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The role of open virtualization in a modern data center - OVP Webinar


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Slides from Mar 6, 2019 3:00 PM Webinar. experts will share with you deep dive analysis and discussion about the role of open virtualization in a modern data center.

Listen how Wojciech Furmankiewicz from Red Hat and Paweł Mączka from Storware decompose into first parts industry-standard and open source virtualization technologies to make the data center more efficient.

Join us - without marketing – only tech talks!

Topics that Webinar will cover technologies:

- oVirt / Red Hat Virtualization
- ManageIQ / Cloud Forms
- Ansible


Wojciech Furmankiewicz -
Paweł Mączka -

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The role of open virtualization in a modern data center - OVP Webinar

  1. 1. The Role of Open Virtualization in Modern Data Center Paweł Mączka & Wojciech Furmankiewicz
  2. 2. Kliknij, aby edytować styl Wojciech Furmankiewicz Regional Manager, Solution Architecture Red Hat CEE Committed open source enthusiast and passionate. Many years of experience in the IT industry mainly in cloud, virtualization and storage. Actively driving open source adoption in Central and Eastern Europe region. Hobby: music and motorbike adventures :)
  3. 3. Kliknij, aby edytować styl Paweł Mączka CTO, VP at Storware Enterpreneur, Co-Founder of Storware Company. Addicted to Storage and Data Protection Solutions serve in every combination - cloud, hybrid, on premise. Hobby: Guitar :)
  4. 4. Kliknij, aby edytować styl Top Virtualization Challenges % of Respondents selected as top-3 challenge Importance(1=m n=410 Source: Virtualization Trends & Usage Research, January 2018, Red Hat What are the greatest three challenges your organization is facing with your virtualization? / Rank the challenges you selected in the previous question in order of importance (where 1 is most important)
  5. 5. Kliknij, aby edytować styl Demo – CloudForms, RHV, Ansible
  6. 6. Kliknij, aby edytować styl oVirt/RHV – Traditional Virtualization
  7. 7. Kliknij, aby edytować styl OpenStack – Cloud Virtualization
  8. 8. Kliknij, aby edytować styl Kubernetes/OpenShift – Containerized Virtualization with KubeVirt
  9. 9. Kliknij, aby edytować styl Ansible – Automation Engine
  10. 10. Kliknij, aby edytować styl ManageIQ/CloudForms – Cloud Management Platform
  11. 11. Kliknij, aby edytować styl Demo – CloudForms, RHV, Ansible
  12. 12. Kliknij, aby edytować styl Kliknij, aby edytować styl Questions?
  13. 13. Kliknij, aby edytować styl