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Marketing strategies for growth in uncertain times


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- As a leader, be clear on what you are doing and what you are not doing
- A leader's key role is to protect their team from overwhelm to ensure productivity
- Look at what's performing well in your customer funnel and double down on that
- CPMs are looking very appealing right now, but make sure you measure ROI
- Don't be distracted by shiny new objects when it comes to your tech stack

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Marketing strategies for growth in uncertain times

  1. 1. & In This Together Series Marketing Strategies for Growth in Uncertain Times Ed Abl - CMO of Modulr Nina Pepper - CMO of Divido Marketing Teams Webinar will be live at 4pm UK Time presents
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  3. 3. & ★ Using data to find growth opportunities - where to look and what to look for
  4. 4. & ★ More vs better - why growth doesn't always have to be about more
  5. 5. & ★ Why prioritisation, focus and alignment are even more critical now
  6. 6. & ★ Specific tactics for growth in difficult times
  7. 7. Q & A