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Dialectics of Coevolution


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Pavel Luksha. The role of coevolution as a necessary component of any evolutionary dynamics is discussed.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Dialectics of Coevolution

  1. 1. Dialectics of evolution: implications for interdisciplinary research Presentation for INTAS seminar 9-10 March 2003, Berlin Pavel Luksha
  2. 2. Ultimacy of self-reproduction emergent systems disturbance quasi-stationary systems elimination of non-stable intense disturbance elimination of non-reproducing stable structures capable to self- reproduce variation and selection pre-evolution evolution
  3. 3. Evolution mechanism: co-/contra- forces of co-evolution: (coherent evolution) systems supporting each other, co-operating emergence of new forms forces of contra-evolution: ([neo-]Darwinistic evolution) systems acting against each other, competing selection of fittest developing and evolving systems self-reproduction of complex systems given structural properties, destructive forces new structural properties, creative forces
  4. 4. Evolution of complex systems biology economics coherent evolution Darwinistic evolution survival of fittest organisms within the given species and emergence of new species through gradual mutations emergence of a cell, emergence of an organism, symbioses , cenoses etc. competitive market selection and development through gradual continuous improvements emergence of a market, emergence of a firm, manufactures, alliances etc sociology selection of fitting individuals (Spencer’s society); selection of fitting societies emergence of society; emergence of institutions, families etc.
  5. 5. Evolution in synergetics Coherent evolution emergence of new forms Darwinistic evolution selection of fittest developing and evolving systems self-reproduction of complex systems ‘ classical synergetics’: emergence of novelty on a level of multiplicity/diversity of systems ‘ concealed synergetics’: novelty emerged on a level of single system