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Reflect and connect con verge 2011


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Presentation to the ConVerge Conference 2011

Published in: Education, Technology
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Reflect and connect con verge 2011

  1. 1. Presented by Pauline Wilson,Carole McCulloch and Junita Lyon
  2. 2. CHCORG428A Reflect on and improve own professional practice
  3. 3. Adult Learning Principles Learning StylesAdult Learners are internally  Auditory motivated and self-  Visual directed  Kinaethetic are Goal oriented  Social use all senses to learn  Reflective need to be actively  Activists involved in the learning process  Theorists need to know why what they learning is important
  4. 4.  “Reflect and Connect 2011” has been a fantastic experience for me.My confidence with using digital technology has soared. I have learnt about Blogs,Wikis, Ning, Twitter, Mind maps, CoP, PLE, PLN, ePortfolios, Moodle - not a momentto get bored.Honestly, I am a bit disappointed that it’s all over.Manjit Bhamral We rarely as busy professionals have the opportunity to invest in our owndevelopment and reflect on the work we do. I found the Reflect and Connect coursestimulated my thinking, encouraged further enquiry and expanded my personallearning networks into areas I never imagined before. If you are thinking aboutembarking on the Reflect and Connect course I highly recommend it.Pam Ridd Reflect and Connect 2011 is an outstanding course. It was a fabulous experiencewith learning new ways to communicate with others via Twitter, Wiki andVoicethread plus more. Mahara an open source e-portfolio with it being anoutstanding resource for human beings. With the creating of my artefacts I havebuilt a magnificent e-portfolio. The weekly Elluminate session on Mondays 6:30-7:30pm was informative and great chatting with trainers and other participants inthe course. The overall result is that this is a great course.Ian Hall This course has given me so many new skills in the e-learning area. It haschanged my perspective about social networking tools and I have even participated.Gayle Webster
  5. 5. Like to know more?Reflect and Connect Blog Evaluation Pauline Wilson Junita Lyon Carole McCulloch