2.2 connect sysctr_2_public_cloud_final


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2.2 connect sysctr_2_public_cloud_final

  1. 1. Enables administration of deployedservices:• Providing administrators are grantedauthority• Wherever the services are deployed(Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud)• With a familiar interface• Without requiring knowledge of theunderlying fabric
  2. 2. Clouds based on:• Virtual Machine Manager• Administrator for App Controller and VMM• Two way trust between App Controller Serverand VMM Server• Hosting provider• Management certificate• Service endpoint URL• Windows Azure• Management certificate• Subscription ID
  3. 3. App Controller SP1• Deployment• Common experience across public andprivate clouds• Platform as a Service application• Windows Azure virtual machine (SP1)• Operations• Start, stop, remote desktop• Scale, upgrade• Migration (SP1)• VMM to Windows Azure
  4. 4. PrivatePrivatePublicPublic
  5. 5. Adding Private, Public and HostedClouds to App Controller
  6. 6. ••
  7. 7. Deploying to Private and PublicClouds in App Controller
  8. 8. VMM• Manage access with VMM ConsoleHosting Provider• Manage in App Controller• Use Active Directory users/groupsWindows Azure• Manage in App Controller• Use Active Directory users/groups
  9. 9. Configuring RBAC for Azure in AppController
  10. 10. Deployment• Common experience across public and privateclouds• Windows Azure virtual machine (SP1)Operations• Manage Services• Manage and Maintaining Application Resources• Manage Multiple Windows Azure Subscriptions• Manage the Infrastructure
  11. 11. Migrating VMs from Private-to-Public Cloud with App Controller
  12. 12. Monitoring Windows Azure withOperations Manager
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