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Dot Net Framework Development


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What is Dot Net Framework? How to build and execute mobile application and web application development using framework. For detailed information Visits us.

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Dot Net Framework Development

  1. 1. .NET Development C# .Net and ASP .NET Development
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Orion eSolutions is one of the most well known as well as one of the most reliable Information Technology service providers in India. Since its inception it has emphasized on delivering impeccable services to clients. With a view to provide all round services to clients, it has also introduced website and mobile application development services through .NET. The professionals at Orion eSolutions are qualified and have immense experience in this type of service, and so clients can expect the best. Each individual client’s requirements are well taken care of through face to face consultation. Website and mobile application development through .NET requires an expert approach and this is where Orion eSolutions gains importance.
  4. 4. WHAT IS DOT NET? • This framework is used for website development and mobile application development. DOT NET consists of two parts: • FCL― Framework Class Library • CLR― Common Language Runtime • Orion eSolutions offers integrated .NET services to clients who need a quality website and mobile application development solutions. The services offered are designed to meet the requirement of clients in the best possible manner.
  6. 6. C# .Net and ASP .NET
  7. 7. C# .NET and ASP .NET • C# .NET is a programming language which is used to develop websites, mobile applications or specific software. It is basically same as C#. However, it is part of the .NET languages, a set of specific computer languages that the .NET framework can understand. • On the other hand, ASP .NET is a framework on which the C# .NET language can be used. ASP .NET Development is a part of the .NET framework which is used to develop websites. Developing websites and mobile phone applications through ASP .NET is easy and less time consuming. Hence, more and more people are turning to the framework.
  8. 8. Why .Net Is Required?
  9. 9. Requirement of .Net? • The .NET framework can be used to develop mobile applications and websites with a great ease. In fact, the introduction of .NET has made web development less time consuming and less critical. Websites and mobile applications developed through .NET are easy to manage and customize. Being the newest technology in the market, it is also less prone to errors. The main advantages of this software framework are:
  10. 10. Advantages of Dot Net Framework Assured and Prompt Return on Investment: • As the websites and mobile applications are developed quickly, the return on investment is also very fast. Future of Web Development: • NET is undoubtedly the future of web development technology. As a result, clients can easily take a few steps in the future if they Use .NET
  11. 11. .Net is Important For Business Owner? It is always the priority of business owners to make the best and utmost utilization of their resources. With .NET it is possible to do exactly the same. This framework can be used to develop following:
  12. 12. Importance for Companies and Small Business • Customer relationship management • Accounting applications • Product or inventory applications • Warehousing applications using hand-held devices • Web sites • Value chain and supply management • Integration with partners through the Internet • XML Web services • PDA applications
  13. 13. • Hence, clients can get whatever they want from .NET. The relatively low investment and higher return makes this framework the best option for business owners. Moreover, the maintenance cost is almost zero which makes .NET even more lucrative.
  14. 14. What are Orion eSolutions Specialties?
  15. 15. What are Orion eSolutions Specialties?
  16. 16. • Orion eSolutions being one of the leading Information Technology service providers in the market offer a whole range of services based on this framework. The services include: • Mobile Application Development • Website Development • SharePoint Development • All these services are provided using the ASP.NET framework, thus making the end product reliable and up to the mark.
  17. 17. List of Web Development Services! List of Web Development Services that Orion eSolutions Provide to Customers.
  18. 18. List of Web Development Services • Custom Software Development: Custom websites are developed according to the clients’ individual needs. • Content Management System: Content Management System or CMS helps clients manage the content on their websites. • E-commerce Development: E-commerce websites allow clients to sell their products online, thus catering to a larger customer base across the globe. • Intranet and Extranet: Intranet and Extranet allow clients to keep their confidential information within their premises.
  19. 19. • SharePoint Development: Clients can collaborate with the development team more easily and safely through share point development. • Database Development: Orion eSolutions also offers Database Development solution with the help of Oracle and MySQL based systems. • Bespoke Development: Bespoke development allows clients have exactly what they want. • SEO: Search Engine Optimization allows business managers gain the exposure that wwwt.horeionyes
  20. 20. Contact Us Call Us: +91-172-4668170, US: +1- 209-257-4648 Email Id: Website:
  21. 21. Clients can visit the office of Orion eSolutions at Mohali, India or can contact the experts over e-mail at They can also get in touch with the experts over telephone and fix an appointment for face to face consultation regarding the service that they need. The experts would listen to their queries patiently and advise them on the best possible service. Orion eSolutions Pvt. Ltd.