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Holocaust Memorial Overview


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Brief introduction of the Oregon Holocaust Memorial design.

Published in: Education
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Holocaust Memorial Overview

  1. 1. The Oregon Holocaust Memorial Remember, Reflect, Enlighten
  2. 2. The Town Square • A wall and benches sit in a plaza edged with European style lampposts • The square is strewn with bronze objects evoking a hasty departure of the Jewish people who used to live there • Should conjure images of a city before destruction
  3. 3. The History Panels • A giant book heads the curve into the heart of the exhibit • On the far left is a rounded scroll, indicative of the story that continues to be told • Covers the Holocaust (end of WWI through liberation) • The book is symbolic of the continuous need for education of future generations on the consequences of prejudice
  4. 4. The Witness Wall • The survivors bear witness • Features excerpts from survivors living in Oregon • The chronologically organized quotes emphasize the devastating toll the war took on ordinary families and individuals
  5. 5. The Soil Vault Panel • The circular wall ends with a container holding a mix of soil from six killing camps in Europe brought back by a group of Oregon survivors • Covered by a large stone, which marks and protects the soil, this area brings into focus the reality of the Holocaust
  6. 6. The Memorial Wall • Engraved with the names of family members, friends and others who were murdered in the Holocaust • The backside of the path is lined with benches for visitors to sit and reflect on the memorials • A concluding text on the wall speaks of the diversity of voices forever silenced in the war
  7. 7. The Donor Recognition Column • Viewed last • Acknowledges the contributions of those who made the building of the memorial possible