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Adding Products on Tablet POS


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Adding Products on Tablet POS

  1. 1. Adding Products on Tablet POSPayfirma  ©2013  
  2. 2. Adding New ProductsYou can add new productsfrom InventoryManagement.Tap Add Product to create anew item.Use the popup to customizeyour product details.You can:•  Add a picture•  Set a product name•  Set the tax rate•  Add item varieties
  3. 3. Editing Your ProductsTap on the product that needs updating and select Edit Product from thedrop down menu.Use the popup to edit product details. Don’t forget to save!
  4. 4. Deleting ProductsTap on the product that needs deleting and select Delete from the dropdown menu.Be careful when deleting items as this will remove the item from yourinventory permanently.
  5. 5. Adding Products to FavoritesSome items will always sell better than others. Keep your best selling itemson hand by moving them to your Favorites tab.Tap on the product you want to move and select Add to Favorites from thedrop down menu.