Presentation of Issuing Machine


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Presentation of Issuing Machine

  1. 1. Platform for a card payments receiving E-wallets, storage costs, checks Money transfers Acquiring / Payments – Payment for goods and services Mobile access Currency exchange and payment instruments Issue of virtual currencies Multi-level commission model Release of prepaid cards and gift certificates
  2. 2. Money transfer User User Money transfer between clients via the Internet or via NFC or QR-code in person
  3. 3. The platform for all relevant business merchant’s processes The payment gateway with multiple connected financial systems Functions aggregator – payments. Merchants that connected to a single point not expend resources for connection to a variety of existing systems Working both online and offline A wide range of services, billing Notification of transactions Reports and statistics
  4. 4. Acceptance of payments Use smart cards or mobile phone using an application installed in the mobile POS terminal vendor. No need to buy expensive equipment – jut use a regular cell phone. NFC Payment App
  5. 5. Interaction User User Cash in Cash out Money by mail All system of cash transfer e-cash convertor e-gift mobile time bank P2P credit e-cash converter games & networks money
  6. 6. Money transfer via e-mail User Money by e-mail Sending request User The easies way to send money to the beneficiary even if it is not registered in the system. Sending a special request to the post office to get the translation
  7. 7. P2P microcredit concept I’ve got free money I need a loan credit refund % to user Creditor Loan subscriber credit refund % to user P2P Credit Microcredit service P2P – people who have the extra money or account balances may become member of forming a service of loans for other members in the system and make money on it.
  8. 8. Gateway to top-up any mobile operator in the world User All ever possible money Mobile time bank Services All mobile operators
  9. 9. User User Games and Networks Café and shops P2P Credit MBM NFC E-gift Aggregator Mobile time bank Games & networks money Energy money Issuing Machine E-cash converter Issuing Machine planet
  10. 10. E-commerce payments E-money exchange Games Dating Network & Communities Micropayments Special needs Regular payments Money transfers Offline paymentsOnline payments Supermarket and shop Transport system Vending Full scale of all ever possible payments needs