Communications Portfolio 2010


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Communications Portfolio--Paulina Callaghan, ABC
Updated: March 30, 2010

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Communications Portfolio 2010

  1. 1. Paulina Callaghan, ABC 2010 Communications Portfolio “Paulina and her communication plan were the nucleus of our achievement. Paulina possesses a commitment to do what it takes to be the best!” Executive Director, Minacs
  2. 2. Purpose • The purpose of this portfolio is to complement my resume; providing a visual snapshot of my communications experience as well as showcasing some of my professional accomplishments. In addition, I am highlighting some of the recommendations that I have received from senior management, peers, and partners. 2
  3. 3. About Paulina • Accredited business communicator (ABC) • Over a decade of dedicated communications and leadership expertise in private and public sector environments managing internal and external communications • Communications consultant (senior writer/editor) • IABC/Toronto’s volunteer director, professional standards • Strong supporter of the World Wildlife Fund (Community Panda) • Comprehensive and professional experience in the areas of: – Leadership (people and project manager/mentor) – Employee relations and engagement – Crisis and strategic communication planning – Social media/networking – Marketing communications and brand development Proud recipient of the 2008 corporate award in the category of “mastery” – Media and government relations (voted by peers). – Corporate communications – Community relations and philanthropy – Graphic design 3
  4. 4. Leadership • IABC-Toronto chapter: “I feel very lucky to have been paired with Paulina in – Mentor to junior communicator (mentee) the IABC Mentor program. – Accreditation exam proctor and coach She is energetic, – Awards judge (Ovation awards and Gold Quill) encouraging and possibly the • Throughout my tenure as a manager, the following positions most positive person I have reported directly or indirectly to me: ever met. Paulina has introduced me to many fellow – writer/editor, marketing communications manager, graphic IABC members, and readily designer, recruitment marketing manager, corporate answered all of my communications specialist, corporate communications communications questions. coordinator, and 30-plus brand champions Her vast experience has • Served as the senior point of escalation for internal customers come in handy when I’ve during times of calm, change, or crisis been stumped on a project, • Led and presented internal/external communication and she has gladly provided updates/metrics and plans to executive leadership team me with assistance and examples of her fantastic • Actively participated in and chaired various committees and work.” special project teams: • fundraising; employee engagement; organizational health IABC Mentee study; site communications audit; and health and safety. • Recognized and respected team and project leader 4
  5. 5. Employee Relations and Engagement • Copywriting and editing • Intranet • Employee surveys • CEO-led town hall meetings Loyalty Satisfaction • Communication audits and measurement Pride • Policies and procedures • Newsletters and special editorials Employee Engagement • Engagement programs, events, and committees/forums • Recruitment referral programs • Spotlight announcements • President and senior executive communications 5
  6. 6. Crisis and Strategic Planning • Union relations/preparedness • Business continuity/pandemic planning • Strategic planning and generation of supporting collateral during times of calm, change, and/or crisis: – Private to public (and vice-versa) – Mergers and acquisitions – Client program and physical site launches, transitions, cessations, and other contentious issues – Employee lay-offs or transitions – Employee mass recruit – Senior-level hires, transitions, and exits – Media campaigns (pro-active and re-active) Photo courtesy of Google images 6
  7. 7. Social Media/Networking • Active social media enthusiast: – LinkedIn – Facebook – Twitter • Networking activities/groups: – LinkedIn Groups (online discussions) – Communication Blogs (follower) – York Region Networkers Group (member and guest speaker) – Durham Region Networking Group (member and guest speaker) – IABC-Toronto senior communicator events/seminars/munch n’ mingles • Social media projects (IABC-Toronto): – Web 2.0 “Did you know?” newsletter – Senior communicator social media survey 7
  8. 8. Marketing and Brand Development • Website • Brand evolution and management • Public speaking • Corporate awards and rankings • Tradeshows and sponsorships • Case studies and product sheets • Recruitment marketing • Managed initiatives and partnerships with: – Creative agencies – Professional photographers/videographers – Writers/editors – Printers – Graphic designers – Brand strategists – Recruitment marketing agencies – Promotional vendors and caterers 8
  9. 9. Media and Government Relations • News releases • Media planning, monitoring, and measurement • Media outreach and briefing including: – Story pitching – Interview background – Key messaging – Fast facts/media kits – Questions and answers – Spokesperson preparation and training – Liaise with media – Company spokesperson • Managed event logistics and communications planning to support re-active and pro-active campaigns • Worked in partnership with multiple levels of government and officials including the offices of the mayor, premier, and economic development 9
  10. 10. Corporate Communications • Annual general meetings • Annual reports and information forms • Investor fact sheets and kits • Corporate governance and reporting • Quarterly financial reports and conference calls • Board presentations and reports • Senior-level organizational announcements • Speeches and key messages for the chief executive officer and other senior-level executives 10
  11. 11. Community Relations and Philanthropy I managed numerous fundraising efforts, special employee events, and campaign initiatives for the purpose of generating awareness and/or raising money for worthy causes. Listed below is a sampling of some of the events that I was responsible for at a personal, company-wide, provincial, regional, and local level: • World Wildlife Fund • International Red Cross • Unicef • Earth Hour/Day • Kids Help Phone • Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia Food Shelter 11
  12. 12. Graphic Design • Logo design • Tag line creation • Campaign theme • Signage • Invitations • Greeting cards • Templates • Newsletter layout and design • Photography (people, nature, interiors, and exteriors) • Print and online collateral design (my personal brand) Photo taken by Paulina Callaghan at Sturgeon Lake, July 2009 12
  13. 13. Commendations from: Management, Peers, and Partners To view more recommendations, please visit my LinkedIn profile at: 13
