br />Experience<br />Educate <br />Inspire<br />Partner<br />Let’s get started<br />THANK YOU<br />
    3. 3.<br /><ul><li>3rd Party Tutorials
    4. 4. 600+ Educational Videos about Internet
    5. 5. Updated Regularly
    6. 6. Free</li></ul><br />
    7. 7. Who is using the Internet?<br />
    8. 8. The Big 3!<br /><ul><li>Bing powers Yahoo search content
    9. 9. Combined make up 30% of usage
    10. 10. Are they all the same?</li></ul><br />May 11, 2011<br />
    11. 11. Paid Results<br />Organic Results<br />Map<br /> (Google Places)<br />
    12. 12. Monopoly<br />Paid Results<br />Organic Results<br />Map<br /> (Google Places)<br />
    13. 13. Paid Results<br />Map<br />Organic Results<br />
    14. 14. Paid Results<br />Map<br />Organic Results<br />
    15. 15. Paid Advertising<br /><ul><li>Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the hosting service when the ad is clicked. </li></ul>It’s a great way to OWN a corner of the Search block!<br /><br />
    16. 16. Text vs. Display<br /><ul><li>Text = Targeted Marketing
    17. 17. Display = Branding
    18. 18. Big 3
    19. 19. Google AdWords
    20. 20. Yahoo! Search Marketing
    21. 21. Microsoft adCenter</li></li></ul><li>Use Keywords in Your Ad<br />Golf Courses San Francisco<br />Dentist Boise ID<br /><ul><li>Supermarket Approach
    22. 22. Quality Score</li></li></ul><li>Google Keyword Tool<br /><ul><li>Check Keywords Carefully
    23. 23. Search Volume Myth
    24. 24. Word vs. Phrase</li></li></ul><li>Landing Pages<br />Best Buy Homepage<br />3D TV Page<br />
    25. 25. Landing Pages<br />
    26. 26. PPC Best Practices<br />Organize your campaign by theme<br /><ul><li>Multiple Products?
    27. 27. Seasonal Items?
    28. 28. Specials vs. Branding</li></ul>Winter<br />A/C<br />Summer<br />Heating<br />Water Heater<br />
    29. 29. Track Your Results<br />Geographical Data<br />Conversion<br />Bounce Rate<br />Referrals<br />
    30. 30. Banner Advertising<br />
    31. 31. Banner Advertising<br /><ul><li>Stretches your advertising budget
    32. 32. Generates highly qualified sales leads
    33. 33. Establishes your name and brand in the mind of the consumer</li></ul>QUALIFIED LEADS…..LOW COST!!! <br />
    34. 34.<br />
    35. 35. <ul><li>
    36. 36. Complete all 20 Fields
    37. 37. Always use the same formatting for Address & Phone #
    38. 38. Focused Content & Keywords
    39. 39. Pictures & Video</li></li></ul><li><br />
    40. 40.<br />
    41. 41. Google<br />Facebook<br />YouTube<br />Yahoo!<br /><br /><br />Wikipedia<br />Windows Live<br />Twitter<br /> May 2011<br />
    42. 42. Wikipedia:<br />
    43. 43. Consider This:<br /><ul><li>According to Google, 73% of all searches are related to local content in one way or another
    44. 44. For every dollar spent on the Internet, 5 are spent offline on products and services that were influenced by online research - MIT Technology Review
    45. 45. ComScore states that 43% of Internet users are searching for local merchants when considering making a purchase
    46. 46. 91% of U.S. Internet users do comparison shopping and research online and of that group 51% explicitly characterize themselves as “shop online, purchase offline”</li></ul><br />
    47. 47. Monthly Local Searches:<br />ComScore<br />
    48. 48. How Search Works<br />Source:<br />
    49. 49. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)<br />SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results – Wikipedia<br />This is all based on Keywords and Phrases<br />
    50. 50. What makes SEO work?<br />Credible Inbound Links<br />Keywords & Phrases<br />Functional Domain Name<br />Page Content<br />Website Traffic<br />
    51. 51. Cost of SEO?<br /> reports “a 12-month SEO Strategy can cost anywhere from $12K to $100K based on the target geographical location”<br />Why?<br /><ul><li> #1 Online Marketing Tactic
    52. 52. High Return On Investment (ROI)
    53. 53. Inbound links are hard to get
    54. 54. Search is always evolving</li></ul><br /><br />
    55. 55. Keywords<br />Keywords allow Search Engines to identify the most important content within a website<br />Foundation of SEO in website code:<br /><ul><li>Title Tags
    56. 56. Description Tags
    57. 57. Keyword Tags</li></ul>Title Tag<br />DescriptionTag<br />
