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Brochure Pay it Forward Contest


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A write-in contest where your IDEAS matter - not your spelling or grammar.
Prize: a house or $20,000.

Published in: Real Estate, Education, Technology
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Brochure Pay it Forward Contest

  1. 1. A write-in contest where your IDEA matters – not your spelling or grammar.Grand Prize… A HOUSE or $20,000! Everybody who enters gets their money’s worth. Over $300 in downloads. Up to $65,000 sent back torandom entrants. Top 10 entrants receive free consult!
  2. 2. The “Pay it Forward Contest” You already know what you could do with $20,000…is a write-in contest where you  Pay off billstell how you would like to  Take a vacation“pay it forward” in today’s  Save for the futuresociety.  Save for kids collegeIt’s your IDEA that matters –  Start a businessNOT your spelling or  Donate to charitygrammar.  Flee the country  Be able to answer your phone again…You only need: But what about a HOUSE? Imagine this…  your entry to be between 200-300  Live in it with no mortgage or rent payment words  Own your own home  It must be your original  Be a landlord & make money ~ $900/mo idea  Put it on the market for ~ $65,000  Sell it quick on the market for ~ $50,000  At least 18 years old  Sell it to investor for ~ $20,000 - $25,000Only 10,000 entries will be Maybe you are living with somebody else right nowaccepted, so Enter Quick! – you could get out of there and have your ownThe contest starts May 26th, space.2012 and runs through Maybe somebody else is living with you, and youOctober 26th, 2012 (or when want THEM OUT!we get 10,000 entrants – soenter now!) Maybe you live in a small house or apartment and you need more space…Plus, you get all kinds offreebies JUST FOR ENTERING!  3 BedroomsThat’s only one way we are  1.5 Baths“Paying it Forward”!  2 Living Areas  Separate Dining Room  Tornado Shelter  2 Outdoor Storage Sheds  10 x 20 foot deck
  3. 3. House Located:14313 Briarcrest Dr.Balch Springs, TX 75180You can find more pictures and videos at: Don’t live near here? That’s all good – lease it or sell it, or just choose the $20K!What Happens When You Enter:When you click the “Pay it Forward Entry”, you will be taken to a page where you enter all ofyour contact information, as well as where you enter you “Pay it Forward” idea beforepurchase. After purchase (through PayPal – the safest, easiest way to pay), you will be givenall of your free downloads. Some of the titles include:  “142 Ways to Save or Earn an  “Best Photography Tips” Extra $100 Each Month”  Numerous Hypnosis /Affirmation/  “15 Inexpensive, Healthy, and Easy Relaxation MP3’s Meals”  Discount Coupon for Beginning  “9 ¾” Music MP3 Guitar Online Master Class  “Fire in the Heart” Music MP3  And MUCH More!“I’ve had the pleasure to watch Erin grow from a child. She is such a blessing to her family. It was no surprise that shemarried such a kind and caring man who has been a wonderful husband and father to their two children. Ed and Erinare great partners. Lee and Ellie though very independent, follow their parent’s leadership and have great goals. Thisfamily gives back to the community. They are mentors, leaders, and just plain good people.”~Judy Christenson, Lebanon, IN
  4. 4. Starting May 26th, 2012 PAYITFORWARDCONTEST.COMPAY IT FORWARDIt’s time to come together: Pay it ForwardBalch Springs, 2012 - We are all in thisworld together. It is time to start“Paying it Forward” on a daily basis. TheChavez family, pictured here, is runninga contest where the winner will wineither a house, or $20,000 – winner’schoice."This is a write-in contest that focuseson the entrants IDEA, not their spellingor grammar.” says Erin Chavez, co-host tothe "Pay it Forward" contest. Entriesonly need to be between 200-300 words to The Chavez Family Picture By: Ellie Chavezqualify.The Chavez family wanted to find a way to pay it forward, to set a goodexample, and to give people a jumping point in their own efforts to pay itforward; and to bring communities, and neighbors together in one commonquest: goodness.Chavez said, “We feel it is important give back, give value, and givehope. We are doing everything we can to pay it forward in this contest.All entrants will receive more than 3 times their entry fee in freedownloads, and we will also be mailing up to $65,000 back to randomparticipants.” Contest runs 5-26-12 through 10-26-2012 or when theyreceive 10,000 entries – whichever comes first.To find out more about the “Pay it Forward” Contest, visit can also find them onFacebook:,Twitter:,Tumblr: