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Wooqer for Schools


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Wooqer is a DIY platform, hence it can take any shape to accommodate any industry vertical. A representation, how it can be used as a 'student-teacher-parent' engagement platform at Schools.

Published in: Technology
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Wooqer for Schools

  1. 1. Teacher Student Parent Student Teacher And Parent Engagement Platform
  2. 2. Communication • Teacher – Parent one to one • Teacher – Parents Group Discussions • Teacher – Students-Parents Group Discussions • Teachers-Management-Other Staff communications ** Personal email IDs of parents receive a lot of junk and spams hiding important communication emails from school
  3. 3. Event Memoirs • Manage videos/photos of events in a private environment • Exclusive access only to Students and Parents ** Managing a face book page to do the same is prone to security risks
  4. 4. Management Broadcasts • Video Updates from Management to Parents directly ** Clicking on link from email to watch video is not successful many times due to many technical reasons
  5. 5. Operations • Digital Students Daily Diary • Visitor Book • School SOD checklist • Event Planning Checklists • Event Invites with RSVP ** Save environment by avoiding them on paper