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Resistors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2014-2019 ISBN# 1-89-3211-38-X (LNL2014)


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This market study from Paumanok Publications, Inc. is a detailed global market analysis for resistors, including linear and non-linear variations and their respective sub-categories. The market study includes chip resistors, multichip resistor arrays, SIP and DIP resistor networks; wirewound resistors, nichrome resistors, tin-oxide resistors, carbon film resistors, bulk metal foil resistors; metal oxide varistors, PTC thermistors and NTC thermistors. The study begins with a technology overview that describes each of the resistor types; and then focuses on global markets, including a current market assessment; a historical analysis and a near-term and long term forecast from FY 2015 to FY 2019. The study looks closely at the financial reporting of key vendors in the global resistor trade to support its conclusions regarding the value and volume of demand and global pricing trends and directions. The study also publishes lead-time trends for all the major resistor products and their sub-categories, and breaks down the global value and volume of demand for both linear and non-linear resistors by type and sub-category from a historical, current and future market outlook perspective. The study addresses global markets for linear and non-linear resistors by end-use market segment in the telecom, computer, consumer AV, power & industrial, automotive, specialty and defense markets; and also shows global value of consumption for linear and non-linear resistors by world region, with emphasis upon markets in China and SE Asia, America and Europe. A detailed competitive analysis is also given, as is global market share data for each sub-component addressed in the study. Global market forecasts are given in terms of value, volume and pricing for each resistor product by type and sub-category for each year to 2019. A specialty section on high growth markets, especially thin film resistors is given; as are producer profiles for each of the top vendors of both linear and non-linear resistors. ISBN# 1-89-3211-38-X (LNL2014); Published September 8, 2014; 234 Pages and 104 Charts & Graphs; $2750.00 USD

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Resistors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2014-2019 ISBN# 1-89-3211-38-X (LNL2014)

  1. 1. Published SEPTEMBER 2014; Paumanok is a focused market research company. that addresses the global markets for capacitors, resistors, inductors and circuit protection devices only. This includes raw material usage and supply, manufacturing, distribution and consumption. We have engaged in international business in a variety of countries for more than 25 years. This study is a focused report from our database on passive components with emphasis upon our larger activities in circuit protection. Resistors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2014-2019 Copyright ©2014 Paumanok Publications, Inc. Published by: Paumanok Publications, Inc. Publication Date: SEPTEMBER 2014 PAGES: 233 Paumanok Publications, Inc. 502 Ballad Creek Court Cary NC, 27519 USA Customer Service: (919) 468-0384 It is our mission to empower manufacturers, distributors, OEM, EMS, financial institutions and governments with unbiased market research to protect their assets, build their wealth and prosper in goods times and bad. ©2014 Paumanok Publications, Inc. RESISTORS: WORLD MARKETS, TECHNOLOGIES & OPPORTUNITIES: 2014= 2019 2
  2. 2. 2014 Resistor Market Study Table of Contents • Introduction To Resistor Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2014-2019 • Resistors: Technology Overview: 2014 • Resistors: World Market Overview & Outlook • Resistor Demand By Type • Resistor Demand By End-Use Market Segment • Resistor Demand By World Region • Competition and Market Shares • Summary of Forecasts to 2019 • Emerging Markets and Technologies • Producer Profiles 3
  3. 3. About The Author Mr. Zogbi is president and CEO of Paumanok Publications, Inc., a market research company located in Cary, North Carolina specializing in market research studies, consulting, mergers and acquisitions, conferences and seminars with emphasis upon passive electronic components. Mr. Zogbi has 300 customers worldwide in the field of market research on capacitors, resistors, inductors, circuit protection and electronic materials. Mr. Zogbi also owns Passive Component Industry Magazine with global circulation of 14,000. Mr. Zogbi engages in single client research related to new product development, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions and for establishing business growth for passive component companies worldwide. Dennis M. Zogbi Paumanok Publications, Inc. 502 Ballad Creek Court Cary, NC 27519 USA (919) 468-0384 (919) 468-0386 Fax 4
  4. 4. Research Methodology 1.4 The Paumanok Research Methodology: 27 Years Studying Passive Component Markets Figure 1: Paumanok Research Methodology ©2014 Paumanok Publications, Inc. All Rights Reserved Government Data • Global Production Data, Global Trade Data, Global Geological Surveys Secondary Data Sources • Financial data from public company's, corporate inancial presentations., Private company presentations at trade gatherings Primary Data Sources • Human resources- primary contact with top executives in the supply chain, inlcuding miners, materials processors, component manufacturers, distributors, OEM and EMS customers; as well as inanciers and peripehral intelligence gatherers 5
  5. 5. Structure of The Global Resistor Industry: 2015 Linear Resistors Throughole Nichrome, Tin- Oxide, Wirewound, Carbon, SIP Networks Surface Mount Thick Film Chip, Array, Thin Film Chip, DIP Networks, SMD Wirewound and MELF Custom Packages Nichrome Film & Foil; Wirewound, Thin Film Integrated Passive Devices Non- Linear Resistors PTC Thermistor Ceramic and Polymer Designs in Chip, Disc, Strap and Other Configurations. Used for Temeprature Sensing and Overcurrent Protection Varistor Metal Oxide Varistor In Chip, Disc and Other Configurations for ESD and Overcurrent protection NTC Thermistors Glass encapsulated disc, chip and related designs; a sensor for temperature; also used for overcurrent protection 6
  6. 6. Product Markets Included • Thick and Thin Film Chip Resistors • Thick and Thin Film Networks, Arrays and IPD Resistors • Wirewound Resistors • Nichrome Resistors • Tin-Oxide Resistors • Foil Resistors • Zinc Oxide Varistors • PTC Thermistors • NTC Thermistors 7
  7. 7. • To Access The Table of Contents or To Purchase This or Other Paumanok Reports Go Here- ©2014 Paumanok Publications, Inc. RESISTORS: WORLD MARKETS, TECHNOLOGIES & OPPORTUNITIES: 2014= 2019 7