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Presentation script

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Presentation script

  1. 1. 1. The Genre of Game  Fantasy/adventure side-scrolling platformer  With fighting (melee and magic) mechanisms  A clear line separating the good from evil. 2. Influential Games:  Idea about the corruption spreading through the land was from the games terraria and Minecraft.  Very intrigued by the idea of evil unicorns which is also from the game terraria. 3. Characters’ Speech: Role-reversal – witches are good characters, unicorns become the evil ones; Witch Mixxy Unicorn Camellias Potoo Narrator Stereotype or Countertype Young protagonist who becomes the hero and saves the world Not a classical bad guy, neither the purely good unicorn. Still fabulous and magnificent in looks and behaviour. An unusual companion (instead of clichés such as owl or cat). Stereotypical deep male voice as in any classic fantasy / medieval films or stories.
  2. 2. Accent Premature, hyperactive Posh accent Bird accent Calm, either classically British or indifferent accent Voice Tone Easily excited, or exaggerated feelings expressionism Supercilious (narcissi), arrogant Squeaky, a voice of an averagegreat potoo call Calm, but fitting to the current mood, story teller Type of Language Informalbut not a street language formal Baa…~ He actually speaks but only the witch can understand him Very formal and descriptive 4. The Storyline:  Mixxy (the main character) who is just an ordinary teenager given the crucial job of planting the Conciliation flower seeds to stop the corruption.  She loses the seeds due to being reckless/careless with them.  The corruption spreads and infects the unicorns to convert from good to evil.  She gets confronted by one of these unicorns (Camellias) who has a burning hatred for witches. This unicorn leaves but she doesn’t yet realise that’s not the last time they will meet.
  3. 3.  The young protagonist is left with the responsibility of saving The Magical Land.  This cut sequence will be used as the opening scene of the came and as an introduction to the characters. 5. Audio Production:  Dialogue: We’ll either need an extra person to play as an additional character or use the software to modify the voice. The dialogue of 3 characters (the narrator, the witch and the unicorn) will be recorded, and possibly the only one word (or two actually) supposed to be spoken by potoo bird. We will try to make their speech the way it is supposed to be, if that won’t be possible, we’ll have to alter their voices to what we can achieve.  Music: At the beginning the music is meant to be cheerful, melodic and present the spring festival. Later on it should change into a song representing either a challenge or the wave of evil that appears.  Sound Effects: Sound effects will represent the action throughout the audio. At first it will be laughter and fairy sounds, then the noise of flying birds and broom riding. After that it will be a tree branches cracking and then the hoof beats and other horse noises. Other important effect is a noise of a potoo bird. 6. Recording Production Techniques:
  4. 4.  For the majority of our recording we will be focusing on the technique of studio recording as there is quite a lot of dialogue to portray the story.  We will also be mainly be focusing on the technique of Foley artistry as there are multiple sounds that can’t be made by human voices and can’t easily be field recorded.  However we will be integrating an aspect of field recording on one or two sounds for the cut sequences to gain experience is each field of the process.  For the music and specified sound effects that we will either find online to download for free or create ourselves in software that suits the purpose.