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Payza Fraud in the Decline


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A presentation about how the e-commerce and online finance industries are working together to track down fraudsters. Look at the presentation to find out about the Payza fraud prevention team and how they’ve collaborated with law enforcement.

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Payza Fraud in the Decline

  1. 1. E-Commerce Industry Takes a Stand Payza Fraud on the Decline By Payza – Online Payment Processor
  2. 2. Content at a Glance  Current State of Online Fraud  Payza Fraud Prevention Team  E-commerce – At The Forefront of Technological Development  Decline of Cybercrime  Payza Fraud Prevention Promise  Online Payment Safe and Secure  Resource
  3. 3. Current State of Online Fraud
  4. 4. Current State of Online Fraud Online fraud has had a hard year. With industry professionals on their side, law enforcement officials have recently tracked down and dismantled some of the largest fraud rings and botnets in the world. Due to technological advances and an increase in collaborative international efforts, the industry has made a concerted effort to identify those responsible for cybercrime and punish them to the full extent of the law.
  5. 5. Payza Fraud Prevention Team
  6. 6. Payza Fraud Prevention Team Payza, a leading global e-commerce platform, has been working with law enforcement officials to pinpoint fraud rings and shut them down. The Payza Fraud Prevention Team uses top-of-theline, proprietary technologies to monitor all transactions through their system and pinpoint fraudulent activity. This young company has made great strides toward becoming the most secure payment service provider and eliminated Payza fraud for good.
  7. 7. E-Commerce – At The Forefront of Technological Development
  8. 8. E-Commerce at the Forefront of Technological Development E-commerce is an industry at the forefront of technological development and cybercriminals are a reality. In the past, it was often accepted as a fact that losses incurred due to cybercrime were just one of the costs of doing business. When a customer is defrauded through no fault of their own, it is the business that suffers the financial damages of the fraudulent transaction.
  9. 9. Decline of Cybercrime
  10. 10. Decline of Cybercrime Newer companies such as Payza are taking a stand. The industry no longer views cybercrime as an unavoidable annoyance. Thanks to new technologies, the Payza Fraud Prevention Team has been able to not only identify and prevent fraudulent transactions, but also trace them back to the person directly responsible. By working together and sharing information, the ecommerce industry is now finally able to stop cybercrime at its source.
  11. 11. Payza Fraud Prevention Promise
  12. 12. Payza Fraud Prevention Promise There has been cybercrime for as long as there has been e-commerce. Any platform can be used nefariously and twisted for criminal purposes. Payza fraud is a legitimate concern. But as the company has matured and become truly global, Payza fraud has been on a steep decline. It is Payza’s fraud prevention promise to never stop fighting cybercrime until there is no cybercrime left to fight.
  13. 13. Online Payment Safe and Secure
  14. 14. Online Payment Safe and Secure The Payza Fraud Prevention team consists of qualified professionals who are committed to making the online payments world safe and secure for everyone. These pros use top-notch technology to continuously monitor transactions, and assess threats and consequences so that merchants can focus on managing their business. By following Payza’s lead, the entire industry can be rid of cybercrime once and for all.
  15. 15. Resources
  16. 16. Resource Visit the Payza Blog to read about how the e-commerce industry rallies to wipe out cybercrime. For more in-depth information about how Payza combats fraud, visit
  17. 17. Global Platform, Local Needs An Introduction to the Payza Online Payment Platform 17
  18. 18. The Platform Payza is a leading global online payment platform specializing in the following service areas: E-Commerce Processing Corporate Disbursements Remittances Global Platform, Local Needs
  19. 19. Our Mandate Payza’s mandate is to provide affordable and convenient online payment processing services to the global community: Global Platform, Local Needs
  20. 20. Services for Businesses and Individuals Specifically for Businesses: For Consumers and Businesses:  Credit card processing  Flexible deposit and withdrawal options  E-commerce processing  Localized banking  Corporate disbursements  Wire transfers  Fraud & risk management  Multi-currency  Invoice management  Prepaid cards  Dispute resolution  Mobile payments Global Platform, Local Needs
  21. 21. Connect With Us
  22. 22. Connect with Payza Payza Blog: Payza Community: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: LinkedIn: Vimeo: YouTube: Global Platform, Local Needs
  23. 23. Thank You