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Aerovon Slideshow Presentation


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The ear phone will work anywhere a cell phone signal exists, as it is essentially an improved bluetooth headset having a Qualcomm chipset without a screen and dial pad. Using advanced voice recognition software, the ear phone will provide a hands-free solution for 'folks on the go' including drivers and athletes.

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Aerovon Slideshow Presentation

  1. 1. 3 INDUSTRY TOUCH POINTS • The ‘Momentous Wave’ that is Voice Recognition (i.e. Siri, Google Voice, etc.) • Interconnectivity among Devices • Wearable Technology
  3. 3. POSITIONING + IMPACT ON THE BLUETOOTH COMMUNITY • Aerovon’s patent pending Earphone is in our opinion the critical ‘Chokepoint’ to controlling the coming [VR] boom, as We are the simplest & most minimal solution for having a dedicated [BT] replacement device that is ‘also’ a Cellphone. • Bluetooth Headset Manufactures (Jabra, Jawbone, Plantronics, etc.) producing earpieces have shown profitability in their own right, clearly implying demand for the hands-free aspect, in complying with distracted-driving laws & enjoying other ‘unattached’ benefits.
  4. 4. CAR FOB KEY & INSURANCE ANGLE • The Earphone can work as a proximity FOB key. Similar to the FOB keys being used on BMW’s, Nissans and similar vehicles. • Similar to how insurance companies gave a discount to Low-Jack which reduced vehicle claims, we can also give our customers premium savings because our phones will reduce bodily injury due to driver distractions. We are looking into major auto insurance companies: Geico, Farmers, Allstate etc.
  5. 5. MUSIC BY VOICE • With all the Media hype surrounding startups like,, Pandora, etc. we can compete with, using the power of Voice Recognition. We will be partnering with Richard Gottehrer, Famous Songwriter & Co-Founder of which is currently the 3rd largest music label and the largest digital music distributor that supplies both Apple iTunes and Napster platforms.
  6. 6. FUTURE SOFTWARE OPPORTUNITIES Actual Word Search (i.e. Google Adwords Model) Sergey Brin has commented that - Apple Siri poses a potential threat to their search engine supremacy. . . Speech App Store (I.e. Apple App Store Model) Will allow for 3rd Party Developers with a good idea for the Earphone to write ‘speech-enabled’ apps having a screen function or not. Voice Money Transfer (i.e. PayPal Model) We are partnering with Tom Meredith of whose developed a mobile wallet payment system.
  7. 7. CONTACT INFORMATION Jonathan Gottehrer, CEO 646.477.0927