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PayPal Lunar New Year Lantern


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Download, design and share your own lantern for Lunar New Year.

Published in: Art & Photos
  • This looks fun, we're going to make one today! Thanks for sharing!
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PayPal Lunar New Year Lantern

  1. 1. Instructions Step 2: Cut the bottom strip off along the solid line. This will be the handle Step 3: Fold Along the middle dotted line so that the solid lines are facing up Step 5: fold the top and bottom strips along the dotted lines to make a crease Step 4: cut through both sides of the folded paper along the solid lines Step 6: bring opposite sides of the lantern together and glue, tape or staple Secure Step 7: Glue, Tape or Staple the handle on Step 1: Color or Decorate the Lantern