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Q cards


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Q cards

  1. 1. 1. Introduction We are going to create an audio recording titled “Unicorn Slayer”. This recording is suitable as an intro for a game, under the same title, and it pre-tells the inciting incident (the event triggering the whole action) of the story. Italso introduces the main characters and villains to the audience. 2. Genre of Game Itis the fantasy – adventureplatformer game with fighting (magic + melee) mechanics. The player ventures and along the way it slays unicorns. There is a very clear separation between the good and evil, the heroine and antagonists. 3. Influential Games The story was influenced by corrupted biomes and their spread in: - Minecraft (taint – frommod) - Terraria (corruption/crimson). FromTerraria there was also taken the idea about unicorns which were also evil (though you can only judge that by their red eyes). 4. Characters’ Speech pt. I Narrator He’s the main story teller. We are able to hear only the voice over, talking about actions that happen but hardly can be put into sounds and still understood. The language he uses is posh with formal and descriptive. Tone of voice is either clear/indifferent or classically British. The tone as well fits into the currentmoods the action changes into.
  2. 2. 5. Characters’ Speech pt. II Witch Mixxy She is a teenage witch, who under the circumstances (described later on) becomes the heroine. Her voice fits her behaviour: frivolous, prematureand hyperactive. Her feelings are also overly exaggerated, and she has the rapid mood changes. Languageused is informal, but is not a street language. 6. Characters’ Speech pt. III Potoo Bird ‘Potty’ That’s a bird, an unusualcompanion, instead of the common black cat, bat or an owl. He hates to be called ‘Potty’ but he’s ignored. All he says is what potoo birds do say in the wild. The witch however, does still understand whathe’s saying, and responds to it in the manner the listener can understand. 7. Characters’ Speech pt. IV Unicorn Camellias (named after a flower) That’s one of the unicorn leaders. He looks fabulous, buthis character is showed within the way he speaks: heappears supercilious (narcissiand thinks he’s better) and arrogant. Despite this, he stays posh and has some good manners. Type of language he operates is formal. Alongsideof him speaking he may as well snortand neigh. 8. Regarding Characters The characters appearing there are in majority countertypes of the classical clichés – witches are all good characters, whereas unicorns turn pureevil.
  3. 3. 9. The Storyline pt. I - Mixxy is given an important task to bring the Conciliation Flower seeds to the Spring Event(the seeds which are meant to keep the peace and good will on the land). - The witch behaves carelessly and goofs around on her broom. She collides with birds and seeds fall down. Because they are fragile, they are broken. - She is terrified of saying others whathappened, so she sits under the tree and cries. 10. The Storyline pt. II - The witch meets a small group of unicorns and its leader, Camellias. - The leader is aboutto fight or imprison her, but he sees that Mixxy was one who destroyed seeds. - Camellias lets her be free this time, but he threatens her that he will behave differently if they will meet again. 11. The Storyline pt. III - Mixxy is left with her bird alone. - She decides to repair whatshe caused by going to find spareseeds. - She becomes a heroine and tries to savethe Magical Land. 12. Audio Production pt. I We’ll produce a dialogue of 2 characters, as well as the monologue said by the narrator and possibly the only one word by potoo – ‘seriously?!’ We will either need another person as an actor or use softwares to alter the voices.
  4. 4. 13. Audio Production pt. II The music at the beginning will be cheerfuland sound like a spring festival. Then there is a gradualchange of tone, making the atmospheretensed and challenging. Sound effects which we are going to need are the potoo bird’s voice, wind rustling, horses neighing and hoof beats as well as other audio supporting the action. 14. Recording Techniques pt. I The production technique we are going to use mostoften is studio recording as we have quite a lot of dialogue and monologue for the story. Another common technique is Foley artistry, for making sounds wecan easily obtain, such as hoof beats and wing flapping. 15. Recording Techniques pt. II Only few sounds willbe field recorded, for example wind rustling, in order to fully experience the whole action. For the music, we’ll either find suitable tracks to download or try to make it ourselves in the specialised software. Lastly, we will alter and modify each recorded piece in order to fit as a whole. 16. Summation Answering questions + small discussion.