Communicating your Personal Brand


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How to effectively communicate your personal brand--in print, online, and in person.

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Communicating your Personal Brand

  1. 1. How well are you communicating your personal brand…in print, online, and in person. Durham Region Networking Group November 25, 2009 PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  2. 2. Agenda Target Audience: people seeking employment Question: How well are you communicating your personal brand? • In Print – Calling cards – Portfolio – Thank you cards • Online – LinkedIn (say cheese!) – Google (say ah!) – Virtual/visual CV (say what?) • In Person – The interview – Networking – Community involvement 2 PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  3. 3. Is your brand in print making an imprint? Photo source: Google PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  4. 4. In Print: calling cards aka biz cards What should be on your calling card? – Name, credentials/area of expertise – Telephone (direct e.g., home and cell) – Home address (optional) – Email address – LinkedIn address (personalize it) – Web site address – Twitter address – Be creative yet, professional—stand out! -colour -calendar on the back -font -quote -layout: vertical vs. horizontal -areas of expertise Is your card standing out from the deck? 4 PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  5. 5. A portfolio should complement your resume PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  6. 6. In Print: portfolio You don’t have to be in marketing or design to have a portfolio! What should a portfolio contain? – Your photo, mini bio/profile – Purpose – A list of your core areas of expertise – Key accomplishments for each area of expertise, snap shots of your work – Select commendations from your peers and partners – Contact information – Formatting your portfolio: • Create in PPT (easy program to insert images along with text), may also choose to make a PDF once PPT is final Proud recipient of the 2008 corporate • Print in colour or black and white; spiral or binder bound award in the category of “mastery” • Include a burned copy on CD (attach to inside back cover) (voted by peers). • Upload to slideshare on LinkedIn • Leave a copy with hiring manager post interview 6 PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  7. 7. Are you saying thanks or thank you? PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  8. 8. In Print: thank you cards Is there a difference between thanks and thank you? THANKS THANK YOU Being same ol’: Being unique: -Sending an email - Hand made card - Leaving a voicemail - Store bought card - Using standard boiler plate thanks - Hand written message—say something that you wished you had said during the interview or perhaps you want to reinforce or reiterate something that was said 8 PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  9. 9. Say Cheese! PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  10. 10. Online: LinkedIn (photo) Say cheese! (please) • Don’t make your first impression one of mystery • What does using the silhouette template silently say about you: – I’m shy Image source: Google via FaceBook – I don’t want you to see me – I don’t like myself enough to have my photo displayed – I don’t have the technology or resources to get a digital photo of myself or have my photo uploaded – I’m a rebel—it’s my choice, I choose NOT to have a photo! From a first impression perspective, how well do any of the above bullets translate into a potential work environment? 10 PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  11. 11. Say Ah! PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  12. 12. Online: Google Say Ah! Image source: Google • Why is it so important to have your name appear in a Google search? – In our virtual world, it actually holds some merit--shows that you’re “real” or at least active in your profession, your community, social media networks e.g., LinkedIn, blog discussions etc. – Recruiters or hiring managers will do a “Google search” on a potential candidate and vice versa – If you haven’t already done so…search your own name and see what comes up then…set up a “Google Alert” so that you will be notified when your name pops up in cyber world. 12 PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  13. 13. Say What? PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  14. 14. Online: virtual/visual CV Is the paper resume archaic? • How much do we need to do before we stand out from our peer competitors? • Check out this virtual CV site…that is, if you’re interested and up for the challenge… – Image source: Google •Or, how about a TV bio? 14 PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  15. 15. In Person PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  16. 16. In person: Oh, hello, I didn’t see you come in. If you had to rate your personal brand (impact, involvement, impression) where would you rank? On a scale of 1 to 3 ( 3: good; 2: needs improvement; 1 poor) The Interview - Are you confident going into an interview? Are you an active participant, asking questions, not just answering them. - When you leave the interview, do you believe that you’ve made a positive impact, a lasting impression? Networking - Are you an active participant when attending an event e.g., do you engage in conversations/introduce yourself to other people that you do not know or want to get to know better? - Do you exchange information with people e.g., business cards and do you have conversations like: “do you know x, or would you be so kind to introduce me to x? Community - Being an active member within your community or supporter of a charitable organization goes a long way. - On the surface, shows that you are giving, a team player, and compassionate. Community involvement aside, these are usually characteristics that help differentiate candidate A from candidate B. - Be proud of your involvement and make sure that you highlight some of the activities or campaigns that you support on your resume, on your LI profile etc. 16 PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  17. 17. Thank you! Contact information: Email: Cell: 289.388.7699 LinkedIn: Twitter: PDF created with pdfFactory trial version