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Webinar-5 Steps to Building a Modern Comp Plan


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A comprehensive compensation plan can guide your organization in its talent strategies, but a modern comp plan drives organizational success. Modern compensation planning is rooted in your company’s goals and uses pay as a lever to increase employee retention, engagement, and performance. Whether you’re creating a modern compensation plan for the first time or updating an existing one, these five steps will help you create a plan that sets your organization up for long-term success.

Join PayScale’s Krystal Praast and Diane Schuman to learn how to create a modern comp plan from intention to implementation.

Register for this webinar and you’ll learn about:

-The importance of laying the groundwork for comp success
-How to build market-based pay ranges
-The path to successfully implementing your plan

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Webinar-5 Steps to Building a Modern Comp Plan

  1. 1. 5 Steps to Building a Modern Compensation Plan Diane Schuman Customer Training Specialist Krystal Praast Compensational Professional II
  2. 2. #CBPR17 54 Million Salary Profiles 250 Compensable Factors 15,000 Positions 6,000 Customers 2,300 Skills Hi, We’re PayScale!
  3. 3. #CBPR17 Diane Schuman, CAPM Customer Training Specialist Krystal Praast, CCP Compensation Professional II
  4. 4. #CBPR17 What are the benefits of having a comp plan? Fairness Communication Alignment
  5. 5. #CBPR17 Elements of a Comp Plan  Philosophy  Strategy  Guidelines (eg pay ranges)  Policies  Processes
  6. 6. #CBPR17 have done a market study in the past year. 25% in the past six months have no compensation structure (ranges, grades, etc) have a compensation strategy. 34% are developing one. Source: PayScale’s 2017 CBPR
  7. 7. #CBPR17 1. Lay the Groundwork
  8. 8. #CBPR17 Gain Buy-in From Executives
  9. 9. #CBPR17 Develop a Clear Compensation Philosophy If You Believe Employees Are Your Most Valuable Asset…Pay Fairly If You Have a Fast-Paced Organization…Examine Pay Frequently If You Value Open Communication…Prove It If You Give Your Managers Autonomy…Support Them
  10. 10. #CBPR17 Start Getting Your Jobs in Order
  11. 11. #CBPR17 2. Define Compensation Strategy
  12. 12. #CBPR17 Where Do You Compete For Talent? Industry: IT Services Size: 200 EEs Location: Seattle, WA One Talent Market Multiple Markets Industry: IT Services Size: 10,000 EEs Location: Seattle, WA Industry: IT Services Size: 200 EEs Location: Seattle, WA
  13. 13. #CBPR17 What do you want to reward? How competitive do you have to be?
  14. 14. #CBPR17 3. Select Market Data Source(s)
  15. 15. #CBPR17 Comp Data Landscape for Employers  Traditional surveys  Industry surveys  Data aggregators  HRIS or internal data  Government data  Crowdsourced data  “Scraped” data
  16. 16. #CBPR17 Traditional and Industry Surveys Source:
  17. 17. #CBPR17 Crowdsourced
  18. 18. #CBPR17 Make sure it covers your data needs Breadth Precision Age Ease
  19. 19. #CBPR17 4. Set Pay Guidelines
  20. 20. #CBPR17 Pay Guidelines Range MidpointMinimum Maximum $20,000 $32,000 $26,000 Green-Circled Employees Red-Circled Employees
  21. 21. #CBPR17 Pay Ranges vs. Pay Grades Grade: Multiple ranges are arranged mathematically, jobs are assigned to grades Range: A min, mid, and max assigned to a job MidMin Max $20K $32K $26K
  22. 22. #CBPR17 Assign Jobs to Grades Match market value with nearest midpoint Adjust for internal alignment
  23. 23. #CBPR17 Determine the Shape of Your Structure
  24. 24. #CBPR17 5. Implement the Plan
  25. 25. #CBPR17 The PayScale Pay Transparency Spectrum
  26. 26. #CBPR17 Develop Policies & Processes Processes:  Adding or evaluating a job  Market Study  Budget  Increase cycle  New hire process (pay)  Promotion process Policies:  Increases  New Hire  Promotion  Outliers  Eligibility
  27. 27. #CBPR17 Immediate Actions • Clarify business goals and priorities to align comp • Identify culture aspects to amplify with comp • Start tracking where you recruit from or lose people to • Familiarizing yourself with data sources that cover your needs • Build pay ranges for your top 10 jobs
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  30. 30. #CBPR17 Questions?