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Mobitrade presentation ver3


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Mobitrade presentation ver3

  1. 1. No more Wallet! No more Purse!No more Cheques! No more Plastic Cards! No more POS Terminals! No more Wired Networks! No more Paper Money!<br />
  2. 2. WHAT IS MOBICASH ?<br /><ul><li> MobiCash is an innovative mobile payment platform
  3. 3. Instantly turns any phone into a secure payment device
  4. 4. Mobicash is a new payment gateway facilitating payment through mobile and any common man having a mobile phone can use the services of Mobicash.
  5. 5. You do not require a Bank a/c in order to use the MC A/c
  6. 6. MobiCash's patented transaction signature and authentication technology, Near Sound Data Transfer (NSDT™) developed by Tagattitude,
  7. 7. It enables smart-card grade secure transactions using any mobile regardless of the telecom operator or type of handset.</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>MobiCash is technology provider for Payment gateway systems similar to VISA & Master.
  8. 8. It has existing operations running successfully in 7 countries with millions of transaction per day & millions of users.</li></ul>WHO IS MOBICASH ?<br />
  9. 9. LEGAL FRAMEWORK In india<br /><ul><li>Companies holding Prepaid Licences </li></ul> (eg. OSS, ZIP cash, ITZ cards)<br /><ul><li>NBFC with open category prepaid licences </li></ul> (eg. Shriram Finance etc.)<br /><ul><li>The MobiCash account can be opened with the above companies holding required RBI licences.
  10. 10. Mobicash technology will handle the internal transfers through the payment gateway software</li></li></ul><li>
  11. 11. Advantages of mobicash<br />FUNCTIONS IMMEDIATELY USING ANY PHONE<br />• Works on all phone models and network operators<br />• No phone modifications or downloads are needed<br />• Facilitates light, automatic enrolment<br />• No airtime is required<br />USER FRIENDLY<br />• Paying is as easy as answering the phone<br />• IVR assistance in operations and voice-only services; literacy is not required<br />• Quick transaction time (~2 seconds to send, hear, and match an OTP)<br />RESPECTS PRIVACY<br />• Proximity transactions can be made without sharing sensitive information or phone numbers<br />• Respecting privacy is a requirement in retail transactions<br />SCALABLE AND VIRAL<br />• No new hardware is required—even MobiCash's mobile payment terminals for merchants are optional<br />• Uses standard architecture for easy interface with any bank back-office, payment scheme, or PSP<br />• All that is needed for enrolment is a phone number<br />EXTREMELY SECURE<br />• Capitalizes on secure architecture of telecom services and SIM cards to offer smart card grade security<br />• The phone's audio channel is encrypted; thus, unlike SMS based transactions, the data sent using NSDT™ is completely secure<br />
  12. 12. DISTRIBUTION Channel<br /><ul><li>DISTRICT LEVEL PARTNER (DP)
  13. 13. AGENT (A)
  14. 14. MERCHANT (M)</li></li></ul><li>Role definition<br />AGENT <br /><ul><li>Agent can appoint merchants.
  15. 15. collect the utility bill payments (Electricity, Water, Telephone, Railway , Air etc.)
  16. 16. Receive cash from customers & transfer to customers Mobicash A/c.
  17. 17. Customers can also withdraw cash from Agent from his MC A/c.
  18. 18. Provide Money order services in few seconds.
  19. 19. They can become ATM’s</li></ul> <br />MERCHANT <br /><ul><li>Merchants can receive payments from the customers for the goods sold.
  20. 20. Merchant will get payment in his Bank Account.
  21. 21. Merchant will operate in the same line as accepting Credit Card Payment.</li></ul>CUSTOMER<br /><ul><li>No Transaction charges .
  22. 22. Charges will be applicable only for services like Cash in Cash out.</li></li></ul><li>COMMERCIALS <br /><ul><li>Agent Registration charges will be Rs.2500 per Agent ( Including Taxes ) </li></ul> which will be collected in advance from the distributors<br /><ul><li>No Registration Charges for Merchants & clients
  23. 23. NO Fees No Deposit only performance and commitment.....for all Distributors.</li></ul>AGENT <br /><ul><li>Agent will earn % of every Utility payment received
  24. 24. Earn from Every transaction of cash in cash out.
  25. 25. Earn % from Every Transaction of a Merchant appointed by him.</li></ul>DISTRIBUTOR <br /><ul><li>All the transaction of the Agents appointed by him.
  26. 26. On Crediting every Agent.</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Is there any licence Mobicash require to operate in India ? </li></ul> As VISA / Master are not Bank but Payment gateways, Similarly Mobicash also does not require any licence to operate its technology in India.<br /><ul><li>How do I open Mobicash account ? </li></ul> There are 3 ways to open a Mobicash a/c <br /> (1) Go to the Mobicash website and create a new account<br /> (2) Dial a Mobicash number and an IVR will guide you.<br /> (3) Contact a Mobicash agent who will assist you to open an Mobicash A/c.<br /><ul><li>How will you fund and Operate your MC A/c?</li></ul> You can transfer required money from your Bank A/c* / Credit card / Debit Card to your Mobicash A/c OR you can go to the nearest Mobicash Agent, give him the cash money & the Agent will transfer the money to your mobicash account & you can start using your money for goods purchase / shopping etc.<br />FAQ’s<br />
  27. 27. Related Video’s<br /><ul><li>Person to Person transfer
  28. 28. Merchant Payment
  29. 29. Ecommerce by Tag pay
  30. 30. Payments and Purchases
  31. 31. Imagine any other Mode of Purchase
  32. 32. Withdraw Funds </li></li></ul><li>IMAGINE <br /><ul><li> YOU CAN TRANSFER MONEY TO ANY ONE IN INDIA IN JUST FEW SECONDS
  34. 34. ANYTIME MONEY TRANSFER.</li></ul>FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT <br />MOBI TRADE DISTRIBUTOR PRIVATE LIMITED<br />Ketan Mehta Pawan Jain<br />9321388981 9769270507<br />