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Self evaluation June 2012


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This is the Self evaluation document for you to download.

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Self evaluation June 2012

  1. 1. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSESelf-EvaluationChart: Name________________________Based on the activity you performed on June 26th you will critically evaluateyour performance based on the guidelines of the activity, theoretical input fromthe recommended bibliography. Use your notes, guidelines, and readingsProfessional Issue What Went What needs What will How will well: reflection & you do you do Evidence improvement different it? Evidence next time?Theoretical input:How familiar was Iwiththeprinciples found inthe ELT readings? Howdid I interact with thekey definitions beforethe practical activity?Planning: Qs youasked yourself duringthe planning stage:The following of LPdesigned; the learningaim;Task design (was it forthe level of learnersrequired?)The structure ofthe Lesson:opening, pacing,closure-Use of guidelines-Material &resourcesusedHow familiar was I withthe listening material?Which was the criteriato select it? How wasthe quality? Was itengaging? Updated?Challenging? How manytimes have I used itpreviously to check thatit could work?Did I have a Plan B’ DidI use it?The CommunicativeCompetence:linguistic,
  2. 2. sociolinguistic,pragmaticSkills Activated(¿Were the L´s ready tolisten, and produce oraloutput? What specificpre listening strategiesWere activated?EngageStudyActivate(Harmer);were these 3 stagestaken into account?ClassroomManagement:creativity, voiceprojection, eye contact,giving instructions, beingconfident,givingfeedback