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Realtime Marketing


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The Pace of technology and Today's customers demands Real time marketing, because the current marketing is driven by processes - leading to creation of silos.
The need of the hour is customer centric marketing that is fast, decisive, engaging and providing great customer experience in real time.

Plumb5 from Decisive Analytical Solutions is a robust real time marketing platform that helps companies to generate more online customers at low acquisition costs.

Plumb5 is a unique real time web analytics, personalization and engagement Platform that provides end to end customer centric, online marketing solutions in real time. It helps enterprises, especially e-commerce and retail companies to enhance Conversion rates, ARPU, Campaign ROI’s and customer experience while facilitating reduction in customer acquisition, marketing and resource management costs.
Today, Plumb 5 is the only platform that provides integration across all customer touch points while acting as a platform to personalize, interact and engage with audience in real time. Because the robust platform of Plumb5 provides Real Time Analytics, Real Time Content Optimization, Real Time Personalization, Real Time Customer Engagement, Campaign Management & Marketing Automation, Customer Loyalty and Social CRM features in one platform to deliver seamless Customer experience and conversions.

Built on the solid foundations of real time analytics, the platform provides rule based automation, to enable real time segmentation, behavioural scoring, social media trending to understand user intentions and behaviour to provide a unique 360 degree view of every customer which helps in accurately predicting real time customer value (CLV) through tagging mechanisms across customer touch points to effectively cross-sell and up-sell products.

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Realtime Marketing

  1. 1. Can enable you to talk to your customer, when he is onlineMost analytics give you 8 – 48 hr old statistics after theevent has occurred in your website. By the time you do something about it; the visitor is long gone.
  2. 2. Can fetch custom information in real time based on searchProspects come to your website for a specific purpose – Just like one walks into a departmental store - if he/she doesn’t find anything interesting – they just walk off – until ... there is an interaction by a salesman in real time
  3. 3. Can increase the potential to convert online window shoppersProspects come to your website for a specific purpose , needs andwants – some have immediate needs & wants. If one cant identify them, one can’t exploit the opportunity as well.
  4. 4. Can ensure agility in customer support and engagement Visitors will always have more choices and they will go to your competitors if you are not fast enough to know the needs of the customers
  5. 5. Can define a personalized customer experienceVisitors have lots of choices – they will buy the product only from those who will give them a great customer experienceGreat customer experience comes with personalization and personalization comes with knowing the immediate needs and wants of visitors
  6. 6. Listening to customers across channels Website Analytics Campaign Insights Management Targeting Engagement
  8. 8. Unifying all interaction data for each customer
  10. 10. we built Plumb5 is a real-time marketing framework ,that tagsvisitors at all interaction touch points and unifies data for more accurate actionable insights
  11. 11. Plumb5 Listening Network
  12. 12. Dashboard Screens for reference
  13. 13. Unified Customer Profile in Real-time
  14. 14. Prescriptive Dashboard in Real-time
  15. 15. Advantages with plumb5 NO NO DATA NO ITINTEGRATION REDUNDANCY INVESTMENTS REQUIRED Its real-time Its On-Demand Its Plug & Play NO NO DATA UNIFIEDCOMPLEXITY SILOS DASHBOARDS Its on an unified Across Systems and atIts configurable system every node