    58. 58. Domain Names<br />Think like a computer – Include Keywords!<br />Effective Domain Names<br /><br /><br /><br />Ineffective Domain Names<br /><br /><br /><br />
    59. 59. Traffic<br />The more visitors you have to your website, the higher it ranks<br />
    60. 60. Content<br /><ul><li>Must reflect the Keywords you want found
    61. 61. Sufficient Quantity to show search engines your site is credible
    62. 62. Pictures and Videos show variety and credibility
    63. 63. Fresh and consistent content greatly improves SEO</li></li></ul><li>Inbound Link = Testimonial<br />In the most simple sense, an inbound link indicates who is paying attention to that page<br /><br />
    64. 64. Credible Inbound Links<br /><ul><li>Inbound Links are links pointing to your web site, coming from other websites
    65. 65. All inbound links are not created equal
    66. 66. Some links are more valuable than others based on the PageRank of the website the link comes from</li></ul>Are all links the same?<br />
    67. 67. Directories Influence SEO<br />The more your business shows up in online business directories, the more relevant your business is for Google, Yahoo, and Bing search<br />
    68. 68. Business Directories<br />
    69. 69. SOCIAL MEDIA…<br />Blah!<br />Blah!<br />Blah!<br />
    70. 70. <ul><li>Over 600 million active users
    71. 71. 50% of active users log on every day
    72. 72. Average user has 130 friends
    73. 73. Average user is connected to 80 pages, groups and events
    74. 74. Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month
    75. 75.
    76. 76.</li></li></ul><li>155,200,000 Facebook Users in the United States<br /> 50% of U.S. Population on Facebook<br /><ul><li>
    77. 77.</li></li></ul><li>55% of users are 26-65<br /><br />
    78. 78. <ul><li>Twitter is a website, enabling its users to send and read messages called tweets
    79. 79. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the user's profile page
    80. 80. Tweets are publicly visible by default
    81. 81. Users may subscribe to other users' tweets—this is known as following and subscribers are known as followers</li></ul>“GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS THE BIRD!”<br />"There's a List for That". October 30, 2009. Retrieved February 1, 2010.[7]<br />
    82. 82. <ul><li>155 Million ‘Tweets’ per day
    83. 83. 200 Million Registered Users
    84. 84. 58% Make over $60K
    85. 85. 38% are 35 or older
    86. 86. 31% of users follow a business
    87. 87. 7,800,000 + Business Recommendations per month
    88. 88. August 2010
    89. 89.
    90. 90.
    91. 91.</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site mainly used for professional networking
    92. 92. 21.4 million monthly unique U.S. visitors and 47.6 million globally - Quantcast
    93. 93. Over 100 million registered users</li></ul><br />May, 2011<br />
    94. 94. <ul><li>143 million users in the United States
    95. 95. Online Video Consumption in United States
    96. 96. Average of 14.8 hours watched per viewer in February 2011
    97. 97. Total U.S. viewing sessions exceeded 5.7 Billion in March 2011
    98. 98. 174 Million viewers of online video in U.S.</li></ul>But I don’t have a video<br />Video’s with massive views create traffic!<br />Do you have a YouTube Channel for your business???<br /> - April 2011<br />
    99. 99. Will It Blend?<br />Over 11 Million Views!<br /><br />
    100. 100. Viral Marketing<br />Today’s Word of Mouth<br />The goal is to create messages so funny or interesting they will voluntarily spread these communications with others<br />
    101. 101. THE NEW ANDROID PHONE<br />
    102. 102. Smartphones<br />15% Quarterly growth rate in Smartphone Usage Q1 2011<br />72.5 Million Smartphone Users in U.S.<br /><br />
    103. 103. Smartphones<br />ComScore<br />TechCrunch 2011<br />
    104. 104. Smartphones<br /><ul><li>WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Enabled Website: A different version of the site designed specifically for mobile devices</li></ul>Only 4% of websites are Mobile Ready, Is Yours?!?<br />
    105. 105. Strategic Approach<br /><ul><li>You Must Get Found
    106. 106. Streamline Social Media
    107. 107. Testimonials, Coupons, Video & Pictures
