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What's New In PostgreSQL 9.4


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A sneak peek at what's coming in PostgreSQL 9.4. Many more things will be added before the beta is released. But hopefully this will give an idea what's already there.

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What's New In PostgreSQL 9.4

  1. 1. PostgreSQL 9.4 Sneak Peek Pavan Deolasee March 28, 2014 India PostgreSQL User Group Meetup Hyderabad
  2. 2. Who am I ?  Pavan Deolasee  PostgreSQL/Postgres-XC Consultant  Contributor to PostgreSQL and Postgres-XC Global Development Best known for development of Heap-Only-Tuple (HOT) feature Contributed several other enhancements to PostgreSQL and derivatives Contributed to Postgres-XC's architectural design and implementation of several features  Previously worked for EnterpriseDB and Symantec/Veritas
  3. 3. PostgreSQL Recap • is world's most advanced open source database • is very stable • is fully compliant with ANSI SQL • supports foreign key, check constraints • supports various kinds of indexes • supports inheritance • Is fully extensible (data types, procedural languages etc) • supports ACID transactions • will recover your database in case of server failure
  4. 4. PostgreSQL Recap • uses write-ahead-logs for durability and recover your database in case of • server failure • built-in log based streaming synchronous/asynchronous replication • file system level backups and archive recovery • point-in-time recovery • hot standby • upgrade in place • full-text search • and many more
  5. 5. Configuration/Admin • Read-only GUC to show if data checksum is enabled or not – Useful to know if the server is initialized with data checksums on/off. – Previously, user must look at pg_control to get this information • New autovacuum_work_mem parameter – Separates it from the work_mem parameter • A GUC to enable WAL-logging of hint bits, even with checksums disabled. – Turn this on if you want to use external tools such as pg_rewind to quickly get you old master join the replication as a new standby – More WAL generated, so be aware of the performance impact
  6. 6. Configuration/Admin • A GUC, max_worker_processes, limiting number of bgworkers. • A GUC, session_preload_libraries, specifying preload libraries at session startup – Takes effect at backend start – Doesn’t require a full server restart • A new pg_stat_archiver statistics view. • Improve EXPLAIN to print the grouping columns in Agg and Group nodes. • Default work_mem and maintenance_work_mem increased by 4x
  7. 7. SQL Improvements • Revive line type CREATE TABLE LINE_TBL (s line); • Represented by • Equation Ax + By + C = 0 INSERT INTO LINE_TBL VALUES ('{1,-1,1}'); • Two points (x1, y1), (x2, y2) INSERT INTO LINE_TBL VALUES ('(0,0),(6,6)');
  8. 8. SQL Improvements • Allow only some columns of a view to be auto- updateable. CREATE TABLE base_tbl(a float); CREATE VIEW rw_view1 AS SELECT ctid, sin(a) s, a, cos(a) c FROM base_tbl WHERE a != 0; INSERT INTO rw_view1 VALUES (null, null, 1.1, null); -- should fail INSERT INTO rw_view1 (a) VALUES (1.1) RETURNING a, s, c; -- OK UPDATE rw_view1 SET s = s WHERE a = 1.1; -- should fail
  9. 9. SQL Improvements • Materialized Views - Support for REFRESH CONCURRENTLY – Readers won’t be blocked while a MatView is being refreshed • WITH CHECK OPTION support for auto-updatable VIEWs – INSERTs/UPDATEs not satisfying the view visibility will be rejected – LOCAL CHECK only checks against the current view – CASCADE CHECK checks against all the underlying views
  10. 10. SQL Improvements • Provide a FORCE NULL option to COPY in CSV mode. – Forces an input field containing the quoted null string to be returned as a NULL. Without this option, only unquoted null strings behave this way. – Helps where some CSV producers insist on quoting every field, whether or not it is needed. – Takes a list of fields, and only applies to those columns. CREATE TEMP TABLE forcetest (a INT NOT NULL, b TEXT NOT NULL, c TEXT, d TEXT, e TEXT); pset null NULL COPY forcetest (a, b, c) FROM STDIN WITH (FORMAT csv, FORCE_NOT_NULL(b), FORCE_NULL(c));
  11. 11. SQL Improvements • DISCARD SEQUENCES command. – Will discard cached values for sequences • Allow empty target list in SELECT • WITHIN GROUP and ordered-set aggregates • Support multi-argument UNNEST(), and TABLE() syntax for multiple functions.
  12. 12. Developer Features • Improve support for building PGXS modules with VPATH. • Use an MVCC snapshot, rather than SnapshotNow, for catalog scans. • Dynamic background worker threads • Allow background workers to be started dynamically. • Single-reader, single-writer, lightweight shared message queue. • Allow on-detach callbacks for dynamic shared memory segments.
  13. 13. Security • SSL: Add configuration option to prefer server cipher order • SSL: Support ECDH key exchange • Rework SSL renegotiation code
  14. 14. Performance • Change the way tuples are marked as frozen. – Xmin is preserved for forensic analysis and debugging. – Allows aggressive freezing of tuples without fear of lossing critical debugging information • Aggressively freeze tables when CLUSTER or VACUUM FULL rewrites them. • Include planning time in EXPLAIN ANALYZE output. • Improve performance of numeric sum(), avg(), stddev(), variance(), etc. • Improve performance of COPY with default nextval()
  15. 15. Performance • Only WAL-log the modified portion in an UPDATE, if possible. • Improve scalability of WAL insertions. • Allow using huge TLB pages on Linux (MAP_HUGETLB) • Speed up "rare & frequent" type GIN queries.
  16. 16. Replication • Allow time delayed standbys and recovery – Set min_recovery_apply_delay to force a delay in recovery apply – Delay is measured between WAL record time and local standby time. • If multiple recovery_targets are specified, use the latest one.
  17. 17. Logical Replication (WIP) • Introduce logical decoding. – Fine granular replication – Bi-directional replication • Add new wal_level, logical, sufcient for logical decoding. • Add the notion of REPLICA IDENTITY for a table. • Allow logical decoding via the walsender interface.
  18. 18. Resources • Release Notes • Planet PostgreSQL • Documentation • Source Code 3/30/14 18
  19. 19. Thank you Pavan Deolasee 3/30/14 19