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Health Information Exchange Scorecard


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This infographic summarizes the challenges, a snapshot of HIE current status, and components of successful HIEs. Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) provide the capability to electronically transfer clinical information between healthcare systems to facilitate a more coordinated and efficient patient care. The HITECH Act has stimulated development of HIEs through awarding incentive funding to aid healthcare providers meet meaningful use regulations of interoperative EHRs. As of 2012, eHealth Initiative (eHI) has identified over 230 HIEs spanning from multi-state, single state, counties, cities and even single health systems.

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Health Information Exchange Scorecard

  1. 1. HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE SCORECARD HIE Challenges Highest # of HIEs Successful HIE Components 1. Texas: State HIE Awarded: Shared Vision Funding Sustainability $28,810,208 23 Active participation from stakeholders, showing value and determining the right mix of services are factors that + challenge sustainability of HIEs. 2. California: State HIE Awarded: $38,752,536 21 Physician Engagement Interoperability Most HIEs do not interoperate today; 3. Florida: State HIE Awarded: Less than 5 HIEs are interoperative. $20,738,582 Building a consensus on data 20 standards is of highest difficulty. Positive ROI 4. New York: 19 State HIE Awarded: $22,364,782 + HIEs need a high participation rate Infrastructure Privacy & Security from patients, providers, hospitals, and payers in order to generate enough 5. Washington: State HIE Awarded: revenue to support their organization. $11,300,000 14Sources:eHealth Initiative: Health IT: & Optum Special Report: The Rise of the Private HIE and Changing Role of Public Exchanges