    108. 108. Think Long Term
    109. 109. Stay Involved
    110. 110. Track Your Results</li></li></ul><li>Partner with DP<br /><ul><li>Simple online solution
    111. 111. Cost effective
    112. 112. Results</li></li></ul><li>Daily Press & Matchbin<br />Matchbin Digital Network<br />900+ Local & National Media Partners (Newspaper, TV, Radio, Niche Publication)<br /> 6.2 million unique users per month<br /> 80 million page views per month<br /> Local dynamic content<br />Local Support backed by a Nationwide Firm<br />
    113. 113. Ultimate Optimization Tool<br />Personal Platinum<br />Keyword Optimized<br />Unlimited Video & Pictures<br />Functional Domain Name<br />Helps Optimize Existing Website<br />Up to 7 Pages of Content<br />Customer Testimonials<br />Social Media Management<br />Online Coupons<br />Blogging<br />Mobile Optimized<br />Easy Updates & Changes<br />
    114. 114. Mobile Ready!<br />-Site to Text<br />-Full blown interactive App<br /> ?<br />Free to $30,000!<br />
    115. 115. Social Media!<br />
    116. 116. Tracking!<br />
    117. 117. Other features!<br />
    118. 118. Network links!<br />
    119. 119. Multiple Channels to Your Business<br />
    120. 120. Local Example<br />
    121. 121. Another Website?<br /><ul><li>Multiple Website Strategy
    122. 122. Helps Improve Ranking of existing site
    123. 123. Push your competition down the list</li></li></ul><li>Pay Per Click<br /><ul><li> Full Reporting
    124. 124. Call Tracking
    125. 125. Multiple Search Engines</li></li></ul><li>Banner Advertising<br /><ul><li> Affluent Audience
    126. 126. Complete Reporting
    127. 127. Geo / Section Targeting</li></li></ul><li>Option # 1<br /> PERSONALIZED PLATINUM PACKAGE <br /> <br />Features Include:<br /> <br /><ul><li>7-page website with Search Engine Optimization, professionally managed for optimum results.
    128. 128. Call Tracking with playback option
    129. 129. Unique URL at no extra charge
    130. 130. Photo gallery, video and slideshow
    131. 131. Add social media links and RSS feed
    132. 132. Contact info, map & driving directions
    133. 133. Full blogging capabilities
    134. 134. Testimonials, reviews and ratings
    135. 135. Upload coupons, menus and product lists
    136. 136. Your direct link to our newspaper website’s business directory will turbo-boost your search engine rankings (spiders love us!)</li></ul>PLUS: Free business spotlight story in the Daily Press after 3 months’ paid advertising.<br /> <br />ONLY $299 PER MONTH <br />
    137. 137. Option # 2<br />PERSONAL PLATINUM with PAY-PER-CLICK <br />Features Include:<br /><ul><li>7-page website with Search Engine Optimization, professionally managed for optimum results.
    138. 138. Call Tracking with playback option
    139. 139. Unique URL at no extra charge
    140. 140. Photo, video and slideshow gallery
    141. 141. Add social media links and RSS feed
    142. 142. Contact info, map & driving directions
    143. 143. Full blogging capabilities
    144. 144. Testimonials, reviews and ratings
    145. 145. Upload coupons, menus and product lists
    146. 146. Your direct link to newspaper website’s business directory will turbo-boost your search engine rankings (spiders love us!)
    147. 147. $300 monthly Pay-Per-Click campaign</li></ul>$$Discounted<br />PLUS: Free business spotlight story in the Daily Press after 3 months’ paid advertising.<br /> <br />ONLY $499 PER MONTH <br />Reg. $599 per month<br />Min. 3-month agreement required to activate services. <br />Requires $100 initial set-up fee. <br />
    148. 148. Option # 3<br /><ul><li>7-page website with Search Engine Optimization, professionally managed for optimum results.
    149. 149. Your direct link to newspaper website’s business directory will turbo-boost your search engine rankings (spiders love us!)
    150. 150. Your own 800 number that will redirect to your local number – includes call tracking with playback option.
    151. 151. $300 in monthly Pay-Per-Click advertising
    152. 152. 40,000 Banner Ads monthly on that will link back to your website.</li></ul>$$Free<br />FREE business spotlight story in the Daily Press after 3 months’ paid advertising. <br />ONLY $799 PER MONTH <br />Reg. $999 per month<br />Best Value<br />$$Discounted<br />