Sexual Harassment


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Sexual Harassment

  1. 1. Excerpted from “How a Good Person can Really Win” SEXUAL HARASSMENT If you play with cats, you will get scratched. — Irish proverb A London publisher took his mistress to Normandy, leaving his wife under the impression that he had been called away to Brussels on business. The sneaky pair spent a blissful week together in an old-world hotel, basked in the sun, wined, dined and loved in fine style. They returned home, convinced that their secret would never come to light. A year later the publisher, perhaps with a pang of conscience, took his wife to a travel agent to arrange a holiday for just the two of them. Browsing through the brochures she came across one extolling Normandy as the place to unwind. The cover showed a happy, laughing couple leaning against a harbour wall with their arms around each other, unaware they were being photographed by the French Tourist Board. It was her erring husband and his mistress. — Sue Black Hall Dr. Stephen Ward, a fashionable London osteopath and talented portrait artist, survived on the patronage of the rich and powerful of his time. Sir Winston Churchill and many leading politicians were among his patients. Ward also had an interest in young girls of humble origin, and groomed them into high-class prostitutes. “I like pretty girls,” he was reported as saying. “I am sensitive to their needs and the stresses of modern living.” One such girl was Christine Keeler who Ward introduced into a world of the rich and famous, aristocratic, charming and powerful men, all eager to woo her. John Profumo, the British Secretary of State for War, whom Ward introduced to Keeler
  2. 2. at a pool party at Cliveden, was among them. Profumo started soliciting Christine’s services, but when the scandal (Profumo scandal) broke out, Profumo denied his affair with Keeler, and convinced the State, the House of Commons and even the Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, that any suggestion of an affair with her was untrue. But Profumo’s lie was subsequently caught and the press moved in for the kill. In the fallout of the Profumo scandal, Ward was arrested on charges of knowingly living wholly or in part on the earning of prostitution. The trial exposed Ward and his social circle to the full glare of the media. Rumours began to spread of an international call-girl ring involving British and US politicians and celebrities. Ward finally committed suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping tablets on the last day of the trial. Profumo was forced to resign and the Conservative government lost the next election. Vile wants to exploit the senior-subordinate relationship sexually. To achieve sexual gratification, the following strokes are tried: Stroke A – Eye contact. Vile tries to make eye contact to make the woman weak, as he feels this is the first step to her heart. He may even try to undress the woman with his gaze. Her discomfort in such situations is not his concern at all. Stroke B − Double entendres or sexual innuendo. Vile engages in double meaning talk or sexually suggestive humor to break defenses. Stroke C – Late working. Late hours promise more privacy, and Vile can move freely in his elements. There are less chances of her discouraging his advances, because they are not made publicly.
  3. 3. Stroke D – Reward in return for sexual favour. In this stroke, Vile offers some increment or promotion as a motivation for receiving sexual favours. Stroke E – If she doesn’t take the bait, bend her. He also schedules his itinerary, so as to be present where she is when her job requires touring. Again, away from the office, he gets more privacy to bare his fangs. If all fails, Vile makes her look inefficient, de-meriting her merit. Stroke F – Playing pimp for superiors. This is a Super Vile’s stroke, wherein Vile debauches his senior with beautiful women. He then banks on the senior becoming depraved or on the fact that he shares his master’s secret. Advice for the Ruler • Have Courage − Stay Just. Machiavelli gave a striking example as to why the ruler should stay just and should have the courage to punish serious offences no matter how powerful the offender. Alexander’s father, King Philip of Macedonia, had an escort, a beautiful and noble youth called Pausanias. In his court there was Attalus also, who was one of the powerful men close to Phillip. Attalus was enamoured of Pausanias, but faced with strong resistance, he decided upon deceit and force. Pausanias was kidnapped and taken to an isolated place. Here, not only Attalus abused him sexually, but also motivated other men to use him in a like manner and humiliate him. After this humiliation Pausanias again and again beseeched King Philip for justice, who promised to avenge him. But rather than punishing Attalus, he promoted him as governor of
  4. 4. the province of Greece. Now Pausanias’ wrath was not against Attalus, but against King Philip. On the morning King Philip’s daughter was tying her nuptial knot with Prince of Epirus, and the unjust king was on his way to the temple to participate in the ceremony, Pausanias assassinated him. • Practise restraint. • Sexual harassment may be of the same sex too. If one has alternate sexual tendencies and makes sexual advances towards the same sex; such advances are also punishable under law.