  14. 14. Commendations… “Paulina is a valuable asset and her contributions positively affect many departments across the company. She has amazing attention to detail and strong project leadership skills. Paulina understands that her role entails prudent stewardship of sensitive information and she can be trusted fully to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and wise disclosure of such information.” “Paulina is a fantastic team player who can be trusted to excel in practically every politically-charged and communications-related situation. I am proud that she is part of the marketing team and proud that she, in many ways, is “the voice and face” of Minacs in North America and Europe.” “Paulina’s enthusiasm, attention to detail, sense of humour, strategic thinking and planning, creativity, and integrity in the realm of corporate communications are extraordinary. She has mastered the fine arts of project leadership and written and verbal communications. I would embrace any opportunity to work with her again in any internal or external communications capacity.” Director, Corporate Marketing, Minacs (former manager at Minacs) 14
  15. 15. Commendations… “Paulina has drafted my communiques, messages, speeches, and presentation to the various constituencies. Not only is she diligent and very proficient in her written communication, she is also proactive in her approach and was invariably ahead of the curve in terms of timing and preparedness. Paulina has been involved in the task forces to handle crisis situations that have occurred in our company. Her calm, efficient persona and her professionalism have contributed enormously to handling, managing, and solving some of these intricate situations. She is a positive, hard working, and sharp professional. I am sure the organization that she will join will benefit enormously from her contribution.” Chief Executive Officer, Minacs “ I worked with Paulina for over six years while I was the Chief Financial Officer at Minacs Worldwide Inc. (Minacs). At the time, Minacs was a publicly traded company and had extensive communication requirements for its 6,000-plus employees as well as its existing and potential shareholder base. At all times, Paulina was diligent and was consistently on top of the company’s communication requirements. Paulina’s leadership and organizational writing abilities were of great value and support to the executive team. Some of her external communication support and expertise included writing press releases and investor-based communications. She was also responsible for the event management of various shareholder meetings e.g., annual general meeting and quarterly conference calls. From an internal communications perspective, she was very adept at creating and writing company newsletters, executive appointments and messages. Paulina was always on time and on point.” Chief Financial Officer, Minacs 15
  16. 16. Commendations “Working with Paulina afforded a great opportunity to share progressive ideas with an influential woman who exudes a rare energy and dedication to her company. Paulina is a highly-competent, articulate, and creative communications professional who would be a powerful asset to any organization she may elect to join.” Managing Director, TAMM Communications “Paulina is an extremely professional individual who delivers a high quality product to both internal and external clients. She has effectively managed key projects ensuring a clear, concise message is delivered in a professional and timely manner. Paulina is a positive force who embraces all aspects of her job. Paulina would be an asset to any organization.” Executive Vice President, Sales, Minacs “Paulina has extensive and diverse experience. She is relentless in the pursuit of excellent results, professional in all matters and is always a dynamic and creative contributor to initiatives that she is involved in.” Owner, Access Strategic Design and Communications 16
  17. 17. Commendations “I have worked with Paulina on many initiatives over the years, every experience regardless of the issue at hand was positive. An experience that stands out for me is when I engaged her to work with us on a site closure to ensure our communication plan met all the needs of those involved, and most importantly, delivered the message and support with the most dignity possible for those being impacted. Beyond anyone’s highest expectations, Paulina developed a world class communication plan that was so exhaustive it enabled us as an organization to manage a bad situation with honesty, integrity, and respect.” Paulina’s leadership in this aspect of the project raised the bar for everyone on the team and challenged all of us to consider all perspectives of the messages we had to share and the way in which we did it. The employees that lost there jobs as well as the client have given the team a significant amount of respect for the way in which this matter was handled and I believe Paulina and her communication plan were the nucleus of our achievement. Paulina possesses a commitment to do what it takes to be the best!” Executive Director, Minacs “I had the pleasure of working with Paulina for several years when I worked as a Human Resources Manager at Aditya Birla Minacs. Paulina is a hard working, goal oriented, team player who ensured that all communications issued by corporate were time sensitive, professional and appropriate. Paulina is very dependable and co-operative and the site frequently relied on her expertise. Her strong interpersonal skills and her excellent job knowledge make her a pleasure to work with.” Human Resources Manager, Minacs 17
  18. 18. Commendations “I am pleased to write a recommendation for this remarkable woman. I had the pleasure of working with Paulina on numerous projects and always found her to be very professional, personable, flexible and a true team player. She excels at coming up with new ideas to old problems. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.” Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Minacs “Paulina is a pleasure to work with. Paulina is an expert in her field - extremely creative, flexible and meets deadlines consistently. I hope to work with Paulina again in the future and would recommend her to any company - in fact, I'd hire Paulina myself!” Owner/Consultant, Interactive Services “As the Chief Information Officer for Point Alliance, I am pleased to have contracted the communications services and expertise of accredited business communicator, Paulina Callaghan. Paulina has written and revived some of our marketing collateral such as case studies, sales brochures, and other communications that positively reflect our brand both in print and online. Through her communications planning, creative and technical writing/editing skills, it is clear that Paulina is an expert in her field. I would highly recommend Paulina for any organization that is looking for a communications professional that is nimble, dedicated, and highly skilled across various areas of communications. As Point Alliance continues to expand and refresh its marketing and web materials, I look forward to continuing to work with Paulina to help us achieve our marketing and communications goals for 2010.” Chief Information Officer, Point Alliance 18
  19. 19. How to reach me: Mobile: 289.388.7699 LinkedIn: Twitter: Email: 19