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Financial Analysis Van de Velde


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This is a financial analysis of the lingeriecompany Van De Velde located in East flanders, Schellebelle. You will get some more information about the financial results ,the stock price evolution,..

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Financial Analysis Van de Velde

  1. 1. Financial AnalysisPaulien Scheire2FV4
  2. 2. Overview• Van de velde?• Financial information/Facts• Share information/stock price evolution• Area of distribution• Conclusion
  3. 3. About Van De Velde• 1919: Margaretha and Achiel Van De Velde opened a corset workshop in Schellebelle• 70 years later, in 1990, Van De Velde is known as one of the largest lingeriecompanies in Europe.• Brands such as Marie jo, Prima donna,..• Today: Van de Velde= All around the world.
  4. 4. About Van De Velde• Every day 25000 pieces of lingerie to 5000 customers• Every year 5,5 million finished products• Every year 300 new models in 50 different sizes and 60 different colours• Every year 200 000 calls in 7 different languages
  5. 5. Financial information
  6. 6. Financial information Some financial facts of 2012• Consolidated turnover  1,1%• decrease in wholesale turnover• a slight fall in gross margin• an important increase in costs• an ebitda decrease of 9,2%• maintain the dividend at 2,15 euro per share.
  7. 7. Share information
  8. 8. Stockprice
  9. 9. Area of distribution
  10. 10. Conslusion-Good company-Some struggles-Enomic crisis-Remain one of the biggest lingerie companies inthe world